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Avatar f tn This is a a really important topic specially since most of IP people have teeth problems. My dentist decided to not remove my baby teeth unless an adult tooth would be coming out. At age 11 I got braces with some adult teeth and some baby teeth.
Avatar m tn I also really didn’t want to ruin 4 of my healthy teeth for the bridge, and potentially have problems later in life as those 4 teeth develop problems of their own. I underwent the implant process. I had one post placed where the left lateral incisor had been. The other post was placed where my right central incisor had been. I also had to go through a gum graft, because my gums had receded quite a bit from all the surgeries.
Avatar n tn As he gets older, some minor cosmetic work may need to be done to make his teeth appear larger as he will continue to grow but his teeth will have a baby like appearance. If there are problems with them, they may need to be replaced with dental implants or dentures. Dental implants are titanium screws which are placed into the jaw and crowns/caps are placed on top. These implants probably wouldn't be placed in until his jaw has stopped growing or is somewhat stable I imagine.
Avatar n tn In June I had implants for dentures. The implants are made of titianium. I have had a rash and itch since the third week of the implants. I have never had an allergy to anything before. Could this be the cause of the itching? I have had a blood test but did not do an allgery test. Is this soimething I need to do?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a somewhat complicated question (so bear with me) about which route I should go for cosmetic dental work. I am 29, in good general health, and most of my teeth are in good shape, except for my top 4-6 teeth, which have always been stunted and over time have eroded away and chipped, the top two scarcely have any exposed tooth at all. I attribute this mostly to genetics, as my parents had similar problems (they had theirs pulled).
460185 tn?1326077772 After having some of my back upper teeth and one front tooth extracted, my other teeth began to "shift". It has effected my speech. I sound like I'm drunk and I'm so tired of being labelled drunk when I don't even drink. Does anyone know anything about dental implants for my front teeth. I'll probably have to have the other one removed if I do get them. All this is the result of gum disease and I couldn't afford to go to a periodontists.
Avatar m tn Than I was shocked when I got information about titanium problems. I had 3 titanium implants with 5 zirconium teeth on. Doctors in my country have told me that titanium is not case for my problems. At that time my problem was: headache, sinusitis, bleeding gums, pain in the left hand - side where they were implants, problems with vision, problems with memory, great fatigue, without energy, pain in the area of implants, gastro problems.
Avatar n tn Hi, You wouldn't have implants to replace wisdom teeth. I had my four upper front teeth removed and had implants placed right after. I have been using a removable metal partial while the implants heal. I do feel that the partial was irritating the nerve in my lower jaw by hitting those teeth. My dentist made a small adjustment and the pain has greatly lessened. I still get a few little electric like jolts but nothing like before.
1012542 tn?1313354880 s they would be your best choice if you could scrape up the money. implants are much more like your natural teeth both in looks and in functionality. they also prevent bone loss. dentures where cheaper greatly reduce your chewing power. they also encourage bone loss. then there is the whole comport issue. implants feel like real teeth where denture can move around and are constantly in need of adjustment.
Avatar m tn Are there any side effects of teeth implants? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/teeth-whitening/show/2179525">teeth whitening</a>.
785277 tn?1244324809 How long would someone have Bulimarexia (cycles of anorexia followed by cycles of bulimia) until they start to have teeth problems? What kind of teeth problems happen other than decay, and is there anything I can do to lessen the strain on the teeth?
Avatar n tn I originally asked a question about the pain between 2 implants. You told me it could be improper fitting dentures - and I'm sure that was the problem. However, my life is a nightmare now. The dentist fitted an old top denture which had fit at an angle and the bottom over the 6 implants to meet the top. I tol him since Feb. that it's crooked. The left side meets but on the right it's a crooked overbite. He is making a new denture but the old one is unwearable.
Avatar n tn I have a couple of questions about the need for implants. I had an oral surgeon to remove 9 of my top teeth. He said he had a real close call with my upper right back side of my teeth. Too close to my sinuses? Due to that he would not recommend dentures, but 4 implants to stapleize bridges. I am going to a 2nd opinion REAL soon. I would like to know if that sounds right with the surgeon. I want to know so that the 2nd tells me something else because they want the job.
