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Avatar f tn Every time I brush my teeth they start bleeding! Is it due to my pregnancy or something else? And if so does it go way after I give birth?
Avatar f tn Babies take a lot of calcium from their mothers body so tooth problems can be common during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I've been a dental assistant for 11 years and am having my 2nd child. Usually pregnancy doesn't have an affect on teeth sensitivity. It may just be that the fillings were large and deep and need more time to heal. If you had tooth colored fillings done those especially tend to be hot/cold sensitive the most. My guess is that they were the "worst" off all the fillings you had since the dentist was willing to use anesthesia on you while pregnant in your 3rd trimester.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any teeth problems while be pregnant? Today while eating part of my tooth came out. I've never had problems ever!! I've had sicknesses for the past 8 wks wondering if that has anything to do with it.
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4842016 tn?1372039067 So I have some major dental problems including caveties and needing my wisdom teeth removed, I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant. does anyone knew if I can get this all fixed while I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn Has anyone have problems with their teeth during pregnancy. . I mean my teeth and gums are freaking sensitive. .
Avatar f tn Dental problems in pregnancy can be a big deal. All the increased blood flow can lead to swelling of the gums which can lead to bacteria being stuck in crevices that weren't there before. You should still be seeing your dentist regularly during pregnancy.y dentist actually recommends cleanings every 3 months during pregnancy as opposed to the norm of every 6-12 months. If you suspect an infection though that should be addressed right away before it leads to bigger issues.
2078979 tn?1332206668 t have a lot of radiation, and an abdominal shield protects the baby. Going to the dentist is highly recommended during pregnancy because teeth problems during pregnancy cab cause preterm labor.
3058745 tn?1351112728 Im 15w1d, and yesterday I woke up and my teeth were achy and my gums felt swollen when I touched them with my tounge behind my teeth, on the outside they look a little colorless, and I have 2 sores on my lips, the upper n liwer,, and tgey meet up, where the sores are is where my gums hurt.. A girl told me this happened to her while sge was pregnant n she was told it was just another miserable symptom... Is it?
Avatar n tn Six months ago I went for a check up with my local dentist. On this day I was told my teeth were perfectly healthy however he took an x-ray to make sure. When this x-ray was taken I was then told that I needed 8 fillings. He said they were all surface fillings on the enamel that were not visable to the naked eye. I was shocked as I have had weak gums from a young age so have always brushed, flossed and used mouthwash and have never experienced the slightest discomfort with regards to my teeth.
Avatar f tn lilbit - Actually, yes, teeth problems are common during pregnancy, if you have any cavities, etc, pregnancy can cause them to worsen, or hurt more. They recommend regular dentist check ups while pregnant for this reason. I had a cavity with my son, and in my early pregnancy it hurt SO bad I had to get an antibiotic for it, also sore or sensitive gums, and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So I want to see dentist. What should I mention to them. Usually what will they do to teeth or gums during pregnancy.
7953414 tn?1400159930 I've never had serious teeth problems other than a tooth decay here and there and get it fixed and done. Well, yesterday I had a mirror close to my face (yeah, I don't wear makeup for most part so I don't spend all this time on the mirror) anyway, I happened to check my teeth... the bottom frontal teeth are getting light brown stains between teeth and a couple in front of teeth. I don't know what's causing it, I floss and brush everyday ...
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have problems with brushing their teeth? I puke every morning from it!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any problems with their teeth and gums during their pregnancy? My gums have been bleeding a lot recently and seem to be quite swollen. Is there anything I can use or help? Ive been told to buy an electric tooth brush to help when brushing my gums. I was at my dentist today which I think has made them feel worse however havent told my dentist I am pregnant as still early days and want to wait until my scan. Help....
613536 tn?1294238447 gag untill i got sick if i had to and gosh i had morning day and night sickness my whole pregnancy. but that is about it. it doesent bother me now at all once she was out i could brush my teeth and toung not problem.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had teeth problems or work done while preggos? My first born i had two cavaties, which i got fixed after she born. For this one, all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming out and hurt. The dentist wants to remove them. Advise? Experience??
7649778 tn?1401294601 My gums got really swollen and sensitive during my last pregnanct. its normal to have gum and teeth problems during pregnancy but still see your dentist. My dentist says some woman have even had teeth fall out during pregnancy. So I would suggest having normal dental check ups during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Has anyone during their pregnancy had problems with bleeding and swelling gums? I have always had great teeth and gums, but here lately it has been rough. I have swapped to a soft brush and toothpaste with gum protection. My gums are so sore. Any advice?
570184 tn?1257544392 Sorry I'm not on much, but I've had quite a few post pregnancy problems and well it's been tough! I'm still breastfeeding and Astrid has just cut her first tooth, so that's quite painful, when she fancy;s a bite. I hope everyone is well and all the May babies are thriving... remember anyone ever need any advice, just ask... this is my fifth time around so just send a private mail!! Take care!!
Avatar n tn Having tooth and gum problems has been strongly associated with pregnancy problems such as preterm labor and early delivery. Some theorize that it has to do with a constant level of harmful bacteria seeding the bloodstream from the infected gums. YOu could even get an infection around the placenta and membranes from this. I also STRONGLY suggest that you see an oral surgeon. Your pregnancy outcome may be affected if you don't.
Avatar n tn The dentist left huge gaps in my teeth (making the teeth longer), because he claimed he had to remove much of the gum due to decay. My inner cheeks and my tongue are constantly filled with sores, because of the huge gaps left in my teeth after this operation. The dentist claims there is nothing he can do about it and that "at least my gum disease is gone and if I didn't brush my teeth for three months, the gaps would fill up.
Avatar f tn Very common during pregnancy. Still have check ups with your dentist so it doesn't get sever.
Avatar f tn I received my first set of false teeth about 1 year ago, but that set did not fit right so they had to remake them. one of the major problems with the new set is the teeth are a lot larger than the first set and a lot larger than my teeth that were removed. They teeth are so much bigger than my own teeth were so my smile has completely change and doesn't look like me. But there are 2 major problems I am having to deal with every time I try to wear them.
Avatar n tn I have had teeth problems since diagnosis of Graves so think it is thyroid related and not medication related. There are may here who have teeth problems now.