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Avatar n tn My boyfriend was diagnosed with depression a couple years ago and has been taking Wellbutrin SR (150 mg once a day). Just after the holidays, when he was also starting a new job after a very stressful several-month search, he reduced his medication to taking a pill every other day instead of every day. He told me that this was in consultation with his doctor, but this didn't strike me as the wisest time to make a change (given the stress of the holidays and starting a new job).
Avatar m tn I've been on Wellbutrin SR for about 3 weeks and seem to be doing pretty good. No major side effects like I had on SSRI's and am feeling better. I've noticed that after about 6 hours from taking my dose, I'm on 200mg/day, I begin to experience itching sensations on various parts of my body. Sometimes in the lower back, feet, thighs, shoulders, stomach but never in more than two places at once and usually not on consecutive days.
Avatar n tn There are lower dose tabs though so once I did go to 75mg twice a day and then 75mg once a day and then 75mg every other day. I did each for about 4 days. I didn't have any problems the other times that I just stopped though.
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin XL is once a day and the Wellbutrin SR is twice a day. I was recently on the XL and I didn't loose any weight, I actually gained some. But thats just me, I have heard it works wonders for some people.
397118 tn?1219765850 Hi everyone, well I was on lexapro for 3 months no problems with it just that I gained weight 15 pds to be exact so my doctor per my request change my prescription to Wellbutrin directions 150mg twice a day well because I read that it may make you stay awake I started taking it on Sat.
Avatar n tn i have been on wellbutrin sr for a year,it saved me it and prozac,i recently torally stopped thje prozac as no sex dive i went from 50 mg to 10 on the prozac now my dr has just switched me to 450 mg of wellbutrin xl..
Avatar n tn But according to the manufacturer and depending on how many milligrams you are taking you should take Wellbutrin SR and any generic form like Bupropion SR TWICE A DAY when used for depression and should definitely NOT take two tablets once a day. Bupropion SR is also a sustain release tablet. I am surprised you are not able to take it during the day and take it at night. Typically Wellbutrin and Bupropion can act as a stimulant for many people and can make it hard to sleep.
4753943 tn?1359938169 She told me to take 100mg per day for one week and then start taking two per day. Everything feels super jolt-y so I think I'm gonna just start taking one again. I don't know how to reach her outside of an appointment =\ I see her Friday so I'm trying to hang in there. I'm also tapering off tramadol right now. I think my withdrawals are mixing with Wellbutrin side effects. Maybe? This feeling is just really scary. I also have a major issue with depth perception at night now.
Avatar f tn thanks for the words im so scared to pop that wellbutri today im going to be on 150 mg twice a day and im on 10 mg ritalin once or twice a day.....plus xanx how did u do on the wellbutrin..did it help you did u have initial side effects?
Avatar n tn Even when I was on Prozac I was moody also, I am sensitive and cried easily but since I'm on Wellbutrin it's worse. Also one day I feel so good then the next I feel the world's coming to an end.
370801 tn?1264408618 Tommorow I am going back to the doctor and I am trying to decided what to ask to do .. My idea was to take 100mg SR twice a day. But I'm afraid to get Wellbutrin over Bupropian because I feel too good on Bupropian so far. I know this sounds funny but almost too good. LIke for about 4-6 hours after taking the 100 mg I feel pretty euphoric and my sex drive is back. But by mid afternoon the following day or even noonish I'm down in the dumps.
1228332 tn?1267361885 I have become addicted badly to wellbutrin sr and I want to stop and cant. Has anyone else been through this too?
Avatar n tn So--I went back to Effexor SR, 150 mg. instead of 75, once a day. This seemed to do a wonderful job until recently. Again the dizziness is back, the moodiness, all the yucky stuff. I would like to discontinue this med. to cleanse my system--or should I continue to try different drugs? As I am a high school teacher, 50 years old, taking HRT for five years now, and expecting my first grandchild, I used to enjoy life so much.
Avatar n tn I've been on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for about 6 months...I recently started taking once a day SR...to me the SR is less effective...I don't fell anything...it doesnt really feel like it curves my depression. I only tried it to compare the difference...I prefer the 2x a day I feel much better and actually feel it working...thats just my personal experience...however when I talked to my M.D. the switch wasn't harmful I guess its the chemical reaction to ur brain/body...good luck!
Avatar n tn last week and He said that thier was no need to ween myself off of the Paxil. So I started the Bupropion Sr at 150mg once a day for 4 days and then was to go on to two a day, Well since I started the drug. I have been very dizzy and if I move my head to fast I feel like a jolt in my vision. I told my doctor and he suggested to stay on the one a day for another week. I also have lost a pound a day since starting the drug. How long will I have these symptoms?
