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Avatar n tn Adding Iressa or gefitinib an EGF-R inhibitor (epidermal growth factor receptor) expressed in 50-70% of epithelial ovarian cancers to Topotecan would increase the success rate of single Topotecan alone. 3. Iressa is similar to Tarceva. That makes the Avastin/Tarceva trial as effective or much better. In this latter trial you don't have the side effects of a chemo drug which weakens your bone marrow (My wife had Neupogen and platelets transfusions while on Topotecan).
114870 tn?1210301946 Ovarex MAB is a monoclonal antibody (biologic) is on clinical trial trying to delay recurrence. On phase II it has a success rate of 50%. I would say clinical trial is a must if we have to find a cure for OvCA. I wouldn't be surprise if a clinical trial on a combination of Avastin/Tarceva/Phenoxodiol/low dose chemo or chemo combo (can be any combo among Taxol/Carboplatin/Taxotere/Doxil/Gemzar,Topotecan, etc.) would be in the market pretty soon and be a final cure for Ovarian CA. 4.
Avatar n tn We have gotten probably at least around five(5) opinions. So we knew that Avastin was the way. 2. Topotecan has almost the same success rate as with Doxil. While you know that Doxil worked for my wife, Topo did not. So again case to case. Some women are successful with it. 3. For platinum-resistant which If I'm not mistaken you are, the success stories I have been reading on the drug that really works which is non-chemo ( which is good for platimum resistant) is Avastin.
Avatar m tn Surveillance for HCC ..... Sorafenib* (Nexavar); Erlotinib (Tarceva); Sirolimus (Rapamune); Capecitabine (Xeloda) ... www.medicine.nevada.edu/homepage/nrg/HCC.ppt Liver Cancer becomes more treatable and Preventable http://www.easl.eu/assets/application/files/85efc16839f275f_file.pdf An Expanded Role for Systemic Therapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma http://www.primeoncology.org/?PageID=135 AASLD/AGA Institute GastroSlides Unit on Liver Cancer (very large file!) http://www.aasld.