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Avatar n tn For a couple of years my dental hygenist and dentist have been telling me I have small cracks in my teeth, which they suspected were due to teeth grinding or clenching. I did not have any other symptoms of grinding teeth in my sleep (no headaches, jaw pain, partner not aware of it, etc.), so I didn't take it too seriously. Now I started having a pain in 1 tooth just when I bite down on it.
Avatar n tn Bleeding gums after crown is commonly associated with overcontoured crown. Redo crown is probably the solution.
Avatar m tn Due to grinding in my sleep Ive had two front lower teeth, #24 and #25 need root canals in the past 5 months. All my teeth are healthy looking, no visible wear, but I guess the stress of my sleep grinding/clench has taken its toll on the roots and painful abscesses formed. The dentist who performed my second root canal today was surprised that another dentist in his practice didn't put a crown on the tooth from the first root cana #24l.
Avatar n tn I had a permanent crown placed on today. It was too tight to get on without grinding the crown. It still feels tight to me. The dentist cemented it and said the fit was good. It feel like it is pushing my other teeth. The dentist said to wait and see how it feels, but I don't see how waiting will change things. The crown is not going to suddenly get smaller. Is this normal?
1327032 tn?1288840755 Wear grind protectors at night... Cost like 20$.. Stress will have you grinding or sliding your teeth in your sleep!
Avatar n tn Several of my teeth have issues including damage from grinding, etching possibly due to acid reflux, and old fillings. My dentist is suggesting crowns for these teeth to protect from further decay and restore the tooth length/shape/surfaces. We're considering porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for the upper/lower back teeth and all-porcelain for the upper front.
Avatar f tn either way they are going to gringd your teeth down.... if you get a crown they are going to make your tooth into a small little stump so they can place crown on top....veneers they are going to grind it down to make them stick to it.... if they are not noticable and they dont cause any problems then leave it alone.....it up to you..
Avatar m tn I had a crown placed about 2 weeks ago on tooth #4 as it had cracked. It was fine for a few days after I went back for a high bite adjustment but now its sensitive to cold(only a few seconds) and hurts periodically along with the neighboring teeth - both upper and lower. The dentist said that this is from grinding my teeth but if I have been grinding all along wouldn't these symptoms of pain and sensitivity to cold have been present prior to the crown being placed?
Avatar f tn Grinding teeth is something else which I would mention to your dentist. It may start simply as grinding teeth, and continue on to cause attrition in your teeth, as well as possibly cause TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJD (TMD) MAY cause headaches, shoulder pain, chin, and neck pains. It may also cause popping and crunching noises and sometimes even pain just below and slightly ahead of your ears.
Avatar m tn My dentist figured I was grinding my teeth and so I was given a night guard. Since then I have been wearing, but I feel like its making the problem worse, even though it does minimize the soreness. Lately, I have been waking up with sore front teeth. I think the night guard is wearing through or something. I have tried sleeping without it. I don't have headaches anymore but my teeth are still sore. I honestly don't think the night guard helps get to the route of the problem.
Avatar n tn The endo advised me it was a jaw problem from clenching and grinding my teeth (which explained the face and jaw pain) and also a poorly constructed temp crown. Just to be sure, I went back 2 weeks later, and had the endo check me out again. same conclusion, and he advised to go get my permanant crown on. Went in two days ago, and had my permanant crown put on. Now my tooth feels 90% better since having the perm crown put on except for ONE thing, I still can't eat on that side at all!
Avatar n tn Thanks for the replies. I'm going back to see my dentist next Thursday (I could only see another since this started as mine has been on holiday). In the meantime, I'm completely avoiding anything hot or cold to eat or drink. Because it has come on quite quickly after treatment I don't think it's teeth grinding. My dentist checked the bite when he replaced the crown but it could well be that. Thanks again - I'll let you know what happens.
Avatar m tn Selective grinding of occlusal interference is generally minimal, loss of tooth is a highly unlikely, if not impossible, consequence. However, detection of occlusal interference is highly technical demanding. Once detected by articulating paper, any dentist can grind off.
