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308074 tn?1289687346 So, my husband and I are thinking of moving to Morristown Tennessee, and I was wondering if anyone has been there or lives there. Does anyone have any information, or input??? My husband works at Alcoa Howmet here in Michigan, and we found out there is a plant in Tennessee, and that is why we want to move there. Has anyone heard of that place before? Thanks for any information you give. God bless you all.
1722077 tn?1311052238 is there any one in nashville,or ashland city, tennessee to help a disabled person that needs some teeth pulled and can't afford much money to have it done. about 4 or 5 teeth need pulled. any help would be appreciated.
535822 tn?1443976780 but anyone interested it was a Warning to America by Dutch Parlimentarian Geert Wilders speaking in Nashville ,Tennessee you can put it in the search engine..
Avatar f tn I am looking for a good doctor in the Nashville, TN area. My present dr does not test Ft3. I have Hashi's but antibodies were in 200 range. This dr is not concerned as they are not in the thousands. I am not on any thyroid meds. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have really bad pain in my teeth it's so painful that I wake up in the night, I have lost a lot of sleep, I'm also feeling really down about this, The pain is in my neck and in my ear, i have gums that are very red and around the area of the bad tooth the gums are raised, I have had a deep filling in my tooth in the tooth that is bad, I had this pain for sometime now, on friday I will go have the tooth taken out, Is there anything I can do to stop the pain until friday I take solpadol
555358 tn?1292532061 I would love for anyone to meet with us! My next time I will be in Nashville for an appointment is January 5- everyone in the Nashville area- check your calenders! It's a Monday! I can't say it enough- it's really nice! Shane99 and I have really become good friends through our struggles with Chiari! Pretty cool to have a whole new world of friendships!
Avatar f tn I have a specialist in Nashville Tennessee. Maybe not too terribly far away?