Teeth problems in young horses

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Avatar n tn I agree its good to weigh your horses feed but a genaric feed calculater may not be a cure all for everyone. When my horses are not in high work they get a low protien high fiber diet.Lotsa different horses on alot of diferent feed routines. Roughage,roughfage!!!! If a horse needs alittle extra a high fat low protien grain is great. Adding alittle oil adds fat too. Rarely an older horse or injured horse will get weightbuilder suppliment to help out w/ weight.
Avatar f tn -basic knowledge of horse health, behavior, and needs -adequate housing, cleaned daily, with access to clean water, forage, and other nutritional needs, as determined by you and your veterinarian -adequate and safe turn-out, in conditions that are healthy, with access to fresh water and with optional shelter -basic vaccinations twice yearly, given by a veterinarian as determined by his recommendations for your particular area of the country and xposure risks -teeth need to be floated twice per
Avatar n tn One scoop every other day for a week. Helps the horse pass the dirt and sand it has in its stomach. The teeth need to be floated - ground down so she can eat properly.
Avatar f tn she has 4 teeth at top and 4 teeth at bottom she also has 4 big teeth at back, she dribbles terrible and often gets sores on her face where she dribbles during her sleep. i have now got her a dentist appointment for Friday. when she smiles her bottom teeth completely cover her top teeth i think it may be a protruding lower jaw than her teeth not being straight. hopefully i can get some answers Friday thanks for reply!
Avatar f tn If they are back teeth and wisdom teeth will come in later in life anyways to fill up that spot. I was just wondering if that is an option. I didn't bring it up with the dentist yet.
Avatar n tn I have 4 horses, 2 in which I have had for 10 years, 1 I got 2 years ago and 1 I got last winter. The 2 that I had had for 10 years have been easy keepers, the one I got 2 years ago is at the point of obesity and the one I recently got is skinny, skinny... Which is my point, I have had horses for 30 years, I am at a complete loss... Brought this little filly home and all my horses are thin and sickly... I have tried everything...
Avatar f tn Place your tooth brush as close to the gum and gentle brush the gums as well as the teeth. In the areas that bleed most are the areas that need more attention. When the baby is born they should start to calm down. Floss regually and use mouth wash before u brush your teeth with a medium size brush.
Avatar f tn Horses can lose weight for a variety of reasons. It is concerning that your horses are losing weight rapidly, and even dying. About food.. Have you weighed it out? The amount of food you feed one horse in a day should be about 2.5 percent of the horses' body weight (the weight you want teh horse to be). For a 1200 pound horse , that would be about 8.2kg (18.0lbs) of forage (hay) per day, and 5.5kg (12.0lbs) of concentrates(grain) per day. You should aways feed more hay than grain .
1374927 tn?1278690152 Horses can lose weight for a variety of reasons. It is concerning that your horses are losing weight rapidly, and even dying. About food.. Have you weighed it out? The amount of food you feed one horse in a day should be about 2.5 percent of the horses' body weight (the weight you want teh horse to be). For a 1200 pound horse , that would be about 8.2kg (18.0lbs) of forage (hay) per day, and 5.5kg (12.0lbs) of concentrates(grain) per day. You should aways feed more hay than grain .
Avatar n tn Two weeks after my initial visit I was at a routine check up with my orthodontist. While there he commented on how healthy my teeth were. This put more doubt in my mind so I told him that my regular dentist said I needed eight fillings. He re-examined my teeth and said he could see none. After this I was full of doubt, so I went to another dentist for a second opinion. After this I was told I needed one filling but I should also get all four of my wisdom teeth out.
Avatar n tn However, since this is your first horse, you should know that horses require vaccinations usually twice per year, usually spring and fall, and a veterinarian would have to do this. Since it is spring now, please schedule an appointment with a horse Vet (let me know if you need a recommendation, but please give me your city and state) to have him/her do the vaccines and also check out the breathing problems.
9602111 tn?1443721049 I had tried to get my teeth cleaned on the regular schedule I did okay at the first one early in my pregnancy but the second one toward the end was a disaster. I gagged the whole way and they didn't clean them. They told me that the rinses that they make are really great to use if brushing causes a woman who is pregnant any issues. So, I'm not sure if sensitive teeth is a sign of pregnancy although I think I felt things more acutely when I was pregnant.
