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Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, I am Male from Malaysia. Two days before I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute here in Malaysia. I regret for the mistake I did and I could not sleep thinking about HIV and STD exposures. When I had vaginal sex, the condom was proper but she applied some liquid on the condom before insertion. I had insertion for less than 1 minute and ejaculated.
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm about to undergo preventative laser surgery to lesion the area where the lattice degeneration has occurred. Just wishing to know whether the laser will permanently damage my vision, cause problems with night vision, blurry vision, or any other problems? What can I expect immediately after the surgery? Will it be painful?
Avatar n tn As far as I know there is no surgery that can help him. The muscles in his young body begin to contract and surgery would make it so hrd on him. My oldest baby was born with Wernig Hoffmans Syndrom, a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. She was in the hospital the whole of her young life. If you have a Shriners Hospital in Malaysia , contact them, they are wonderful. Again I am so sorry that he and you are going through this.
Avatar m tn I recently got a room service massage by a chinese woman from China in Malaysia. It went from body massage to a full sexpisode. This was what happen; 1. She gave me an unprotected oral sex. However, the oral sex was no more than just closing her teeth tight and using her lips to go around my penis head only. She might have covered my urethra too in the process 2. Then she put on a condom on me and we had protected vaginal sex.
Avatar f tn The only thing they can do it a routine check up and maybe clean your teeth. I need my wisdom teeth out as well but I gotta wait until Jan.
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia is upto date and very reliable..you dont have hiv..
Avatar n tn I too have COPD/emphysema. I am needing my teeth extracted, so I can get false teeth. Maybe someone can answer our question.
Avatar m tn both of us is from malaysia. what is ur opinion are this 2 test accurate after 3 month. so are they need a test after this.
1754670 tn?1312378295 Have heard abt the surgery of replacing teeth with better teeth. am planning to replace my upper teeth so i can get the perfect smile. I do have my concerns however, how long do these new teeth last? How long is the healing process?
Avatar m tn hi guys i am new guy here from malaysia. i am allergy those those food which contain the benzyl type presevartives food. unfortunenately in malaysia law, theres no need labeling specific type of benzyl and i couldnt find it on line. do u guys know abt benzyl type of food.. need ur all help.. tq very...
Avatar m tn Is their any concern that this started when he began his synagis injections. Does tracheal malaysia appear so long after intubation? What is tx. Is it life threatening.He is a twin and brother is symptom free. Please help because info. is very limmited.
Avatar n tn geeeeeeeeeez...you never had a risk. move on...
Avatar f tn Hi to everyone. Just want to ask some questions about the HIV Testing. 5 months ago i had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex with a gay black guy. He is top, i.m bottom. But i.m not sure it was 100% safe sex when we were having sex. That's y i.m still worries about getting infection of HIV. 1. So, am i still have the chance to get the HIV if the Balck guy has been tested Neg- by ELISA (Don't know what generation is that) at 16 Weeks in Malaysia?
Avatar m tn Is it very expensive in SG? In malaysia you can get the original baraclude at around rm580 for a months supply (0.5mg).
Avatar n tn Halllo....do i still need future testing?
Avatar m tn The latest blood test showed that HBV DNA was below the detection limit. I came to malaysia to work recently and after I came here, I tried to get viread and seems i could not find it anywhere. My doctor recommand that I can take Baraclude, but I am a little worried. I saw in the old post, that people take both, but for my case, by just pure change from one to another, will there be any side effect?