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Avatar f tn There is a tea its called mothers milk. There is also a pill that you can take that also helps the milk come in but I cannot remember the name.
Avatar n tn Option 1 - Implant the two outer teeth (#7 and #10) and put a four-tooth bridge in. Option 2 - Crown lengthen, root canal, post and core the two outer teeth (#7 and #10) and implant the two inner teeth (#8 and #9). Given that the crown/root ratio is OK for the 7 and 10 (I've been learning a lot), then I can't seem to get two dentists who agree on this. I'm doing this at a dental school where the prosthedontics instructor likes option 2, the pros.
Avatar f tn With our first born we weren't gonna use them but he was born at 30 weeks and the hospital started giving him one in the NICU to get him using his sucking reflexes... It wasn't hard to get him off it he didn't really like them much anyways. But I'd rather have them use pacifiers then they're thumbs u can't take those off of them lol.
Avatar n tn So, I need some information regarding this pros and cons of reconstruction. I would appreciate if you can let me know the sites where I can find some more information and also your experiences on re construction. Thank You.
Avatar f tn As a kid, I had eye therapies and consultations, and it appears that the problem lies in processing and not in the muscles that align my eyes. Two years ago I started wearing bifocals because I was having trouble reading. My Dr. suggested that I consider modified monovision with toric lens in the left fixed for distance (I'm very left dominant), and perhaps crystalens in the right, adjusted for reading and intermediate. My priorities are: 1. Sharp clear vision with no halos, etc. 2.
Avatar f tn So i was just wonder what are the pros and cons of a pacifier? Do you plan on giving your baby one? And if you are what type of pacifier are you giving? Or what style do you reccomend?
Avatar n tn My mother-in-law, who will be 95 is April, was recently hospitalized has several episodes of arrhythmia at the hospital. the doctor recommends a pacemaker. What are the pros and cons of someone her age to have a pacemaker implanted?
Avatar m tn you should consult a surgeon with experience in this field and discuss pros and cons of such surgery. Risks should not be terribly high and highest risk would be that surgery doesn't fully correct the double vision.
7677085 tn?1395374075 I need a list of pros and cons of a stretch and sweep/sweeping the membranes. I have an appointment tomorrow and I've been having early labor type contractions for days now. I'd really just like to get things moving. Positive and negative real life experiences would be great as well. I'd really like to make an informed decision. Thanks ladies!
Avatar n tn Pros and cons of not finding out the gender! Or pros and cons of finding out the gender! I'm so torn!
4241272 tn?1357571660 I don't know much about it. My husband says it is important to have our son circumcised. He says it's cleaner and healthier, and that it's safer to do now than when he is older.
Avatar f tn d wait til after the baby is born to know the sex. Has anyone ever done this and maybe know the pros and cons of waiting to know the gender?
1003407 tn?1250296361 I think emotionally i wouldn't be able to handle the natural route, but tryin to prepare myself in the case that it does happen between now and monday. guess i'll have to wait and see what this weekend brings and see the OB on monday afternoon. The waiting game is horrid. Sorry for both of you. . Also; congrats to you both. Wish you lots of luck and good health.. Thanks for the replies, kim..
Avatar f tn I'm very indecisive and wanted to know the pros and cons on breast feeding ? Any help or suggestions ?
991522 tn?1249319004 What are the pros and cons? Also, will it make my breasts saggy or unattractive? Thanks for the help!
Avatar f tn It does take a lot of dedication though! Pros out weigh the cons for sure! I tried with my daughter and was not successful only bc i waited till i left hospital to try so she already got use to the bottle. Def going to start as soon as this baby pops out this time!! Hoping i will be successful!! Pretty excited!!!
1754037 tn?1327886811 I'm a 1st time mommy to be & I'm constantly thinking what are the pros & cons on having an epidural or intrathecal? I've heard & read a lot of good & bad things on both! I'm afraid of needles in my vein! Ya weird cuz I have tattoos! N.e wayz the thought of a needle in my spine freaks me out!!! >_< any mommy's who has had either of these... Pls. tell me how ur experience was.
Avatar f tn Here are a couple of links to artivles which discuss the pros and cons of silicone versus saline implants. They deal with safety and the feel compared to real breast tissue, but don't go into the comfort factor, so they may not provide the information you are seeking. They also do not deal with the gummy bear implants, so you would have to research those separately: http://www.breastimplantinfo.org/augment_4faq10.html http://www.drdonnica.com/guests/00012319.
Avatar n tn My suggestion is that it would be best if you discuss the details of this surgery with the operating neurosurgeon, clarifying the pros and cons, benefits of getting them removed or not in the setting of a previous surgery at the same level. Also, confide in him any co morbidity that you may have, if any. Take care.
Avatar n tn 2) Bridges - Slightly cheaper than implants. However, cons are that you have to cut the adjacent teeth to put them on and bridges typically need to be replaced every 7-10 years. You will end up paying more in the long run.