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Avatar m tn Hi, I have a somewhat complicated question (so bear with me) about which route I should go for cosmetic dental work. I am 29, in good general health, and most of my teeth are in good shape, except for my top 4-6 teeth, which have always been stunted and over time have eroded away and chipped, the top two scarcely have any exposed tooth at all. I attribute this mostly to genetics, as my parents had similar problems (they had theirs pulled).
1754670 tn?1312378295 Length of time from start to finish can take up to a year depending on how many teeth are removed and how many implants are placed, and the success of each. Normally it's one implant per removed tooth, but there are mini implants that can hold full sets of dentures or implant supported bridges that also can be used, rather than each singly.
460185 tn?1326077772 After having some of my back upper teeth and one front tooth extracted, my other teeth began to "shift". It has effected my speech. I sound like I'm drunk and I'm so tired of being labelled drunk when I don't even drink. Does anyone know anything about dental implants for my front teeth. I'll probably have to have the other one removed if I do get them. All this is the result of gum disease and I couldn't afford to go to a periodontists.
Avatar m tn How many years does an implants are good to say and are they replaceable? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/teeth-whitening/show/2179525">teeth whitening</a>.
Avatar f tn d still like to learn more about the esthetic results of this procedure. I have read that 2nd molar implants are commonly done with positive, outward results; do you imagine the same would be true with the 3rds? Thanks so much in advance for your time and expertise.
Avatar n tn I have a couple of questions about the need for implants. I had an oral surgeon to remove 9 of my top teeth. He said he had a real close call with my upper right back side of my teeth. Too close to my sinuses? Due to that he would not recommend dentures, but 4 implants to stapleize bridges. I am going to a 2nd opinion REAL soon. I would like to know if that sounds right with the surgeon. I want to know so that the 2nd tells me something else because they want the job.
Avatar n tn So, this far, I only have the titanium screw implants in my jaw (which will now heal in the bone over the next three to four months) - the shiny white crowns are added after the healing is complete (yes - this means I have two teeth lacking for all that time). As for the procedure - it took about 45 minutes, was painless (to my amazement!) and now I have just the slight pain of healing gums due to the incision/stitches (the numbness is seemingly a rare occurrence).
Avatar n tn s been in braces forever and we are looking toward dental implants when she is a few years older. However, I read where implants only last around15 years - is this true? Cost is definitely a factor since we have already spent a small fortune, so I am thinking bridge instead of the implants. Opinions?? Is there any other procedure we might consider? Thanks.
634649 tn?1230854293 I used to joke about it when I was growing up tha the two teeth on either side of my front teeth where "baby teeth" becasue they where so small... Considering I have always been afraid of the dentist I hadn't gone for over 10 years. My teeth are in good condition and I hadn't had any dental pain. Now that I am 21, and have my own health insurance, I wanted to get checked out from doctors and dentists...
1012542 tn?1313354880 s they would be your best choice if you could scrape up the money. implants are much more like your natural teeth both in looks and in functionality. they also prevent bone loss. dentures where cheaper greatly reduce your chewing power. they also encourage bone loss. then there is the whole comport issue. implants feel like real teeth where denture can move around and are constantly in need of adjustment.
1345326 tn?1276449602 I have four implants and my DH has seven. We both love them. The process to get to the end is long and, unfortunately expensive, but it has been so worth it. Do you have any specific questions that we can help you with?
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently had 3 implants done (took whole year to do) on my upper 3 front teeth. When the crowns were put on, the dentist shaved down my lower 4 front teeth to fit with the crowns. I had my original dentist after about 7 months to shave down the back of the crowns, as they were a bit thick, but now my bite is off and my bottom teeth feel like "chicklets" (you know square pieces of little gum). They don't meet my crowns anymore.
Avatar m tn Cosmetically, full upper denture generates the best cosmetic result. With regard to lower jaw, you can replace all missing teeth with implants as long as there is enough bone volume. However, tooth #26 may not have enough space to accommodate a standard diameter implant. If cost is an issue, removable partial lower denture is most cost-effective. There are other options. Consultation with a prosthodontist is advised.
Avatar m tn I think I would go with an implant if you can afford it. i had a tooth extracted 3 weeks ago and might have to have one of my "fang teeth" extracted due to a failed root canal... im like you, i dont want to have a bridge done at the expense of a healthy tooth. from what i understand is each time a tooth has work on it...it makes the tooth more "angry"...thats why im not having a bridge done where i had the bootm one extracted...
Avatar m tn Will it make it much harder for him to go through the dental implanting procedure at an older age when he might be not as healthy? Should we just go with dental implants when he is feeling fine? I would be grateful for any experiences people might have with their parents or elderly relatives who had similar issues.
Avatar f tn The success rates for dental implants are between 98-99%. They are one of the most successful tooth replacement options available with the greatest patient satisfaction. Healing time varies depending on the implant system and doctors experience. It is typically between 6-12 weeks. Complications are extremely rare if the surgery is done by a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Avatar m tn My mother had all of her bottom teeth implanted about 4 years ago after 30+ years of wearing dentures. She (luckilly) never had any bad side effects or problems afterwards. After the inital after-care check-ups, she only ever had to go back for normal cleanings twice a year. Sounds to me like you need to change dentists or something....seems like they're just looking to make some extra money off of you (and/or your insurance). Good luck.
Avatar f tn Is there anything that I should be aware of after they are extracted and my bone grafts are done? Also, I will be getting implants put into place - where the teeth will be extracted in two months.
Avatar n tn Has anyone here had a tooth implant rather than a bridge? My dentist in recommended an implant for a tooth I was born w/o and I'm nervous about the procedure, it sounds painful (and more expensive) but he does not want to ruin the two teeth surrounding the gap with a bridge. He claims it will last a lifetime as well - anyone have feedback on this issue?
Avatar f tn I recently went to a dentist who said I had an abscessed tooth under a 3 unit fixed bridge. He wants to pull out the affected tooth. However, I'm concerned that if he does so he might damage the "good" teeth alongside of it that make up abutments. I put the procedure "on hold" because this same dentist tried to remove an abscessed tooth from an upper fixed bridge I had & "destroyed" the tooth next to it because it cracked during the procedure.
Avatar f tn He also stated that I needed to have both my canine teeth done (one is real,the other is a crown) in order to attach a temporary bridge while my implants are healing (since last March, I have had a flipper which has worked fine). Needless to say, I am very upset with my dentist & oral surgeon, as it would see to me that it was very poor planning on their part in the very beginning of this whole thing.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a crown lengthening procedure and am going to have temporary crowns put on very soon. They wil be on my front two incissors, anteriors, and canines, so on my top front 4-6 teeth total. My mouth has completely healed from the crown lengthening, and on last visit, the dentist took impressions of my teeth. I was led to believe that when I return in a couple weeks, they will place the temporary crowns on..Is this a reasonable assumption?
Avatar m tn Was scared spitless leading up to the procedure. 1-procedure was completely painless, got a great dentist at affordable dentures. 2-gums tender, but NOT painful. 3-dentures fit like a glove. 4-all fears about pronunciation and "re-learning to sing" were for naught! Sang this weekend exactly like I always have (used Fixodent for the first time, to be safe, rather than sorry). Should have done it 5 years ago, missed a lot of smiling! Good luck.
6465557 tn?1382475493 last month i had accident and lost one of my front teeth #9 now i'm planing to have dental implant i read some of stories on this website and other web site about health illness other health issues about having dental implant someone please give some advice about having dental implant..