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Avatar m tn Have you ever tried tree tea oil, it works wonders on flaky skin.
Avatar f tn Recurrence is common and may be reduced by intermittent application of topical agents (such as tea tree oil) or adding a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo to water used for bathing. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn which could take at least a month tea tree oil is a strong anti fungal and disinfwectant and penetrates the skin when aspplied,it may sting mildly at first but dont let that bother you,i had similar
Avatar m tn I would cleanse my face with that at night to remove makeup but in the morning I would only rinse my face with warm water or use a mild toner with tea tree oil. From your description, it sounds like you're over doing it a little. I would give your skin some rest, let it heal, and see what happens! Good luck!
Avatar m tn (Works good but not sure if the skin discoloration is because of this) 6). Reduced sweets, do not smoke or drink 7). Tree tea oil in bath (Started recently) 8). Drinking a cup of Oolong tea daily (Started recently) I tried before Ketoconazole, Desonide, Promiseb (probably the culprit for my skin discoloration start), Xolegel.
Avatar f tn We've tried coal tar ointment, salicylic acid shampoo, even things like tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach and bloodroot! None seem to have any effect at all. He doesn't drink coffee at all and takes in very little caffeine. He hasn't had excessive sun exposure. We think a few particularly humid days where he had to wear a suit for work and was sweating prodigiously might have triggered it.... but what is it and why won't it go away??
Avatar n tn tea tree oil to apply topically, or silverbiotics liquid spray to apply topically and useful orally too to get into the body to fight on the inside. Your diet is also going to make a huge difference. When we have this imbalance, it is necessary to eliminate foods that feed the yeast. This would mainly include, bread, pasta, sugary foods. Limit your fruit intake to berries, limes, lemons, grapefruit, apples. Meats should be turkey, fish, and chicken(non breaded).
Avatar n tn but I think what causing them is some thing in my diet or stress . tea tree oil ( an anti fungal oil) helps slow down the bump growth and relieve some of the itching. At 28 years old I stopped drinking ( a change in my diet ) at 29 yrs old they started to appear maybe one every 2 to 3 months . Bug bite a skin iratation. But now at 61 yrs old I had a outbreak on the back of my neck 10 to 20 at time it takes about 2 weeks until a cluster of them are gone .
Avatar n tn You could always try the tea tree oil idea. I've been treating my dog's lick sarcomas with the tea tree oil stuff, and it works better than anything else I've tried...it helps them heal (and tastes bad enough that it discourages her from licking.) You've been bombarded with these meds for so long, I think your body is just sick and tired of it! Not much longer, though, right? Or did you extend treatment?...
Avatar m tn I can't take any time off work right now, so I was thinking of trying apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil to see if those work before resulting to surgery, because I would very much like to avoid that. But it's not a threat to my health if it's cleaned properly and is not bothering me, right?
Avatar n tn She prescribed me a cream to use and it worked for about a year and then they came back. I then read about tea tree oil and how it gets rid of any type of fungus and for good. Used it and haven't had any problems for about 5 years now. I haven't had to reuse either (and it's cheap).
Avatar f tn I don't know what happened it's dry and sore and I'm really scared and anxious. Do you think it may have something to do with the tea tree oil I put on there last night? Did it burn?
Avatar n tn etc might be accurate. Probably best to use a solution of warm water and olive oil to help the skin back to normal and then use either a highly sensitive body wash or plain water and non-biological washing powders and reduce the use of fabric conditioners and dryer towels and see how you get on. Also, reduce intake of caffeine, that can have an adverse affect as most itchiness is caused by the nervous system; and caffeine can be a trigger..
Avatar f tn I also had one of them write me a perscription for mites because of the bugs i thought i was feeling in my skin and that did not work either. Im gonna try the tea tree oil. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have eliminated anything new or fairly new to me and my evnironment but to no avail. I have used Tea Tree Oil to the point it was dripping off of me. Then Gold Bond Powder, Cortizone cream, anti-itch cream, benedryl cream, Syrtec tablets, and even bug bite swabs containing Amonia. Surprisingly, even though it burned quite a bit, the Amonia helped alot. But, I still have the rash. My doctor cannot figure it out either.
