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Avatar n tn I am a long term teeth grinder and don't know what to do to about it. I wear a splint, supplied by my dentist. Unfortunately I take this out every night while I'm asleep and every morning I still waken up with pains in my jaws. I have tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and acupuncture but they haven't worked. Does anyone have any suggestions?
1444053 tn?1365460415 got new splint its not as thick as previous one but feels ok as long as it stops me grinding n breakin teeth well thats ok
Avatar n tn The main causes of the habit are -CNS disorders and anxiety besides TMJ and teeth abnormalities . .Since teeth grinding cures are dependent upon the main cause of the habit, the bruxism resulting from stress or CNS disturbances may need to be cured with the help of a psychotherapist to eliminate the habit. Please keep your mother occupied with either reading , watching TV , gardening , doing little chores of the house , playing with children or pets etc.
Avatar n tn Just in the first couple of months did my teeth hurt from grinding and I'm pretty sure that were the fracturing came from..Might I add it just the molars. It cracked up a bunch of dental work I had done about 5 yrs ago...UGH!! Seems things have settled down.Thank God.
Avatar n tn sounds like your problem may be due to grinding. let me tell you from a hardcore grinder, it can make your teeth sens. hurt and shift. talk to your dentist about this and if it is the problem a splint, or nightgaurd can help. bad thing is it is usually covered by medical ins, and hmo's dont cover it . but if you can get one it will save your teeth!
644083 tn?1282607775 It can happen if you've had an accident too, or from stress, or grinding at night. Uneven teeth can touch and make it very sore. TMJ is also a type of nerve pain, so there may be something related with your teeth. Have you seen a dentist about this pain? if you have not, please do!!! Let them know what you've been feeling. They can find out if there are any TMJ specialists near you. Most regular doctors don't know how to treat dental problems well and will give you pills.
Avatar n tn You may also be hurting your teeth by night time clenching or grinding. It can really hurt! Do you wake up with your teeth more sensitive? Try to become aware if you are clenching during the day, too. If you are a night time clencher, a mouth splint can help. If you grind your teeth, a mouth guard may be in order. These are appliances used at night while you sleep. Also, if your gums have receded at all, it could be that the nerve has been exposed some.
Avatar f tn Have you attempted to use a night guard to prevent any cleching/grinding of your teeth? Has your sinus problem be resolved completely? Its true that sinus pain can feel like a toothache so is it a possibility that your sinus pain is still lingering? Do you have pain when lifting your head up and down (nodding)? I would attempt to use sensodyne or some other sensitivity toothpaste to see if that also helps with the problem.
1210827 tn?1266065255 i would cut back on anything that is leaching nutrition from your teeth, smoking for example. I ALSO WEAR A SPLINT AT NIGHT TO KEEP THE PRESSURE OFF MY TEETH AND REDUCE WEAR AND TEAR. I JUST USE A SPORTS MOUTHGUARD FROM THE PHARMACY.
Avatar n tn He says there is not decay, he says my teeth are very small and there is ample evidence to suggest that I grind/clench. He made a splint for me to ware at night to reduce damage from grinding/clenching. I ware this every night now but it seems there i still damage occuring. I don't believe that I do or did grind at night I know that I clench when I'm working on something very physical.
Avatar n tn It's called sleep bruxism, and it refers to the grinding or clenching of teeth. There's a waking version, too -- an unconscious clenching of the teeth, most often owing to stress -- but the origins are different and the effects are seldom anywhere near as bad as during sleep, when certain of the body's protective mechanisms are turned off. Left untreated, it can cause damage to the teeth and surrounding tissue, headaches and jaw pain.
Avatar n tn There was more pressure on my right side. Then, I noticed one night that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. Not sure if this has reoccurred. Since then, I've been waking up with a dull head ache, and the feeling of misalignment has been constantly bothering me. I would clench my teeth during the day. I'm not sure if my teeth were shifting or not, but my bottom molars and bottom incisors would often feel as if there was food stuck between them when there wasn't.
Avatar f tn I am in a pickle now!! My front teeth are already worn away inside due to teeth grinding over decades and worndown back teeth. Now the back teeth do not really meet anymore and my lower teeth grind into the upper ones. I had orthodonture at age 13 and two incisors were removed from the upper teeth, now there is not enough space in my mouth to crown these sensitive front teeth. The dentine is already exposed, I have chewed through the hard enamel without knowing it.
748543 tn?1463449675 Dental Occlusion must be synchronized with healthy Mandibular Function as it relates to a healthy head position and by extension a healthy posture. So why are teeth/occlusion so important for posture? In simple terms incorrect posture is due to a twisted spine, which barring accidents or skeletal abnormalities- like a short leg, is due to an incorrect position of the skull.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have had inflamed inner cheeks / facial pain for 4 months and my dentist recently said that this was as a result of grinding my teeth at night. He said that this is something that has been going on for a number of years but has just got worse over the last few months. Can the side effects of grinding (i.e. inflammation) just come on suddenly as with me? He has recommended I wear a night splint to stop the grinding. Will this be enough to stop the swelling / facial aches?
