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Avatar m tn Can you please tell me if you can take Nexium 40mg. and Zantac 75mg. together or on the same day. My GI doctor has me on Nexium 40mg. and my PCP wants me to take Zantac 75mg. at night before I go to bed. Is it safe, and can I take it with Xanax 1mg. I have GERDS and Barrett's Esophagus. And they both think it mjght be causing these little pinpoint pimples in my mouth, tongue, and throat.
Avatar m tn I am trying to find out if it is safe to take Nexium and Zantac together. I also take Xanax 1mg. I have GERDS and Barrett's Esophogus. I don't have indigestion, because I am taking the NEXIUM 40mg. , I was wondering if it is safe to take Zantac 75mg. with it. I have been getting these little pinpoint pimple like things in my mouth and on the roof of my mouth, sides, and the back of my tongue. My doctor said it might be my stomach causing these little pimples, but he never answered me.
Avatar f tn Then I went to my naturopath who told me she thought it could be a spinal stenosis because by that time I had realized that it usually only happened when I bent my head forward but it didn't feel like a shock or anything, just a dead feeling. She gave me one more shot of B12 and told me to wait and see while taking some sublingual methyl B12. A few days after that, I noticed there was another little spot that was just like the first one, but smaller only this time in my genital area.
Avatar n tn I think you're on to something because it's awfully fishy to me that just when I stopped taking Nexium, I'm left with this devil of a heart arrythmia! Hmmmm....
Avatar n tn Should I just continue taking nexium, motilium and mucosta? Or should I switch to zantac? Can I still continue taking motilium even with zantac? I'm not really sure if mucosta is necessary in my case but my heartburns have been quite painful at times. In case I should switch to zantac, can I do it right away? Can I switch to the first prescription right away tomorrow? I would probably be taking motilium still anyway Thanks medhelp!
Avatar m tn you might avoid coffee and spicy foods, soda. I have GERD and pantoprozole helps my nausea/acid a lot maybe better than 40mg of nexium or zantac I have pain when I swallow liquids which seems to be from GERD? can that cause asthma/sleep apnea problems??
Avatar m tn In 2006 I had vocal cord polyps removed--the ENT said the GERD/reflux caused them, and the Gastroenterologist said they came from talking... I've had esophageal mammomaphies and I have esophageal spasams and sometimes cannot swallow the food in my mouth and have to spit it out-or choke. I take Norvasc, blood pressure med to help the spasms. I cannot burp at all but everyone in my family --and friends-- have to put up with my continuous passage of gas. I also have IBS.
Avatar n tn Same with OTC H-2 Pumps like Pepsic AC and Zantac 100. On the other hand, antacids like Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, Gaviscon, etc; can interfere with ribavirin absoroption if taken within 2-3 hours of the ribavrin. I took the the PPI Nexium (2X day) for most of treatment (54 weeks) both for GERD and Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) which afffects linings higher up in the throat, vocal chords, ear canals and even the sinuses.
Avatar n tn Prior to my surgery I was taking 60mg in the am and 40mg in the pm (Nexium)...Alot of folks take their PPIs in the morning and then take an H-2 blocker at night..I had surgery and I'am still taking 60mg daily. I was off them exactly 8 weeks post surgery until EGD showed new erosions from reflux..I know many people though who have been able to stay off PPIs for many years after having fundoplication surgery...
2057209 tn?1330584857 25 mg tablet amitop 10 mg tablet my question is can i take these medicines to reduce anxiety and depression together with antiacids such as zantac and normaxim . i am also following treatment for acid reflux ........ my gastro has advised me these antiacids to control the amount of acid produced in my stomach , and amount of bloating and blenching i suffer after eating small meals ......
Avatar m tn worsened IBS - bad abdominal cramps (caused by Nexium together with fever and Zantac) a white-coated and burning tongue (caused by Prevacid, Zantac, Protonix, Pepcid, Riopan). I'd like to know if anybody has experienced intollerance to the various antireflux medicines similar to mine. Have you ever had a severely burning tongue caused by them?
Avatar n tn I also have acid reflux and in addition to dizziness/weakness/shakiness, I also feel numbness in my left arm and left leg sometimes. I am currently taking nexium for 6 weeks. I believe the dizziness is a side effect to the medication. I first started taking pantrapozole (not sure about spelling), and the dizziness was even worse.
Avatar f tn I had a bladder infection about a month ago and was taking Levaquin. So I wanted to put back some good stuff and was told I could chew the pills. They don't taste too bad. Trying to stay away from dairy products at the moment. I checked with several doctor's offices and they all say that the doc doesn't do the tests at the same time because insurance companies pay them hardly anything when the procedures are combined.
Avatar m tn I was also prescribed allegra-d but it is expensive and I take singulair To control asthma, you must control ALL asthma triggers like allergies, reflux, chemical and particulate irritants... -GERD can exacerbate asthma and I take nexium/zantac Stress is a known trigger of asthma as well. You need to find a way not to dwell on your health so much and relax. Work with good doctors and they will eventually get you back to good health.
Avatar f tn upon initial test 10 years ago, i was diagnosed with pvc's and gerd. taking heart meds and nexium did absolutely nothing for them except a few extra trips to the hospital every year. i have discovered along the way that i have the flare of symptoms mostly when i am sick to my stomach. i will have esoph spasms and palps for a bit of time before i start with diarhhea and vomitting. i have also noticed that when i have increased my water intake and eat a more healthy diet i have less episodes.
