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Avatar n tn Could be possible, infection only goes away once u get the "bad" infected teeth out bc they are the source, if you leave the infection too long, it can travel anywhere in your body.. try to find out if your state host free dental work, it texas we do triage days they might not be able to help you with dentures, but they could possibly help you with the removal of infected teeth.. if you have taken antibiotics for a long time then your body can build up a tolerance for them..
Avatar m tn I fear my teeth falling out. I am scared of gum disease, scaling or whatever else. As of now, my gums look infected. Not bleeding or pussing but, definitely infected. It looks scratched and even red. My fear is about more retracted gums. Its terribly scary at this point. I am using a mouth wash but, I do not think its helping me enough. Its been about ten days since the issue started. About 8 since I used the mouth wash. I am freaking out.
Avatar m tn My gums were bleeding when brushing my teeth... I often have gum bleeding problems when brushing my teeth. I don't know whether virus can enter through unhealthy gums. I was really worried about the risk of getting infected by this action. How much risk do I have? I'm feeling like living in hell right now it feels terrible!
Avatar f tn d pay more attention to brushing your gums when you brush your teeth.
Avatar n tn Not sure what a infected sore really is. With no brushing, any concerns about vaginal fluids contacting the teeth and gums?
Avatar m tn This is because you say you normally bleed whilst brushing teeth, and that is NOT normal. Bleeding gums means the beginnings of gingivitis, which is a condition where the gums get infected from bacteria, which comes from bits of food getting caught between the teeth. I know, you weren't brushing when you had the bleeding, but the gums can get so fragile that they'll bleed for no reason.
Avatar f tn Anybody else's gums bleed while brushing their teeth? I went to my dentist and she said it's just the pregnancy. It should go away after pregnancy. But it's so annoying and sometimes my gums are so sore!
Avatar n tn Your rabbit likely has a severe bacterial infection/abcess in her mouth and gums. This may be related to the teeth not being trimmed regularly, or to a sharp piece of hay or wood that penetrated her gums. This is a very serious problem, and you should see a veterinarian ASAP, because if she is untreated the infection can spread and cause her death. She will likely need antibiotics and possibly surgery to remove the infected area.
Avatar n tn I feel your pain im 32 weeks and since week 13+ my wisdom teeth have started playing up and all 4 are infected im on antibiotics as well unfortunately some dentists wont work on you whilst your pregnant but keep a close eye on it and keep on the antibiotics!
Avatar f tn May be as simple as using a special mouth rinse, or all of your teeth may need to come out. Infected teeth can create tracts up into the sinus cavities as well as transfer bacteria into the blood. When you see your dentist or periodontist, ask them to to a panoramic xray. It will show some of your sinuses also. It is really important to keep all appointments with your dentist in order for your gums and oral health to improve.
Avatar m tn For about a month, I've been having a pain on only one part of my gums. The part in between two teeth hurts really bad, but that's the only area. It's really sensitive so I tried brushing my teeth gently but that hasn't changed anything. I floss regurarly and brush my teeth 3 times a day. Everytime I floss or brush though that part of my gums bleed. Anyone know what it is and what I can do for it?
Avatar f tn I have a bump/lump in my gums above the upper teeth, it is a little sore, what can I do
Avatar f tn The bacteria feed on the rotted foodstuff and eventually enter the Eustachian tube through the infected tooth. The Eustachian tube connects the throat, teeth; ears, eyes and head, infection that enters via the tooth can migrate or settle at one or more of these points causing pain. Take some analgesics for pain relief. Get your tooth treatment done. That will help. Take care and kind regards!
Avatar n tn if the apparatus is not cleaned properly gums do bleed when dentist are doing the teeth.,if that blood comes to my gums also would i be at risk? please teak answer me.
Avatar n tn I had 6 porcelain veneers fitted to my teeth about 6 months ago, my gums are now very red and bleed if I apply any pressure while brushing. It seems to have gotten worse over time. I floss daily and use a soft brush, I've tried an electric toothbrush and mouth wash, but nothing works. I'm worried that I must have an allergy to the glue or the veneers and that it will never go away.
Avatar f tn Has anyone have problems with their teeth during pregnancy. . I mean my teeth and gums are freaking sensitive. .
Avatar m tn I have recently noticed a large knot in my lower gums below my teeth in the back part of my mouth. The knot is about the size of a large pearl... or a half of a grape.. What could this be??
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth on my left side has started to hurt really bad it also bleeds alot now and on my Right it looks like my gum is starting to get infected it has this white bubble sitting on top of it I asked my mom and she said she wouldn't suggest getting them pulled after the baby is born is there any one who can help I need some opinions bought getting them pulled / or what you used to stop the pain Thank you in advance
Avatar m tn My Chihuahua has rotting teeth and gums and I dont understand why. How do i help him?
7378022 tn?1390751481 X-rays were taken, and it showed her adult canine teeth under the gums. My vet thinks the incisors prevented their coming in, and feels they may descend now that there is room. My concern is what if they don't? I've read up on potential problems, and while my normal thought process is "if it isn't broke, don't fix it," should I have them removed if they don't come in?
Avatar m tn Hello Dr, I am very much clear that i am not infected to HIV through kissing. But little question arises. 1. If i brush my teeth, then my gums bleed only few mins. But my gums didn't bleed before i kissed the dancer because i went to club during night around 10 PM and i brushed my teeth around 10 AM in the morning. It may be considered as a open wound. My Doubt . If the dancer has bleeding gums and saliva is contaminated with blood, then do i get HIV infection?. Please advice.
Avatar m tn So when I (HIV-positive) brush my teeth, there may be some residual smoke on the toothbrush. Anyways, I brushed my teeth and my gums started to bleed. I rinsed out my mouth with water. About 15 minutes later, my mouth/teeth came into contact with another friend's (let's call him B) arm. At this point, I don't know if my gums were still bleeding.
Avatar f tn I am having teeth issues with the teeth underneath my two crowns hurting. And they are a bit more sensitive but I've always had sensitive teeth. Very well could be the pregnancy. Who knows.