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Avatar n tn Last Tuesday i had tooth # 2 removed ( Upper ) and next day i came down with a major Migraine and few days later my body started to hurt and nose got congested , i went to the Dr. who said this was a sinus infection. I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out.
Avatar m tn However if it is tooth infection then even an extraction may sometimes be necessary. If the infection is in the upper teeth then it can aggravate the sinus problem. Discuss with your dentist. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar m tn That is a great question, really. Very interesting. But teeth issues can indeed cause sinus issues. This is a documented phenomena . So it would stand to reason that issues that have caused your teeth to fall out would, therefore, also affect your sinuses. Wondering if you don't still have some immflamation in your gums even without teeth that is connected to sinus issues now? Good question for your doctor! Or maybe even a dentist if you still could go to one.
15439126 tn?1444443163 s third root in the x-ray, it seemed likely to be very close or in the sinus floor so there might be some involvement there upon extraction (I would be referred to an oral surgeon for the extraction and he'd handle any resulting complications). Any thoughts or experiences on how risky this tooth extraction would be in respect to complications from the sinus floor being disturbed?
Avatar n tn He should have sent the patient to an oral surgeon because when he did the extraction, it opened up a sinus. My sister felt this was a disaster that could have been avoided by sending this patient to an oral surgeon, but I do not know what the oral surgeon would have done. I would have suspected it would have been done in the hospital and it would have been closed with a bone graft, but I do not know this for a fact.
Avatar m tn Hi there, The back teeth are in close proximation with the sinus. There is a thin bone separating the sinus from the roots of the teeth. It can happen during tooth extraction that a piece of bone comes along with the sinus in cases when the tooth is close to the bone because of infection. There can be perforation also. There can be fistulas also sometimes.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had a tooth extraction this morning and the dentist packed it right after and said it was there to help prevent infection in my sinus cavity, But I keep reading it can cause infection . I have had many teeth pulled and healed really well so this worries me. If it's not removed for a week won't it slowly my healing process??
1249608 tn?1269298064 I did ask other doctors and dentists and all of them said that it must be due to the extraction of my tooth. Only the dentist who extracted my teeth said that the extraction has nothing to do with my eye.
Avatar n tn says is sinus infection affecting teeth. Dentist says tooth has infection around roots, but says roots are in the sinus cavatity. Am taking antibiotics, pain killers (not helping at all!!)Pain has gotten extremely worse. The only thing that stops the excruciating pain is a sip of cold water washed over the teeth. The pain radiates to teeth around it on top and down in the bottom jaw bone. I aslo have an impacted widsom tooth on top beside the tooth that seems to be the source.
Avatar f tn i have a horrible headach ever since my wisdom teeth were pulled...any ideas...my dentist is stummped and I feel like im going to lose my mind with the pain!!!
Avatar m tn m not experiencing any problems with the teeth on either side of the extraction point, nor did the dentist note any issues with them on the xrays. Ive taken ibuprofen, but it's not doing anything for the itching. Any ideas what this could be? I'm trying to get an appointment with the dentist again for another tooth to be filled, and will inquire from him when I do as well, but is there anything I can do right now to alleviate this itchy sensation?
Avatar f tn I had 2 teeth extracted over 8 weeks ago, the roots were right up against my sinus, now only Only th right side I have a horrible smell in my left sinus and uncontrollable drainage from my left nostril and noticed yellow drainage coming from underneath a crown in the same area of the extractions... any thoughts?
Avatar f tn but the clot stood strong and so I assume it was just an effect of the anesthetic. So today I feel fine I can touch my teeth the clot looks good all fine and dandy (I heal pretty fast) but my cheek is swollen and sore. Like I said the area near the extraction point is just fine but the cheek its like a marble bigger. Not really painful just more a nuisance. I read it may be a dry pocket but I'm not sure? Could it just me he like missed and shot some Novocaine in my cheek and down my throat?
Avatar f tn I have really bad pain in my teeth it's so painful that I wake up in the night, I have lost a lot of sleep, I'm also feeling really down about this, The pain is in my neck and in my ear, i have gums that are very red and around the area of the bad tooth the gums are raised, I have had a deep filling in my tooth in the tooth that is bad, I had this pain for sometime now, on friday I will go have the tooth taken out, Is there anything I can do to stop the pain until friday I take solpadol
Avatar m tn I am a healthy male in my late twenties. I had wisdom teeth extraction surgery 4 weeks ago. The doctor said nothing about a complication after the surgery, but I realized quickly that I have a hole at the location of my upper left wisdom tooth extraction site to my sinus. I am truly having a miserable time since then. I had a mild nose bleed the day after the surgery from both sides.
