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Avatar m tn Dental implants are quite effective treatment to deal with dental issues like missing teeth, tooth decay and when you need new teeth for your whole mouth, dental implants can help. It actually depends on the type of treatment you have decided to take or whatever is recommended by your dentist.
1400439 tn?1280744734 I have stopped using meth after a two year struggle with it. Even though I never forgot to brush my teeth( even during a "binge" I took care of my teeth ) Needless to say I managed to ruin and loose a couple of my lower back teeth (2) . Even though I have stopped using the meth ( I smoked it btw.) it seems my teeth (mainly the ones next to where rt next to the ones that i lost) are still disintergrating even though I already quit, I know the damage is already done,.
Avatar f tn What if you was hit in your mouth and your upper front teeth word up word for the to No and Vee and your whole face swells up and your teeth are loose it's been about a month now and the teeth are still moves and is hard for your lip to go over your teeth it feels like there is a swelling of a lump that under the upper lip and you can't buy any food because of the teeth are now loose to wear they appear to not be connected at the top I believe that maybe the teeth have broken and the oth
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently had 3 implants done (took whole year to do) on my upper 3 front teeth. When the crowns were put on, the dentist shaved down my lower 4 front teeth to fit with the crowns. I had my original dentist after about 7 months to shave down the back of the crowns, as they were a bit thick, but now my bite is off and my bottom teeth feel like "chicklets" (you know square pieces of little gum). They don't meet my crowns anymore.
1012542 tn?1313354880 they also encourage bone loss. then there is the whole comport issue. implants feel like real teeth where denture can move around and are constantly in need of adjustment. if it ends up you have to get dentures purely for lack of money and payment plans are unacceptable make sure you dont cut corners and go to a cheap dental mill like the kind that advertise on tv. aspen comes to mind. these places though cheaper tend to do shoddy work.
Avatar n tn The tooth buds are not present and therefore there is no permanent teeth present. If the teeth adjacent to the deciduous teeth(baby teeth) are good I would prefer that you have implants placed if possible. I do not think cutting down good teeth is the way to go in this day and age with the predictability of implants.
460185 tn?1326077772 After having some of my back upper teeth and one front tooth extracted, my other teeth began to "shift". It has effected my speech. I sound like I'm drunk and I'm so tired of being labelled drunk when I don't even drink. Does anyone know anything about dental implants for my front teeth. I'll probably have to have the other one removed if I do get them. All this is the result of gum disease and I couldn't afford to go to a periodontists.
Avatar n tn In June I had implants for dentures. The implants are made of titianium. I have had a rash and itch since the third week of the implants. I have never had an allergy to anything before. Could this be the cause of the itching? I have had a blood test but did not do an allgery test. Is this soimething I need to do?
Avatar n tn I have one advice, i am sure they are going to do implants for her, she has to make sure she is not having osteoporosys, if she does, her bone transplant, and implants are going to fail. Especialy, if she lost bone around her teeth, because of osteoporosys. She has to get a bone density test first, before anything is done in the mouth.
Avatar n tn I am a 35 year old female and about a year and a half ago I had to have all my teeth (molars) removed from the left side of my mouth (infections, bad teeth, etc.). Anyway, my sinus cavity is pretty much resting on my gums as I've had so much bone loss since then. I could not afford the implants. My quote was over $10K to fix this, & I just don't have that. So I have to wait.
Avatar f tn m guessing) on the posterior. First, my tongue tip started to sting where it touches it. Then my whole mouth started to burn with a burn with a horrible metalic taste. The tip of my tongue was red and even blistering. Soon my alveolar ridge (bumpy ridge behind the upper front teeth) blistered a little. My lips also burned and the bottom of my nose felt a little numb.
Avatar m tn Make a new denture and secure it inside his mouth with three dental implants. The implants are only for supporting the new denture. The implants will remain in his mouth for all of his life. This will make it easy to chew. The side effects are minimal. #2: Try a new denture with additional teeth (more than 11 ) and use an adhesive for as long as possible. When this fails, a new denture along with dental implants will be needed (as mentioned in #1).
1094370 tn?1317134825 ve heard that implants on the front of the mouth are very difficult. I hate to admit it, but I am kind of vain with my teeth and this really worries me. Are there any dental people out there that can give me any advice. I'm ready to starting looking up implant specialists in Los Angeles because I want to have the best of care. I love the way my teeth look now, but I simply cannot live the rest of my life with pain in my teeth. I'm 50 years old and female.