977806 tn?1249067346 One (or both, who knows) of the TX drugs causes bruxism, grinding your teeth in your sleep. Think it's the riba. The grinding can make your jaw hurt in the morning. I ground through a gold crown on TX. See if your dentist can make you a biteguard (also called night guard) so you don't ruin your molars while saving your liver.
Avatar n tn I recently had business dealings with a dental implant specialist who during the course of chit chat indicated to me that the best thing that had happened to his business was the proliferation of crowns on live teeth. He indicated that crowns were problematic and resulted in the loss of teeth to a degree not contemplated by the Dental community. In response to my question about what he would do with his own teeth he indicated he would keep on filling them in the traditional way.
703897 tn?1248019974 If there was tight contact between natural tooth and temporary crown, and there is gap between final crown and natural tooth during final try in, the possible causes are: lab error, teeth shift due to occlusal trauma or periodontal disease. If provisional crown works well , i.e, optimally comfort chewing, no thermal sensitivity(vital tooth), final crown can be fabricated.
Avatar f tn I broke my tooth awhile ago while grinding my teeth. The tooth already had a metallic filling in it and the tooth just broke out around the back. I went to my family dentist and they informed me that I would probably need a root canal. I went to a new dentist about two weeks ago. I was originally going for root canal but he did the vitality test and then decided I didn't need one (different dentist that originally prescribed root canal).
Avatar n tn The crowned tooth and now even the surrounding teeth are sensitive to hot/cold and bitter/sweet. Teeth around the crown have shifted and are our of alignment. If I rinse with salt water, it hurts. It is soooo sensitive. What could be wrong?
Avatar m tn Both thought maybe a bite/grinding issue; both filed/adjusted crown a bit. Took x-rays. Both said was not infected (that you could tell by xrays). Filing tooth has not helped. Bite guard has not helped. Truly don't think I'm a grinder anyway. Looking for additional opinions. Have read that bite could be caused by crack in underlying tooth. Endodontist said there was no crack in the tooth when he did root canal.
Avatar n tn t understand why this tooth would hurt if the nerves are dead. Is this even possible? I have been grinding/clenching my teeth at night more than normal(I don't use a mouthguard, but I know that I should)...could this be the cause? I'm wondering if the pain is just from the pressure on my gums from clenching or if it is something more serious. Either way, it is bothersome and so I'm just trying to get some feedback. I did call my dentist and am hoping to get in ASAP.
Avatar f tn This is a tough question to answer due to the complexity of the issue. You have alot of symptoms that I'm not sure if they are related to the wear/tear (attrition) of your teeth. So I'll try to address each part of the question. I'm not sure why you had pain after the prophy (cleaning) except to guess that she overdid the polish and injured the gums/teeth a bit. That should hopefully resolve itself given some time. Crazed lines don't need to be treated.
Avatar n tn s) I am now 38. He then told me I should get a better guard for my teeth grinding. That cost $450.00 for the guard. At my next visit he says, I should get a crown. He shows me thru the xray a crack but all the lines on the xray looked the same. To me the untrained person all the lines looked like cracks on that tooth xray. I went to dentist B for a 2nd opinion and he says the same so I had the temp crown for tooth #3 put in appx 9/2011.
Avatar n tn Remove the temporary crowns. Usually your pain will diasappear shortly after removal of temporary crown. If these teeth are vital, you may experience sensitivity to cold stimulus. However, it's generally tolorable. Then, go back to your dentist to adjust the bite until you feel perfectly comfortable with the temporary crowns. If temporary crown is not successful, the final crown is not likely to work well.
Avatar n tn 9 months ago in June I had a root canal on number 6, because I just had a new crown put on and tore open a bag of nuts with my teeth, the next morning the crown came off. Dentist sent me to endo, he did the root canal, about 2 months ago I bought a water pic and was using it on number six, because my gum was sore, not sure it the water pic loosen my crown or not but it is loose now.
Avatar f tn I am a habitual night grinder. I recently was grinding my teeth and the next day I noticed I had a broken back tooth. I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and I asked the hygentist what she thought the dentist might do about it. She told me that since the chip wasn't bad that the dentist will probably just refill it. The dentist came in (my dentist's husband) and checked out the xrays and assured me that I would only need to get the tooth refilled.