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Avatar f tn she has 4 teeth at top and 4 teeth at bottom she also has 4 big teeth at back, she dribbles terrible and often gets sores on her face where she dribbles during her sleep. i have now got her a dentist appointment for Friday. when she smiles her bottom teeth completely cover her top teeth i think it may be a protruding lower jaw than her teeth not being straight. hopefully i can get some answers Friday thanks for reply!
Avatar f tn How old is your son? Are these baby teeth or adult teeth? I wouldn't pull any adult teeth unless absolutely necessary. Yes, the wisdom teeth could potentially fill in that space but there are complications with that. As the wisdom teeth come in, they don't move sideways into the space but rather, they tilt in and lean in sideways which causes problems with the jaw bone.
1047019 tn?1256719961 and she needs to get it fixed cause it WILL effect her permanent teeth when they do come in .,......juice, milk, they can all cause teeth problems for childern....
899169 tn?1242617019 t complain about pain in the morning but the teeth grinding is bad, and im worried about problems that might come from this. My six year old also does this.
Avatar f tn A bunch of my back teeth are broke off to the gum and my front teeth look so awful. My babies has took all the calcium out of them.
Avatar f tn This is a a really important topic specially since most of IP people have teeth problems. My dentist decided to not remove my baby teeth unless an adult tooth would be coming out. At age 11 I got braces with some adult teeth and some baby teeth.
Avatar f tn I often wonder why children have to do the chores when they are told to, why not let them do it when they are ready especially if they have been at school all day ,so then they come home to be told to do more .Give children choices ie Do you want to brush your teeth now or after your Bath, If you say 'do it now you will inevitably be met with moaning or a No.Accomodate them when you can.
Avatar n tn Six months ago I went for a check up with my local dentist. On this day I was told my teeth were perfectly healthy however he took an x-ray to make sure. When this x-ray was taken I was then told that I needed 8 fillings. He said they were all surface fillings on the enamel that were not visable to the naked eye. I was shocked as I have had weak gums from a young age so have always brushed, flossed and used mouthwash and have never experienced the slightest discomfort with regards to my teeth.
Avatar m tn I had the same problem and started using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixed in a paste and with a rubber tip put it between teeth and gums. It hurts but once the teeth start to respond, it stops hurting. Seems bacteria can cause your teeth/gums to do wierd things. I swear by the soda/peroxide treatment. My teeth are not hurting any longer. I think this treatment is hard on your teeth and gums. Good luck...sounds like the yogurt and Biotene toothpaste/mouthwash seemed to work well also.
Avatar n tn She has had problems with discoloring, too (enamel problems, I was told). They did clean her teeth, but it has since returned, too. My question is are these "holes" because of decay/enamel problems or did the dentist do a poor job filling them the first time? I'm hesitant to take her back to the same dentist. Thanks!
Avatar m tn His pediatrician said that children can "begin to teeth" at the age of 1yr 2months latest, however if later than that, he should be looked at for a possible procedure to cut the outer layer in order for the teeth to break through(in other words help the teeth to break through). I was wondering if there are other parents that might have had a similar experience whereas they can share what they had experienced.
620222 tn?1294430726 Hi Everyone! Rachael is now over 9 months old ans still has no sign of any teeth--which is fine--but my question is with others did their gums look different? Rachaels gums seem normal? in some spots and have other spots where they go very very narrow/thin and other spots have some "dips" (gaps?--I'm not sure what word to use to describe it) in them. What have othes noticed with their children as far as the appearance of their gums? thanks!
Avatar n tn If you feel alone, don't! I have three children missing many adult teeth. My oldest has only 21 teeth (missing 11), my middle 18 (missing 14), and my youngest has only 14 teeth (missing 18) with no lower jaw molars. If you ever find an answer to your question, please repost. I have been spending many hours looking for the same answer. All I can do is recommend a research study I found looking to identify the genes that cause this. They currently know of two.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that you are your dentist are probably correct that the pregnancy is making you more sensitive and is causing you to metabolize medications differently. Unless you will risk losing your teeth, or infection (which would be worse than fillings) there is probably not a rush to finish your dental work. That might give your pocket book a chance to catch up too! In the meantime, take good care of those teeth and gums.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had teeth problems or work done while preggos? My first born i had two cavaties, which i got fixed after she born. For this one, all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming out and hurt. The dentist wants to remove them. Advise? Experience??
601114 tn?1220533411 teeth grinding is something that can be fairly common for children and adults. Often, people grind their teeth when they are stressed out about something or anxious. It can be difficult to address this issue with a 4 year old though. Are you aware of anything that may be causing some anxiety? A new routine like beginning pre-school, a move to a new location, house, etc? If it really becomes a problem, you can take him to the dentist and they can fit him for a mouth guard...
Avatar f tn The reason why he tries to attack certain people is because when he was a puppy the neighbor children would throw rocks at him, hit him with sticks and their backpacks and try to run him over with their bikes when he was on his chain. What can I do to help him to stop these bad behaviors?
Avatar n tn You say he had profound hearing loss. I do know that children who are deaf or who have hearing problems do show some similar characteristics to autism especially around speech and social interaction. But those with the hearing problems grow out of it. That is why many professionals involved with autistic children suspect that in some way they are 'deaf' - and as they also share characteristics with blind children - in some way 'blind'.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 26 yr old mother of 2.. My son is 4 and his teeth are perfect in everyway and loves to brush his teeth with his piglet toothbrush. However my daughter is opposite.. she screams when I even bring up brushing her teeth. I have spent 50 dollars on toothbrushes for her ones that light up ones that sing and nothing helps. She is 3 and has had 4 front teeth pulled. I fear that if I dont get control of it soon she may be toothless completely on top..
Avatar n tn The dentist left huge gaps in my teeth (making the teeth longer), because he claimed he had to remove much of the gum due to decay. My inner cheeks and my tongue are constantly filled with sores, because of the huge gaps left in my teeth after this operation. The dentist claims there is nothing he can do about it and that "at least my gum disease is gone and if I didn't brush my teeth for three months, the gaps would fill up.
Avatar f tn Let your baby use a paci and they still had straight teeth when they got older? I'm tired of hearing they can mess up my babies teeth as she gets older...
Avatar f tn I received my first set of false teeth about 1 year ago, but that set did not fit right so they had to remake them. one of the major problems with the new set is the teeth are a lot larger than the first set and a lot larger than my teeth that were removed. They teeth are so much bigger than my own teeth were so my smile has completely change and doesn't look like me. But there are 2 major problems I am having to deal with every time I try to wear them.
Avatar n tn I have had teeth problems since diagnosis of Graves so think it is thyroid related and not medication related. There are may here who have teeth problems now.