Avatar n tn Crowns left spaces between teeth allowing food stuck in there. Saw new DDS and he did full mouth x-rays and told to have my upper teeth pulled and have implants. I saw the film where former DDS filled teeth and placed crowns and it was all black (decay) I was told decay under the crown and gums was hopeless to do anything to save these teeth but extract and implants. I saw a Protodontist. He wanted 30,000.00 and gave me a form for low interest payment plan.
Avatar m tn A five unit bridge is a very long span. If those supporting teeth follow what your others did, it would leave you with a real problem. What your dentist is proposing is sort of "middle ground" between a partial denture, which can be incredibly natural looking and quite comfortable, and implants. If you haven't considered implants, I highly recommend them.
Avatar n tn I think implants are a tried and true method of restoring teeth. I restore implants almost every day in my practice. It is true that some implants do not integrate but I have found that it is few and far between. I also would say that some insurance companies will pay for implantsbut many of them do cover the crowns on the implants as they would do on a natural tooth.You do have to be concerned about the teeth shifting if the tooth is extracted nd not replaced.
Avatar m tn My uncle had dental implants 3 years ago... soon after he began having mouth pain, on going headaches, loss of appetite, loss of perception, fatigue, and many other symptoms. He had the implants removed and still has the same symptoms: has not driven in over a year, headaches, mouth pain, and has lost 75 lbs. His family is afraid he will not make it much longer and there has been no one who can find any help for him. If anyone knows of something ....
Avatar n tn As a matter of fact, I even slept with it in! No one, the whole time the implants were integrating, saw me without my teeth. I was very happy with the MRP. They do have "flippers" that can be used with single implants. 70% bone loss is quite a bit. It's my understanding that if the tooth can wiggle from side to side (they all can move slightly front to back) it's pretty much a gonner.
Avatar f tn He also stated that I needed to have both my canine teeth done (one is real,the other is a crown) in order to attach a temporary bridge while my implants are healing (since last March, I have had a flipper which has worked fine). Needless to say, I am very upset with my dentist & oral surgeon, as it would see to me that it was very poor planning on their part in the very beginning of this whole thing.
Avatar f tn i do not want to live in fear the whole time. whats the best to do? i am sure in my case i cant get implants or do bone grafting. partial dentures?
Avatar n tn One significant problem with bridges is that you must destroy at least two perfectly healthy teeth in your childs mouth for each tooth being replaced. I do not consider that "conservative." Since your child has a medical condition called partial anodontia it may be covered by medical insurance. While bridges may seem like the less costly alternatives at first, they will probably cost significantly more than implant over your childs lifetime.
Avatar n tn Before removing any teeth or placing any implants, you should see a dentist who will give you a comprehensive treatment plan for your whole upper arch (preferably your whole mouth) so that you can understand the ramifications of what you are doing and what may be needed later. To the better dentists, dentistry is about planning. Others view themselves as tooth mechanics and do not present or give consideration to the whole picture.
1754670 tn?1312378295 Length of time from start to finish can take up to a year depending on how many teeth are removed and how many implants are placed, and the success of each. Normally it's one implant per removed tooth, but there are mini implants that can hold full sets of dentures or implant supported bridges that also can be used, rather than each singly.
Avatar n tn I think you will need a whole new bridge if it is to be supported by implants. The inside of the bridge crown has to be specially fitted to the abutment of the implant. I don't think you can do this with a crown that has already been made. It wouldn't fit the abutment. Hope this helps. Best to you.
Avatar f tn The only way medicaid will pay for dentsitry is if I am pregnant or under 21. Just last night was trying to eat a small hamburger on the other side of my mouth...which is where the other root canal and crack is and all the sudden I feel a big piece off tooth come of in my food. It was a root canal and build-up from a year ago, which is like 4 teeth from my front teeth. Im supposed to be going to a dentist/maxial facial surgeon/oral surgeon...he's an all in one.
1819855 tn?1317137399 I have only the 6 front teeth and wisdom teeth REAL in my mouth, up and down on my jaw, everything else was covered by bridges which failed recently because the teeth underneath supporting them went bad and they were extracted, I am now healing these as well. Hence the massive dental bone loss which I have hopefully managed to help by having these dental grafts already (and I might have to get also a sinus lifting).