Avatar n tn I took Wellbutrin sr 150 twice a day for a month and did fine. When Dr gave me a new prescription he gave me Wellbutrin XL 300 once a day. I have noticed with the XL that I am staying hungry. Has this happened with anyone. I am taking it for depression and I have stopped smoking....
Avatar f tn I am not a health nut, i am wanting to find out taking Wellbutrin SR 150mg. it is twice a day, i take for depression and hope to help on stop smoking and lossing weight and the Tramadol(not prescribed for me) 50mg taking for pain and hope weight loss. I do not even know if it is safe. buuuuuuuut anywaay. funny you are sunny66, I am mary66.......
Avatar n tn Started my first two days on a Teva generic Buproprion 150mg once per day. Was taking Lexapro 10mg once per day and Buspar 5mg twice per day. Felt like **** those first two days. Insatiable appetite (was always hungry, 24/7, even after eating), couldn't sleep, was even losing more hair than usual!
Avatar m tn Can Cabergoline .25MGS twice weekly and Wellbutrin 100 MGS sr once daily be taken together? I know one is a dopamaine agonist and the other a dopamine reputake inhibitor. keep in mind both are low doses and I want to see if its safe before asking my doctor to prescribe it.
Avatar f tn My tendency toward depression is hereditary. I take 150 milligrams of Wellbutrin once a day. I know every case is different though. I don't have panic and anxiety attacks anymore. I did have them when I went through a major depression about twelve years ago. At that time, a psychiatrist recommended the use of Wellbutrin which for me has helped me immensely. At the time of that depression, I had very bad panic/anxiety attacks so I really sympathize. Another name for Klonopin is Clonazepam.
Avatar n tn I am taking 300 mg of wellbutrin per day, also topamax. I cannot lose weight to save my life. A few weeks ago I weighed 158 and now I weigh 170, I am disgusted.
Avatar f tn I stared by taking 150mg twice daily and recently lowered my dose by only taking 150mg once a day. I, too, have become agressive to where I get such rage built up inside me that I feel like I could literally tear my hair our or agressively assault someone. I have never been like that before and I am afraid I am going to lose it. I also experience extreme dizziness, fatigue, and confusion. I do like that I hadn't noticed any chage in my sex drive nor my weight (maybe LOST a few pounds).
Avatar n tn I have been taking Paxil for depression for several months aswell and have been switched to Wellbutrin SR 150mg a day for 3 weeks now. I was taking 40mg a day of Paxil and was weaning off . I took my time and went down by 5mg a day for a long time. I got down to 5mg a day and stopped. WHAT A MISTAKE!! I started Wellbutrin when I got down to 15mg a day. What a difference. I was soo happy :o} Feeling really good. Not more panic attacks.... it was great.
Avatar n tn What I am told is the difference between the Wellbutrin SR and XL is only that the SR is taken more than once a day depending on your dosage. I am on the XL 150mg and I only take it once a day. That is what the pharmacist told me anyway. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I'm taking 150 mg of XL which is the *extended* release and only requires once a day dosing. I'm guessing you were taking the SR which is the *sustained* release? My understanding is that if I tolerate the 150mg of XL for a week, they will up me to 300mg/day of XL. Do you remember which one you took and what the dose was?
Avatar n tn I am on day 8 of starting Wellbutrin SR 100 mg's twice a day for severe anxiety. I know I need to give this 6-8 weeks to work, but how long do I deal with the side effects...like increased anxiety and a little depression now too!? I really want to throw the towel in but will not. I also was given Xanax .5 mg to take 3 times a day as needed. I have been fighting to take it so I don't get addicted! If I would take the Xanax to help deal with the anxiety...
Avatar n tn I have been taking Lexapro for about a year, but due to insurance pain in the butts, had to stop taking it about a week ago. My Dr. perscribed Wellbutrin to treat my GAD. Since Monday I have had three major panic attacks, have had extreme dizziness and naseua and as a result I have been falling all over the place. I even fell off the treadmill at the gym, so now I am afraid to exercise. And forget driving. This pretty much sounds like what I am hearing here.
Avatar n tn doing well, the panic attacks brought on by EFFEXOR. I also take Ativan .05mg once a day. I feel the Effexor did me in.. I don't know why. I landed up in the ER twice in two days... panic attacks. This is a mystery to me yet I must say that Zoloft calms me down alot, along with the small dose of Ativan. My friend also takes Zoloft & it does wonders for her.. she has Multiple Sclerosis. She started on Celexa for a year & than it didn't work. Zoloft is her choice too. To the NURSE....