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Avatar n tn hey i had hand surgery last friday and in recovery the pain was intense..i started shaking and my teeth chattering and hyperventilating.. and crying.. was awful..i got some drugs which eased it but it was scarey! and i was soo cold.. the nurse gave me a heated blanket..
Avatar f tn Oh, My dentist refused to take mine out... even though I have WAY too many teeth and have already have had 4 removed and my wisdom teeth are causing serious problems they wont take them out, they told me to wait and they will take them out straight away after..... GR!
Avatar m tn Hello Doctors: I am a gay male and HIV negative (recently tested in early February). I have a question about brushing teeth before and after giving oral sex to another man (I'm the receptive partner). I recently gave oral to a man about 15 minutes after brushing my teeth, I didn't brush too hard and didn't see any blood, but I do have sensitive gums and gum disease. I brushed my teeth again an hour after giving him oral (I did swallow his semen).
Avatar m tn Yes, my teeth and gums were damaged from GERD. I noticed the enamel on my teeth was eroding and quickly forming black spots, a very upsetting thing. I went to my dentist and he and his staff eliminated the possibility of having an eating disorder (people who force themselves to vomit get bad teeth and gums) and GERD was the primary suspect of my issues.
Avatar m tn ve had problems with periodontal disease for years but have been able to keep it in check with deep cleanings. However, after treatment I had to have periodontal surgery. Several teeth in the front were loose and I would have lost them without the surgery. They were not like that before treatment.
Avatar n tn I only had two wisdom teeth, both on the bottom. In the days before the surgery I had some eruption pain, and the teeth were fully impacted, and I had some mild tinnitus. However, after I got them out, the tinnitus has gotten much worse. I feel pressure in my ears often, and my surgeon said that in some cases the pressure from the swelling will put pressure on the ears and cause the tinnitus. It's been a week since the surgery however and I still have the tinnitus.
Avatar n tn I recently got a big cavity filled and satayed in a little bit of pain but by day 4 i was waking up in the middle of the night crying in pain he decided to take out the filling and see what happens i had a bit of relief but not much so he decided to do a root canal but after the freezing came out i was in more excruciating pain and got a prescription for demerol now 3 days later im still in pain demerol isnt helping and my jaw includint the tooth and about 4 other teeth beside it are very painfu
1480441 tn?1287706112 Is it safe for me to go under anethesia and have oral surgery with my heart condition? They will be pulling out 15 teeth at once. Any responses are greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I also experienced horrible headaches and left eye blur. I had the ct scan, the mri with contrast dye and 2 weeks ago had a pet scan. I have something, but its really unknown what it is. A tumor is what the dr. is calling it. I had pre-op tests takes this afternoon for my surgery scheduled for Sept 9th 2008. I am having a crainotomy but I am very unaware of what will happen before, during and after the surgery. It measures about the size and shape of a half flattened egg.
Avatar f tn What the people told me was they want to do the surgery this summer before the roots get a chance to set. They did X-Rays and told me that the teeth seemed to be "on the track to growing in crooked". My dentist is pretty relibable, but when it comes to something like this, I think I might double-check. Thanks again for all of your help!
Avatar f tn   I have completed the course of antibiotics that I was prescribed after the surgery and the anti-inflamatories and panadine fort I was prescribed have done nothing more than make me feel ill. I have been cleaning my teeth and rinsing with salty water. I don't smoke and I have been sticking to soft food and no hot drinks.  Is it possible I have an infection? If so what can I do to relieve my pain?
Avatar n tn As you understand that was a bleeding surgery. We had a lot of deeply kissing. There is 6 days between surgery and our kissing. Can there be blood in her mouth because of the surgery? 6 days enough to recover ?
Avatar f tn Ya they told me no eating or drinking after midnight I check in at 1130am and surgery is at 130pm. But then my doctor told me if I wanted to get up at 4 am and eat I could as long as it was no later than 515am . He said 8 hrs before the surgery. Then in my research on my own I saw that people were able to drink water till 4 hrs before. I haven't drank water since 6am. But my mouth is so dry! And I still have 6 hrs before surgery!
Avatar n tn I recently went to the dentist and was told I need to be put to sleep to have my wisdom and a few other teeth pulled, I'll be 7 weeks Friday and was wondering if I should go thru with the procedure or talk to my obgyn before doing anything.
Avatar f tn My dentist told me before that the teeth is very near to the nerve. After the surgery, he claim it was successful and he did saw my nerve without damaging it. After the surgery, everything seem alright, just swelling on my face. However, 5 days later, I seems part of my face become numb which was normal before. And the numb remains for a few days already. What would be the cause? Is that due to damage of my nerve?
771913 tn?1343331188 They flew in and got my HR down and was talking on the phone with Vandy (my surgeon) within minutes. I was more or less asking if anyone else had problems like this before and after having a myxoma removed.I tried to give as much info as I could but I was trying to keep it short too. Kinda hard to do.
Avatar n tn I have posted previously about pain over my front teeth after after having a porcelain crown over the second to the rear back tooth. I have recently examined my mouth and gum areas and am fairly certain that my right front tooth is now sticking up and has shifted slightly. They are tight together and when I tilt my head up I can see easily where they are no longer aligned. I clearly remember my teeth being straight before. Is this at all possible?
Avatar n tn so went to a doctor,, he said i have to have all my teeth pulled out (25 of them),, i have a rare disease in my jaw bone,, but not t.m.j. my teeth went from being straight and white to crooked, sraced and ugly in 6 month;s.. could this be due to eagles? my neuro thinks i might have it.. any info would be most helpful,, how did she fix it.. surgery?
Avatar m tn I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled and they're putting me to sleep. Is there any interactions with Vicodin and the anesthetics doctors use for surgery? Will I cause any permanent damage to my brain or anything else in my body if the Vicodin and an anesthetic interact with each other? Have any of you taken Vicodin the day before a surgery? Just fyi, I take Vicodin for something completely unrelated to my wisdom teeth.
Avatar m tn slept mostly after surgery (8am) but woke up later in the afternoon and noticed the left side of chin/lip from corner of mouth to center of chin/lip was numb. This was different than the other side that was no longer feeling the anesthesia. Day 2: No pain. The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of.
Avatar m tn i had right lower 3 back tooth flap surgery on the 2nd day i could wiggle the tooth and it looks loose it wasnt like that before is that normal right after a flap surgery? will it tighten up like before? on the 3rd day on feel pain and swollen cheek i use ice pack to calm it down is that a sign of healing is that normal?