Avatar n tn He prescribed ointment to clear up the fissure and scheduled an appointment to remove the skin tag 1 month later. I'm on day 3 after the surgery, and I don't feel good at all. The surgery was in his office,he inserted a big needled directly into the skin tag, which I felt for about 7 seconds or so, and it WAS painful, after that , the area went numb. He cut and removed the skin tag and stitched the are closed. He told me to get emla cream and I did on my way home.
Avatar n tn Not knowing if it's lice/scabies/parasites I read Tea Tree Oil is the cure all for parasites(all). I thoroughly put some oil in my shampoo/soap, washed clothes in hot, dropping some oil in the laundry. I'm still having the sensations. I've just started playing piano actively again and I'm going now more with muscle spasms--I'm getting a lot of sensations in my forearms where the strainwould be from this activity, but I'm getting that annoying sensation all over!
Avatar n tn I noticed my eyelids were burning after using my tea tree oil shampoo. It has only gotten worse since. They itch and burn at the same time. Nothing seems to help and now they have flared up again only to bleed this time. I am wondering how many of you wear contacts or take prescription medication. Does this have something to do with it?
Avatar m tn Dermarest, Tea Tree oil, Vaseline, Aquaphoor, Hydrocortizone cream, triple antibiotic ointment (neosporin), salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide. I have also tried exfoliating the flaky skin. It takes some time for it to grow back flaky, but skin remains just as red in the meantime. Skin type: I would say I have oily, but also sensitive/dry skin. After a shower my face skin dries flaky in spots (with or without any soap. The red areas under mouth dry more flaky than any other spot).
Avatar m tn Buy some Neem oil or Tea tree oil off ebay and rub it all over your body. Repeat every day for a couple weeks. Buy yourself some Sulfur-Lavender soap this will rid you of any parisitic bug you might have.
4451049 tn?1387157037 I've experienced with just about anything you can mention. Hibiclens, which hazel, Tea Tree Oil, salicylic acid including 30 % deep peel, glycolic acid, abrevia, silver chloride and sulfadine, red/blue LED, hydrocortisone cream, oral and topical L-Lysine, and the list goes on. After much research, I even purchased a uv light hoping something would glow to give me an answer of what it may be.
Avatar f tn tea tree oil helps a lot with any pimples.
Avatar f tn One thing that has given me some temporary relief is to mix a small bottle of olive oil, tea-tree oil, and neem oil and apply it all over my body and then go take a short nap to give everything time to work. Then, a nice hot shower. I can't sit in a tub anymore because of the seizures, sadly.
Avatar n tn I havent heard of a hemmheriod skin tage before.I have known other people with regular skin tags that looked like moles that had them removed. They didnt say it much.I guess if it's in the anal area it may be a bit more painful though.
Avatar m tn I have always had a light case of excema on my nose and had been able to keep it down with tea tree oil I would say that the irritation on my penis seems most like excema including intense burning if I dare to peel a little flake off. Tried very diluted tea tree oil on my penis but it didn't work. Also I have had athlete's foot and jock itch on and off all my adult life-those would go away temporarily with med creams.
Avatar m tn windex clorox zappers PCO treatment washing everything Ozone treatment Carpet powder tea trea oil Gralic / Pottasium / Magnsm Foggers Citronella candles Yes when i washed everything compulsively, had the Ozone generator turn on for hours, when gone out of the house, Took a bath with fungus soap, or sulphur soap, changed sheets before going to sleep, took garlic/magnesium/potassium supplements daily, all this combined= better sleep. Or @ least i believe it work. Its a mind game here.
Avatar n tn Recurrence is common and may be reduced by intermittent application of topical agents (such as tea tree oil) or adding a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo to water used for bathing. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn I remembered that certain esential oils are antibacterial so I recommended to my partner to try rosemary esential oil. She applied on and around the cracked sore skin with a q-tip and now tells me it is compealtly gone within a couple of days. Also rosemary is good for asthma and respiration problems like allergies, also astringent and can help cells shrink as the seem to swell with infection. I hope this helps everyone good luck.
Avatar n tn I got over the counter anti-fungal creams and they did nothing. I went the natural route and tried Tea Tree and watered down vinegar. Again, nothing. Then I heard about penile psoriasis which has a lot of the same symptoms, so I tried medicine for that. I bought Cortizon-10 at the drug store and I saw a difference within 24 hours. Seriously. Now, you have to be careful when using Cortizon-10.