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Avatar n tn I have a couple teeth that are broken and are badly infected. I am very worried that the infection wil or already has spread. The side of my face that the teeth are on goes in and out of numbness feeling and I get bad toothaces and headaces. Can the infection spread? I know I need to get this problem fixed but am deathly afaid of the dentist and dont really want to go to one since the reasons I have the problems is from a shady dentist!!! But I plan to get in soon.
Avatar n tn Your rabbit likely has a severe bacterial infection/abcess in her mouth and gums. This may be related to the teeth not being trimmed regularly, or to a sharp piece of hay or wood that penetrated her gums. This is a very serious problem, and you should see a veterinarian ASAP, because if she is untreated the infection can spread and cause her death. She will likely need antibiotics and possibly surgery to remove the infected area.
676912 tn?1332816151 and how worried you can get about smiling and ending up having blood all over your teeth/gums or something, lol) As for the dental work part of your question.....I'd call your OB first and she what they say. Depending on the seriousness of it - whether it can wait until after you deliver or not - they may let you go for it.
Avatar n tn I also found that ice cream is something I always crave! My teeth and gums have been more sensitive while on tx and in mornings when using mouth wash,,,it seems to burn so don't know whats up with that??
Avatar n tn If the tooth color had changed that means there is bleeding in the tooth and the tooth needs baby tooth root canal, if puss is coming out means there is infection and you do not want the bone around these teeth to get destroyed and you do not want the teeth next to it get damaged. I would be more than happy to refer you to someone in your area.
Avatar m tn Hi, my cat has very sensitive gums and every few months or so his gums get infected. I take him to the vet very often and every time they give him Antirobe Aquadrops. He takes these for a couple weeks and then I take him in to get his teeth cleaned. The vet changed his food as well, and although we have tried absolutely everything there has been no effective way to cure him. I clean his teeth regularly, as well as changed his diet; I follow the vets instructions exactly.
Avatar f tn ( I'd pay more attention to brushing your gums when you brush your teeth.
Avatar m tn I later realized my gums had bleed during the night. I use a dental guard since I grind my teeth a lot. I was wondering if this bleeding increases my chances of possibly contracting HIV and if I should get tested or if this is still risk free, especially if the prostitue had some cut or semen etc.. in her mouth that I was unaware of. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Anybody else's gums bleed while brushing their teeth? I went to my dentist and she said it's just the pregnancy. It should go away after pregnancy. But it's so annoying and sometimes my gums are so sore!
Avatar m tn It's very possible that the tooth pulp is infected and seeking a way out through the gums. You really need to get to your dentist so he can xray the tooth and see what's going on. It sounds like it could be a fistula has developed and that's why you see the white sore. Good luck and see your dentist so the tooth can be evaluated. Infections like that can give you a really bad case of peridontitis. I just lost four teeth for the same reason.
Avatar m tn I have noticed in many patients and peoples that despite good oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, massage, and following various healthy activities for teeth they tend to have regular gum bleeding which may be worsened during constipation and usually improve with Flagyl or ornidazole intake which indicates that bacteria plays a major role in gum health or there is any particular blood disorder beside from. scurvy, which causes gum bleeding in these type of person.
Avatar f tn I have a nodule on my gums. I had to get an antibacterial rinse from my dentist to keep it from getting infected. You might call your dentist and see if there is anything they recommend.
Avatar m tn After 2 days i took it off because it was hurting so bad and i realised that i got a cut on my palate and several small cuts on my gums close to my teeth...About 2 months passed and i'm not able to put on the expander because my gums are swollen and the expander hurts my gums..I even had to turn back the key about 8 times because the expander wouldn't fit and i didnt want it to tight in my mouth.So the expander is sitll out because my gums are still swollen..My question for you is..
Avatar f tn This whole pregnancy I can't brush my teeth without bleeding like crazy, as long as they don't get infected you should be ok although I know it's extremely annoying!
Avatar n tn I have an 18-month baby and when we took him to the dentist office he said that he had cavities in the 4 front teeth. So he told us to get , nerves treatment and crowns for his teeth and said that if we did not it would hurt greatly. So we took the advice and got crown for his teeth. In doing so the dentist opened his lip and gums and did a quite lousy job. The baby lost a lot of blood and after 5 days his gums still seem to be swollen and he is having fever. So my questions are 1.
Avatar m tn And i have sore throat with fever, i was wondering that my throat got infected due to my Gums and due to sore throat i got fever. Right now iam taking augmentin and panadol for fever.Is it OK to take these tablets? Iam 25 weeks pregnant. Regarding mouthwash, its ok to used it?
Avatar f tn It is now turning a black and purple color and it feels like she has blood clots in her gums. She says that her throat hurts also and the bottom of her jaw line where the teeth used to be. She has been vomiting for the last two days and can not eat or drink anything. Please help me and tell me what she needs to do. She is trying to refuse to go to the doctor and im afraid of what will happen if she lets it continue.
Avatar n tn i had sinus problems and my teeth were aching a little. My teeth are no longer sensitive now but a hard lump is now on the outside on one of my bottom lower teeth. What could it be?
Avatar n tn Could be possible, infection only goes away once u get the "bad" infected teeth out bc they are the source, if you leave the infection too long, it can travel anywhere in your body.. try to find out if your state host free dental work, it texas we do triage days they might not be able to help you with dentures, but they could possibly help you with the removal of infected teeth.. if you have taken antibiotics for a long time then your body can build up a tolerance for them..
Avatar n tn Your dentist/oral surgeon should be able to better answer your particular case. But if you maintain the area and keep it clean without disrupting the natural healing process, I would imagine that the pain will subside within a week. It will get better with time. The area may not close up entirely for severa weeks depending on how the extractions were done. Make sure to follow your doctors recommendations and post-operative instructions and you should be fine.
Avatar n tn I feel your pain im 32 weeks and since week 13+ my wisdom teeth have started playing up and all 4 are infected im on antibiotics as well unfortunately some dentists wont work on you whilst your pregnant but keep a close eye on it and keep on the antibiotics!
Avatar m tn Is there an HIV risk involved considering I brushed my teeth and had bleeding gums close to the time I performed cunnilingus? Is there any need to be tested over this incident? Thank you.
Avatar n tn On part of my upper gums above my back three teeth there are a few red spots. Yesterday and today that part of my gums are a little sore and I just notice the spots. I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled so I'm not sure if they are infected because of that. I was just curious as to what it might be?
Avatar f tn My throat has been hurting along with the same side of my tongue that the infected tooth is on. Would the infected tooth be causing my throat and tongue to be sore?
Avatar n tn I was given hope within the first 6 months but I have been told that after this long I will never have feeling in my tongue or gums again. Maybe at 28 years old I was too old to get my wisdom teeth pulled???? Maybe the nerve was too close to the extracted tooth and the dentist should have known???? I wanted to post this because three years ago I searched the internet trying to find people with the same problem.
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth on my left side has started to hurt really bad it also bleeds alot now and on my Right it looks like my gum is starting to get infected it has this white bubble sitting on top of it I asked my mom and she said she wouldn't suggest getting them pulled after the baby is born is there any one who can help I need some opinions bought getting them pulled / or what you used to stop the pain Thank you in advance