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Avatar m tn I agreed to his suggestion and had cysto done after a few days. Cystoscopy reveled everything normal other than a moderate stricture far back into the bulb for which the doctor performed dilation. I was prescribed levofloxacin for six days after cycsto. During those six days i suffered with even greater frequency and urgency and urine flow being normal every time i would pee. After stopping levofloacin, i felt my symptoms getting better but again my problem still did not subside 100% .
Avatar m tn I had 2 stones removed from my left kidney 10 days ago...1 was 10m"m and the other 12m"m. The next day i was sent home with a "pigtail" stent in me. I was given 500m"g antibiotics pills to take (enough for 51/2 days) and 2 days ago i got it removed. Two days ago i went to the hospital to get it removed even though they insisted it could be done by myself at home.It did not hurt at all but i like to be safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn i have seen him over ten times and all of his other patients are above the age of 50, so i am certain that he is determined to solve my problem. i will test myself for stds again, although my dr did not ask me to. do you know what stds are associated to my symptoms? i have never heard of blood in the sperm and in the urine after ejaculation being related to an std.