Avatar m tn It could be due to the trauma of the procedure of making a new crown but I'm not sure how much drilling was done. As for the splint, yes if you are grinding your teeth. A splint or nightguard will help to reduce the wear and tear of your teeth when you clench/grind at night.
Avatar f tn Next they made me wear a splint in the night time in case the issue was brought on by grinding - that too hasn't helped. I have given the splint 8mths and it has had no success. Now, they believe that I have arthritis and I am only 27! Given that anti-inflamatory drugs are now not very effective (they just dull the pain rather than get rid of it), I was wondering what options there are apart from going in for surgery?
Avatar n tn Hi, During this past year I have been clinching my jaw and grinding my teeth at night. ( I don’t believe I do this during the day) I had a night guard with a splint made around November, which I wear religiously, but this only protects my teeth from the grinding... It's frustrating because I don't have much pain, but my jaw clicks and tightens constantly throughout the day and it’s annoying and causes headaches once in awhile. My dentist said it could be from stress, which is understandable.
Avatar n tn Hello, Biting of lips during sleep may be due to bruxism. Bruxism is the grinding of the teeth, and is typically accompanied by the clenching of the jaw.During sleep when one grinds the teeth,one can accidently grind the lips also. Try minimizing the abrasion of tooth surfaces by the wearing of an acrylic dental guard or splint.You can get it made according to the shape of your upper and lower teeth from a dentist.
Avatar dr m tn In fact, I have some good-sized gaps in my lower teeth. I have TMJ and wear a splint at night, which really helps me keep my mouth shut for CPAP. My splint is the same size as hubby's, so I probably have a fairly large jaw. I never had any wisdom teeth, so the other ones had plenty of room to roam free.
999323 tn?1249916986 It's been adjusted 3 times by my dentist. Still having pain. Did some PT. Now ordering a splint for night, for grinding teeth. I'm wondering if I should get a splint from a TMJ dentist or if the one I'm getting from my general DDS should be fine? I'm paying 300.00 for the splint.
Avatar n tn Huge fear of cancer, suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. I do tend to grind my teeth at night. Anyway, about a week ago I had to get a temporary crown on my very last left upper tooth. Since then I get periodic episodes of my upper tooth throbbing. A few days ago my lower back left side of my teeth started throbbing as well along with my ear. It comes in episodes and I can take Advil or Tynenol and the pain goes away. My jaws are very sore and feel very tight as well.
Avatar n tn I was told I should have a flat-planed, hard splint that would keep my teeth apart and take pressure off my joints. I am a clencher, and at night I can't work on this problem when I'm sleeping. It hurts me if I talk for too long, sing for too long, etc.. TMJ problems play into my chronic migraines. It hurts to lay on my sides for very long. I have a soft beautrest Simmons pillow to try to take pressure off and cannot lay on my sides for very long without it giving me a headache.
Avatar f tn You should go to your General Dentist (or a dentist specialising in TMD) and get fitted with an occlusal splint. This stops clenching and grinding. Prolonged clenching and grinding can actually cause TMD, cause it displaces the joints. Muscle relaxants. such as Valium, may aslo help the muscle spasms. You may also have a back problem, because the muscle that leads to your jaw joint originates at the middle of your back.
1364770 tn?1277885146 i had this i had to go to the dentist for a mould of my teeth,i had toomany teeth so ihad to have some removed,does it happen when you eat aswell?
Avatar m tn Hi, It appears you are having problems with the Temporomandibular joint secondary to ?Bruxism (grinding of the teeth). Night guard would prevent the same but in certain occasions you might not benefit from that. Please do consult your Dentist/Faciomaxillary surgeon and your physiotherapist. Few Tips: 1. Reduce stress if any 2. Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as colas, chocolate, and coffee. 3. Avoid alcohol. Grinding tends to intensify after alcohol consumption. 4.
Avatar f tn can a headgear help with chronic tmj disorder or a splint if i don't want to do tmj n jaw surgery ??
Avatar f tn I sometimes have pain at the top of my jaw joint. I have a long history of grinding my teeth at night but cannot wear a guard as I pull them out at night in my sleep. Does this sound like TMJ? I also notice that when I am anxious or angry the pain REALLY gets bad even tho I make a conscience effort not to let my teeth touch. I gritted my teeth so badly that I cracked my teeth from my bicuspids to my next to the last molars on top on both sides and had to have them pulled.
Avatar f tn The teeth clinching probably does not have anything to do with Celexa, as many people have a clenching problem and wear a night splint. See your dentist to make sure you are not grinding away your teeth, as happened to my niece. I also question whether it causes crazy dreams, but you can ask your doc about that. Definitely it does not make you think the same thoughts over and over. It does not control your thoughts, and if it works well will just help you deal with bad emotions.
Avatar n tn go see a dentist and see if your grinding your teeth aswell..you might need a mouth splint like i do no big deal and try some running or sports to relax you..trust me it's nothing serious..