Avatar f tn It feels like a pressure there like if you put a finger there and put pressure on the throat. I was told by the nurse this is from the hiatal hernia and it might get worse with pregnancy. Is this correct? I thought it was due to my allergies. I have felt this with post nasal drainage which usually will go away in a couple of days or resolves with swallowing or eating. This comes back after eating. If I don't have much food in my stomach, the feeling is not as intense. When eating, it is fine.
Avatar n tn I dropped six pounds (and have 40 more to go); I sit up straight; I sit less and stand more; I am taking an herbal heart supplement with magnesium and calcium in it, three times a day; I began yoga, three times a week; I eat very little FAT now, other than nuts and olive oil. I know this is not the way everyone wants to live, but one the days that I do all these things, I feel amazing and the palpitations are few and far between. The ones I do have now are very mild, and don't make me dizzy.
Avatar n tn I also am taking Nexium twice a day. I take Nexium 40 mg twice a day. Do you take Nexium 40mg twice a day or Nexium 20mg twice a day? I also have had surgery for reflux, Nissen Fundoplication and two Paraesophageal Hernia repairs and an Endocinch procedure. I am going to have the Endocinch procedure re-done. Endocinch is where they suture up the opening of the stomach and esophagus with an endoscope. It worked for a while but it has come undone.
Avatar n tn I quit the Astelin antihistamine spray and the Rhinocort spray, because I felt it was making me worse and dizzy-er. I've been taking Bcomplex and Niacin and Vit. C. I run an air cleaner in my bedroom at all times. Went to see a chiropractor. Normally I wouldn't trust one, but he's a friend and has helped my husband with disk problems. He's used some kind of electrical vibrating thing where my neck meets my skull and now my ear's not hurting. (Could be him, could be the Prednisone).
443974 tn?1224592928 It all can be and is frightening but you have the right attitude girl!! We can all and will do this together, just staying in the positive! About the hair I just heard due to to the current economic mess we are in here, "depression chic" is back in mode, and as I allready tend to wear poor boy hats on occassion... I am way ahead of the fashion world... just in case the hair begins to go too fast! ;) Thanks again everyone, you're all my pieces of the rock of Gibralter!
Avatar f tn Sometimes PVCs can be caused by certain medications. After taking Nexium for five years, I suddenly developed over 8000 PVCs a day. I struggled with those for almost two years. When I tapered off the Nexium meds and used a simple, over-the-counter antacid (containing calcium and magnesium) as needed, the PVCs lessened. When I ate carefully and finally stopped Nexium completely (using the OTC antacid only when needed and in small amounts) the PVCs went away completely.
Avatar m tn I have been posting in the addiction forum because I was taking pain med for knees and began taking too much, then decided to quit. It's been a few months since I stopped the meds and I've experienced a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I've been seeking treatment with massage and chiropractic care. The pain is not subsiding at all. The chiropractor said that I don't have an injury, but fascia...itis in neck and shoulder.
Avatar m tn Forgot to mention that I was also taking Losec, which is an antacid, before during and after tx. I later read in this forum that antacids actually can have an affect on tx. If someone has more information on this could they please supply a link. thanks linda Revenire, welcome to the ozzy forum, nice to see you there.
Avatar n tn I have been getting these symptoms now for 18 months, but i don't get the vomiting or the stomach pain, It is very embarrassing though as when i get 'eggy breath' i get really bad 'eggy wind' I cut out caffine years ago, i don't drink and only eat plain and simple foods, nothing spicey or fancy, I end up taking indegestion remedies and this does help.
Avatar n tn as your pharmacist, you doc probably didn't realize this. YOu can use maalox with the nexium or zantac with the nexium for several wks to increase the effects. Stay away from caffinated products and spicey foods and the medications I noted. NO alcoholic beverages either.
Avatar m tn I've started to take gaviscon and zantac too, GI recommended zantac before bed and ENT said 80mg of nexium/day, but in divided dose I also have a 3+ or level 4 dust mite allergy, could that cause my sleep breathing problems which have crippled my life??
170935 tn?1225374676 I've asked my cardiologist and my Gastro doc about them being tied together and they both deny it! I think its related to the vegal nerve. When my stomach, esophagus spasms, I get the palpitations. It is really unnerving and very frightening for me, as I have never felt anything like it before. I've been to the ER twice because I thought I was having a heart attack. I had the EKG's, Stress Test, and even an arteriogram. All showing a perfectly healthy heart.
Avatar n tn I have used Prilosec, Previcid, Zantac to no effect. I eat early in the evening and usually very light. Even though heart checks out ok I have serious sharp pains in the center of my chest at night when I lie down to sleep. Sometimes there are spasms as well. I usually take Tylenol and some kind of antiacid which helps, but not always. It usually calms down about 1am or so. My internist and gastro specialist have no answers other than "everyone is different".
Avatar m tn hello there.. just wanna share somethin to u...thru endoscopy i was diagnosed with chronic gastritis ( erosive) but was neg. for H.Pylori.. my dr prescribed mucosta which i took for 10 days together with esomeprazole and after which i felt my stomachs condition improved..but sometimes when im stressed out or nervous, my stomachs reacting bad so most of the time i try to relax and apply hot bag on my tummy which really helps a lot...
Avatar f tn Just a weird feeling in my epigastric region and food or juices will come back into my throat at times. I've been taking the zantac twice a day and plan on starting a course of nexium. I had been feeling much better but today was a setback. I think the acid may have irritated my throat or vocal cords and causing me to yawn and feel sob. It could take some time to heal, so I still have no answers.