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Avatar n tn Maddy: Laser is the on;y nonscarring removal method. Using cream anesthesia or injections, it's not very painful. Black is easiest; colors take more treatments. You should expect to need several monthly treatments, and some pigment may remain. To find a reputable place, call the dermatologists in your area. Price is important, since the treatment is pretty standard. Questions to ask: Do you treat many tattoos? Do you have lasers for all the colors of my tattoo?
Avatar n tn But I too cannot wait till I can afford laser hair removal.
Avatar m tn Apparently the astigmatism I had has been corrected (toric lens) but I am now slightly shortsighted (I had hoped for good vision overall). It has been suggested I could have laser surgery to correct this. My main worry is that I have what I feel is quite bad flaring from car headlights at night and also lots of circles around the lights, presume this is haloing. I see you talk about haloing and I am wondering if this has diminished/improved for you as time passes after the surgery.
Avatar f tn I found a book online called The Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis Its a medical book for sale and you can only see a couple pages, but from the index there was a whole chapter on plate removal due to immunologic response. Also.... Allergic reactions to metal implants: Influence of wear debris Properties of implant materials and particles.
Avatar n tn I wonder if laser hair removal is an option. At this point, I'd go for that if it would stop these painful lumps.