Avatar f tn I grind my teeth and clinch but wear a store bought night guard anytime I sleep. I know my grinding has been especially bad lately because my teeth are sore many mornings. Today I bit into a piece of over cooked chicken at a church luncheon and had a sharp pain in a molar with a crown. It lasted only a second. No heat/ cold sensitivity or other concerns. This tooth is the longest in my mouth and actually prevents me from totally closing my bite.
Avatar f tn I had a molar, #3, removed last week, and just after I noticed that my mouth was no longer air tight, but that air was traveling freely between my nose and the empty tooth socket. This alarmed me and I alerted the assistant who then told the dentist. He came back in and put in a bone graft saying to me " even though you didn't pay for this, I'm going to do this for you so this will heal, even though it would probably heal on its own." Like he was doing me a favor.
Avatar f tn Hi I have ME/CFS plus multiple allergies. Live in UK. Have upper part-denture. Recurring sinusitis. Dental consultant says can't just remove root left in from extraction of back upper molar which causing problem, has to clean sinuses. Take MAOI meds. Also, have had post operative collapse in past when not on any above meds. Says has to sedate. Why can't he just leave sinus alone and give me usual local? Also, just had lower canine removed, also several other lower teeth.
Avatar f tn I have two lower wisdom teeth that either need filling or extracting. (Food collects in them and the dentist has mentioned that it would have been good to have had them out at the same time as I had my upper wisdom teeth removed.) What would be the preferable option? I think there may be a mercury filling in one. Should that affect my decision one way or the other? My teeth are very important to me and I am very sensitive about them. I am very confused and overwhelmed by this decision.
Avatar m tn But I just brushed it off as a sinus headache. Because I did have sinus stuff going on too. I think things got worse in December 2015. The pain was an 8, still they told me it was my sinuses. January the pain was up to a 10+ so, I went to the emergency room. they did a ct scan found nothing gave me a morphine shot which didnt help told me to follow up with a neurologist and a ear nose throat specialist.
Avatar m tn I think I have sinusitis, but my doctor who removed my wisdom teeth says everythings okay, you just coincidentally got a sinus infection. But Ive had 100+ sinus infections ._. Ive never been able to taste, smell, small amounts of blood and feel this pressure and pain... When I get a normal sinus infection I get lots of uncontrollable snot and my eyes water, but no pain and no smell. This is bad... Please tell me what I should do...
Avatar m tn So I want to know if there are any major problems with me getting tooth #3 extracted other than my loss in bite and the risk of sinus problems mentioned from my dentist. All my teeth wont become gaped? Or my Facial construction will not change? Just trying to figure out if there is anything I am not thinking about before I opt for the extraction.
Avatar m tn The amoxicillin is used to clear up a sinus infection and if the problem is solved, then it basically means the sinus was causing your pain. The teeth can feel pain or sensitive due to the closeness of the roots to the sinus. If there's no decay, then its possible there may be a fracture or some trauma has cause the pulp inside the tooth to die, resulting in pain/inflammation/irritation.
Avatar m tn However, seeing that the nasal congestion only came about after the wisdom tooth extraction and that I have absolutely no other nose/sinus/allergy problems prior to the extraction, I feel that my nasal congestion was somehow caused by the extraction. Could you please help me with this? What could have happened during/after the extraction to have caused my on-going nasal congestion? I really do not want to resort to surgery! Thank you very much!
Avatar n tn I have intermittent pain above my back teeth on just one side. My wisdom teeth have been removed. There is also a tightness in my jaw when pain is present. Sometimes it throbs at night and sometimes there is no pain. It comes and goes during the day. If pain is present, it is worse if I lean over to pick something up or any activity that increases blood flow to the area. A dentist has xrayed the area and didn't see anything. It is not sensitive to hot/cold.
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I was referred to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction. All four teeth are impacted and need to be extracted, and it is quite painful. After they took the X-Rays, they told me what procedures I needed to have done. They told me I'd need to have the teeth extracted, and that I'd need a bone graft for each tooth that was removed, and that the bone graft was $350 a tooth.