Avatar f tn Another popular choice are thin whitening strips that are portable and easy to use. Teeth whitening strips are small plastic strips with a peroxide-gelled side that sticks to your teeth. Though whitening strips are mostly safe and easy to use.
Avatar n tn My implants are 2-stage implants; this was just the first stage. So, this far, I only have the titanium screw implants in my jaw (which will now heal in the bone over the next three to four months) - the shiny white crowns are added after the healing is complete (yes - this means I have two teeth lacking for all that time). As for the procedure - it took about 45 minutes, was painless (to my amazement!
Avatar f tn The success rates for dental implants are between 98-99%. They are one of the most successful tooth replacement options available with the greatest patient satisfaction. Healing time varies depending on the implant system and doctors experience. It is typically between 6-12 weeks. Complications are extremely rare if the surgery is done by a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
1754670 tn?1312378295 Length of time from start to finish can take up to a year depending on how many teeth are removed and how many implants are placed, and the success of each. Normally it's one implant per removed tooth, but there are mini implants that can hold full sets of dentures or implant supported bridges that also can be used, rather than each singly.
Avatar n tn I have one advice, i am sure they are going to do implants for her, she has to make sure she is not having osteoporosys, if she does, her bone transplant, and implants are going to fail. Especialy, if she lost bone around her teeth, because of osteoporosys. She has to get a bone density test first, before anything is done in the mouth.
Avatar m tn How many years does an implants are good to say and are they replaceable? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/teeth-whitening/show/2179525">teeth whitening</a>.
1819855 tn?1317137399 Hello it's Maryann, I've posted about 1-1/2 years ago about my implant and it had been removed. Since then I have heard from about 25 people. All indicating that they are tired, have headaches, face ache, body ache or tingling, and the list goes on and on. Seems their problems all started roughly 2 to 4 weeks after the implants.
475555 tn?1469304339 For example, many dentists think that use of the night guard solves all problems. Not so. It protects the horizontal surface of the teeth and crowns from wear, but the forces of the jaw are still transmitted between upper and lower bite. Also, the night guards themselves require almost as much care in their construction as the teeth. Anyway, thanks again for your kind help. Cheers.
Avatar n tn Crowns left spaces between teeth allowing food stuck in there. Saw new DDS and he did full mouth x-rays and told to have my upper teeth pulled and have implants. I saw the film where former DDS filled teeth and placed crowns and it was all black (decay) I was told decay under the crown and gums was hopeless to do anything to save these teeth but extract and implants. I saw a Protodontist. He wanted 30,000.00 and gave me a form for low interest payment plan.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for posting. I'm considering getting implants to support a denture and I didn't know that titanium implants may interfere with subtle brain waves, wow, that sounds scary. I hope that the zirconium are not more expensive. As per the tooth extraction (and effects on subsequent health as well as adjustment to the empty space). I had to have a tooth removed on the bottom. It was the tooth right beside the two middle teeth.
Avatar n tn I love my implants. The one thing about bone loss is that your gum cannot attach unless there is bone below it. If you have a gummy smile good aesthetics can be a problem. There is always a gum graft if it is needed, though. Your idea sounds great. I would caution you on one thing, though. In order for implants to be successful, they need healthy teeth and bone on each side of them. If your teeth are starting to twist, it usually indicates sufficient bone loss to allow them to do so.
Avatar m tn My mother had all of her bottom teeth implanted about 4 years ago after 30+ years of wearing dentures. She (luckilly) never had any bad side effects or problems afterwards. After the inital after-care check-ups, she only ever had to go back for normal cleanings twice a year. Sounds to me like you need to change dentists or something....seems like they're just looking to make some extra money off of you (and/or your insurance). Good luck.
Avatar n tn The tooth buds are not present and therefore there is no permanent teeth present. If the teeth adjacent to the deciduous teeth(baby teeth) are good I would prefer that you have implants placed if possible. I do not think cutting down good teeth is the way to go in this day and age with the predictability of implants.
Avatar f tn Since she has to get implants regardless, I asked her if maybe they can place 3-4 implants to replace the loose lower teeth and the ones that fell out. I know implants are more expensive, but the price of 3-4 with crowns might be about the same as the cost of teeth extractions, root canals, dentures, etc + the oral surgeon's cost.. If the infected teeth aren't bothering her or compromising her nutritional status, can't she just leave them alone for now?