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1006035 tn?1485575897 One of my sons was 4 and one was 3. Here is something interesting---- my son has beautiful white straight teeth. I mean, they are gorgous (if I may gush for a second about my son's teeth . . .). So, at his second visit when he was 4 they did x rays. First they tell me that his front teeth will probably come in crooked from how they were positioned (adult teeth under the babies) and then they said he had a place where a cavity was forming. They showed it to me.
4658567 tn?1364142123 I am wondering why toddlers grind their teeth? I can hear my 3 year old daughter in her room at night. It drives me nuts. Is the one of the worst sounds!! She doesn't do it all the time. And once in a while its very little at night.
250155 tn?1485295939 is it normal for toddlers to grind their teeth? she does it so much. could this be a result from the problems w/ her ear infections maybe? i didn't ask the ped this question b/c i flat out forgot! i haven't taken her paci away from her yet (i know i should!) but it keeps her from doing it when she has it in her mouth.
Avatar f tn If you use toothpaste they sale some at Walmart in the baby section for infants and toddlers that is safe. Be careful using adult toothpaste because it contains fluoride.
Avatar f tn Could it be wax? Some kids do get a hefty wax build up and they make drops to help remove it. I'd ask your pediatrician about that. Or has the child been fussy or sick? An ear infection can cause a discharge as well. My kids have had all different symptoms when they've had ear infections. The hardest time to tell is when they are cutting teeth. Both my kids got ear infections when cutting various teeth but didn't have normal symptoms of an ear infection. No fever for example.
Avatar f tn i think a have an abcess, it started as a toothache and in the gum around the troubling tooth. then it spread along surrounding teeth which is very painfull and cheek is tender to touch. it looked like i had a sweet in my mouth but thismorning i woke up and the swelling has reached my left eye and my glad in my throat is also sore i have been told by family that it may well be an abcess.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden this week my toddlers gums have become inflamed and started bleeding. He had become extremely irritable at night and this started 2 days ago. Any suggestions on what could be going on?
Avatar f tn A bunch of my back teeth are broke off to the gum and my front teeth look so awful. My babies has took all the calcium out of them.
787406 tn?1339203183 We always felt that it would be easier to get rid of the pacifier then the thumb. Both of our children used a pacifier. No teeth problems and I don't believe that there is any scientific research showing that it causes a problem. I've got a feeling that you object more to seeing an older kid running around with a pacifier in their mouth.
Avatar n tn Six months ago I went for a check up with my local dentist. On this day I was told my teeth were perfectly healthy however he took an x-ray to make sure. When this x-ray was taken I was then told that I needed 8 fillings. He said they were all surface fillings on the enamel that were not visable to the naked eye. I was shocked as I have had weak gums from a young age so have always brushed, flossed and used mouthwash and have never experienced the slightest discomfort with regards to my teeth.
Avatar f tn but lots of lil kids have enemel probs that dobt cone in on afult teeth. as theyre toddlers just watch oit dor anything too hot or especially too cold - including cold weather, as it will cause toothache. i atill like ice cream tho - i just have to lick it like a pervert.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that you are your dentist are probably correct that the pregnancy is making you more sensitive and is causing you to metabolize medications differently. Unless you will risk losing your teeth, or infection (which would be worse than fillings) there is probably not a rush to finish your dental work. That might give your pocket book a chance to catch up too! In the meantime, take good care of those teeth and gums.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had teeth problems or work done while preggos? My first born i had two cavaties, which i got fixed after she born. For this one, all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming out and hurt. The dentist wants to remove them. Advise? Experience??
Avatar f tn My son who is 2 years keeps ripping out my hair with his teeth and starts to chew and swallow it. When I let him lay in bed with me he’ll do it, or whenever he’s close to my hair at least. He’ll only ever rip the hair out from the top or my scalp, never from the ends of my hair. Is this just toddler behaviour? It has been going on for about a month now and I’m not sure why. I hear a lot of toddlers pulling out their own hair but never pulling anyone else’s?
3062962 tn?1406743961 Just got a call from my husband who was out fishing and as he was unloading the kayak it dropped on his head. He is having someone drive him home so that I can take him to the hospital. He says all of his teeth have fallen out and he's bleeding pretty bad. I had to rush to find someone that can watch my one and two year olds while we're gone.
Avatar n tn The dentist left huge gaps in my teeth (making the teeth longer), because he claimed he had to remove much of the gum due to decay. My inner cheeks and my tongue are constantly filled with sores, because of the huge gaps left in my teeth after this operation. The dentist claims there is nothing he can do about it and that "at least my gum disease is gone and if I didn't brush my teeth for three months, the gaps would fill up.
145992 tn?1341345074 Wow 7 teeth!! Ethan is finally cuting his upper teeth. He got the bottom 2 at 5 1/2 months and nothing until now...almost 9 months old now. I give him little things to chew on, he figures out a way to eat it...plus I make the pieces so small he could swallow them whole if he wanted! So I think that Jayden is probably ready, just start off small then get the pieces bigger and bigger!
Avatar f tn I received my first set of false teeth about 1 year ago, but that set did not fit right so they had to remake them. one of the major problems with the new set is the teeth are a lot larger than the first set and a lot larger than my teeth that were removed. They teeth are so much bigger than my own teeth were so my smile has completely change and doesn't look like me. But there are 2 major problems I am having to deal with every time I try to wear them.
Avatar n tn I have had teeth problems since diagnosis of Graves so think it is thyroid related and not medication related. There are may here who have teeth problems now.
Avatar n tn My understanding is the back upper and lower teeth are 3's. There were some 4's before I started treatment. I am 42, great health, nonsmoker, athletic, have always taken care of teeth-so I am not sure why this happened to my teeth. Also, where can I get the rubber-tipped tooth brush described? Does one ever really get a grip on or get rid of perio?
Avatar n tn I wear dentures which are around 3 years old and have a white line where the pain is where I used to grit my teeth. My dentist cant find anything wrong. Can anyone please help.
Avatar n tn remember, there are averages and then of course, there are kids who are above or below these averages. Toddlers are just like adults...some adults are naturally slimmer than others, and some are bigger, and some are average. http://www.babybag.com/articles/htwt_av.htm My son was 27 pounds ate his year checkup. A bit above average. Your sons height is right on target for his age, so his is growing, and therefore seems to be healthy! Think about it...
2080404 tn?1643113754 Ugh I can't seem to win. My tooth finally healed, gods it was so sore. Now another tooth feels infected. The gum is all inflamed and the tooth is cracked. Hurts like hell but I've been taking OTC pain medicine and keeping an eye on it. No swelling, thankfully. Just pain. Now my other tooth is hurting cuz I had to chew on that side earlier in the day. How am I supposed to eat anything if I have a tooth on either side acting up??