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Avatar n tn My husband has non-small cell lung cancer and takes Tarseva 150 ml. My question is, can it be used with tarseva, tinctures of herbs on alcohol to 45 drops in 50 ml water. Herbs like wormwood, Japanese pagoda, Chaga, viburnum it all the grain alcohol diluted with water. Our doctor does not give us a qualified answer. Please tell us. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Tarceva can be given as a single agent after failure of first-line or second-line chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer. However, Tarceva works best for certain subsets of patients: Asians, women, non-smokers, and those with adenocarcinoma histology. This drug still has been found to benefit males, smokers, and those with squamous cell histology, but to a lesser extent.
Avatar n tn hi -- my husband was diagnosed 8 months ago with stage IIIB non-small cell lung cancer (March 21 2007) with superior vena caval syndrome (his SVC was almost totally occulded) with the presence of increased collateral circulation. One month later a repeat CT determined metasases in his liver and in August a bone metastases in his pelvis was found. He was intially managed with 10 treatments of thoracic radiation, followed by 4 cycles of cisplastin & vinrelobine.
Avatar f tn Tarceva) is indicated for a type of lung cancer called non-small-cell lung cancer, and for pancreatic cancer. Most patients I know tolerated it reasonably well, although the incidence of skin rash was common. Tarceva is not FDA apprived for metastatic cancer with unknown primary.
Avatar n tn The oncologist said my Dad has advanced stage lung cancer and is not a candidate for chemo, surgery or radiation. They put him on Tarceva and morphine sulphate 10 mgs/4 hours. Tarceva had such serious side effects (bad mouth sores) that it affected his food intake. He is able to take only liquids anyway. His pain is so intense that the current dosage of morphine gives limited relief. He cannot walk without support and we are looking at palliative care in Bangalore.
Avatar n tn A dear friend of mine was diagnosed in the spring of 2007 with non-small cell lung cancer. . . she was doing well with treatments, until she was on Tarceva, which apparently left her with interstitial lung disease. theyve changed her treatments a variety of times since, and recently her breathing has become increasingly shallow, and extremely weak.
Avatar n tn My Mother has non small cell lung cancer. She had a lung removed 3 years ago,and was cancer free. In December it came back in the other lung and she is at stage IV. She couldn't tolerate chemo, and has been on Tarceva for 3 months. It seems to be helping, but the side effects are a killer! Lately it seems as if she is deteriorating. She has a cat scan this week, so we'll see if there is any change.
Avatar n tn My father who is now 83 yres old is diagnosed with non small cell cancer with a large 3 inch mass in his upper right side. They state it is somewhere between a stage 2 and 3 due to the size. He is schedules to start radiation treatment in a week. However, they did state he is fit enough to have sugery but there is not guarantee he would not have complications from this. We are struggling to determine what is the better path to take. Will the surgery give him a better chance vs the radiation.
365470 tn?1232750695 Its squamous cell lung cancer, NSLC . he has one lung, which was removed 3 years ago, this has come back as a secondary cancer, they have started him on Tarceva and then chemo, but the oncologist said no radiation, as this type of cancer does not respond well to radiation. But thats not what I am seeing on the net, the mass has encased the veins of the aorta.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed in 2003 with stage 3 non-small cell adenocarcinoma of the lungs. He had Chemo (Carboplatin). In 2005, he had Tarceva. In 2008 they discovered metastasis to the liver (3 lesions) and he underwent chemo again (I think Avastin) and he finished the treatment in March. The doctor said the tumors in both the lungs and liver were smaller. For the past 3 weeks he´s been vomiting, but sporadically. There is no pattern. It doesn´t matter if he eats lightly or heavily.
Avatar m tn This protein is found at abnormally high levels on the surface of some types of cancer cells, including many cases of non-small cell lung cancer. Other attempts at targeted therapy include drugs known as antiangiogenesis drugs, which block the development of new blood vessels within a cancer. Without adequate blood vessels to supply oxygen-carrying blood, the cancer cells will die.
Avatar n tn However, there is a nutritional supplement that recent studies have shown to have a beneficial impact on ovarian and lung cancer. Called IP-6, it is Inositol hexaphosphate. The initial studies were done in the late 1990s, and a recent study (dating from this past summer) produced the same results as the original study. The supplement, which occurs normally in grain, appears to assist chemotherapy treatments in fighting the cancer.
Avatar n tn my husband has just been told he has non small cell lung cancer how long does he have ?
506791 tn?1439846583 It is true that there is quite a difference between small cell and large cell lung cancer. Large cell is "slower" or I guess you could day less aggressive. There are drugs now that starve the tumor of blood flow like Tarceva. As far as the time a person has left to live, none of us know the answer to that question...
Avatar m tn He also had surgery to remove one brain met (January 2014) and one kidney (May 2014)… CT scan in December showed no mets outside lung and lymph nodes…. He started Tarceva this January but it seems it did not work as the cancer spread to brain…. 9 mets were identified in the initial MRI 2 weeks ago but the subsequent MRI right before yesterday’s gamma knife procedure (which removed 7 mets) evidenced numerous other tiny/small tumors spread all over the brain….
Avatar f tn 5cm mass on the outside of the upper right lobe, a 5cm mass on the lower right lobe (which may include some infection) and a diagnosis of non small cell - suggestive of squamous cell carcinoma was made from a mediastinoscopy of the lymph nodes. Last weeks scan showed it has been stable for 2 months and no signs of it having spread to the liver, stomach or bones.