11125296 tn?1421386502 I can't seem to get any sleep at night. It's extremely hard to get comfortable. If I move a certain way to fast I feel pain at the bottom of my belly. My legs cramps really bad and i get really bad charlie horses (it's so painful) during the night hours which causes me to toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position but nothing is working. It's so bad that my fiancé don't even want to sleep with me.
Avatar n tn As well, a good worming program will keep the horses in good condition. You want to be feeding the horses;not the worms! Keep in touch and good luck! By the way, in general, TB horses are "hard keepers", they have a high metabolism andhen require more nutrution, not just when they are racing either.
1047019 tn?1256719961 and she needs to get it fixed cause it WILL effect her permanent teeth when they do come in .,......juice, milk, they can all cause teeth problems for childern....
Avatar f tn Vicki, it looks like nausea can be a sign of drooling - and would also explain why Emmitt eats so little - he's still very nauseous. Talk with your vet about changing the med to Pepcid AC (or whatever your vet recommends - I just saw the Pepcid is fine for cats. Zantac is too, but ask your vet for proper dosage, of course) and see if that works better. I have gastro problems myself and while Pepcid AC doesn't do a thing for me, Tagamet works wonders.
Avatar n tn hello, i have a gelding that is turning 4 in April 2009, but i think that he has started to lose his baby teeth. Would this result in him starting to bite? If so, how could i possibly stop him from doing so. I mean, sometimes he'll bite me for no reason and other times he acts fine. He has even started to chase me in the pasture at times and bite at my arms, legs, and back. I don't blame him for doing what he does, but something must be wrong. Could anyone help me?
Avatar f tn Does anybody know why I get Charlie horses in my calf when I'm sleeping? Its only happened a few times but boy does it hurt!
Avatar f tn A bunch of my back teeth are broke off to the gum and my front teeth look so awful. My babies has took all the calcium out of them.
Avatar n tn Hey all. I don't know why but for a month or so now I've had a really acute pain in my bottom left side of my gum, I've attached a picture to show you the area. Whenever my gum is tapped slightly from the outside I get a kind of pain shooting up in the teeth in that area. It's not only one tooth either, it's a couple of them dependant on where I tap. This painful sensation also occurs whilst I'm shaving that area, so it's quite sensitive.
Avatar f tn Thank you for writing. In my opiniion, eyes are nothing to mess with on one's own without the advice of a veterinarian. Your own vet would be the best as a a hands-on examination where he could pull the lid back if necessary, etc. Also, have you tried phoning your vet? Best of luck and keep us posted.
214529 tn?1333303619 I do not have any experience with children this young but I am sure the doctor who treated him felt it would be in his best interest to get the work done in one seating. It is much safer to put the child to sleep once rather than two or three times.
Avatar n tn It can involve one or both eyes. The affected eye, is the right eye in your horses case. An eye with a strabismus will show excess sclera (white of the eye), and the pupil will appear to be slanted abnormally. A horse with this condition will have difficulty seeing out of the affected eye which will result in stumbling, bumping into things on the affected side, and increased nervousness (spooking easily).
Avatar f tn The main thing you can do for him is take him to the vet to have his teeth checked. Chihuahuas sometimes have dental issues and even though he's young, it's not uncommon for them to have dental problems at this age. It would be a good idea to have it checked now so that if it IS a dental problem it can be nipped in the bud before his teeth all start to go bad and an infection spreads through his system.
5051753 tn?1362882385 She continues to have problems eating due to mouth sores which appeared after having all of her teeth extracted. She has tested positive for bartonella and we will begin treatment for that in the hopes that it is the cause of the sores. In the meantime, we need to keep her eating, so the e-tube will be placed tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers, advice, comments, etc. Just trying to be as prepared as possible...
Avatar f tn im giving her extra food and she is rugged in field with hayage but it is still dropping off her.does any one have any adivse in what i could do.
Avatar m tn This completely freaked me out and I just made her stop watching Youtube and told her she was too young to watch stuff like that. Has anyone else had problems with their toddler being interested in stuff like that at such a young age? I don't know if this is normal, or if I should be concerned. She is an only child and as far as I know has never been around any pregnant women in real life. Any advice or personal experiences might help ease my mind a little!
Avatar n tn , is it possible that the common thread that joins us all together is the amalgam fillings in our teeth. I have tried to understand what it could be that each of us have to make the head area of our body be the common area of these symptoms. I talking male, female, young, old, all over the world, at least the industrialize world. The part of the worl that has access to amalgam teeth fillings, that are available for us all, young and old.