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Avatar n tn Hello, I am addicted to vicodin. I am taking about 15 500mg a day. I am buying them illegaly on the street. Besides going to a treatment facility. What can I do before I take that step. I have went through withdraws for two days before I gave in. I take 3 every 3 to 4 hrs a day. Please let me know what to do. If nothing works, I will call a dr and take the steps I need to take.
Avatar n tn A doctor will probably prescribe a regimen of tapering off with smaller and smaller doses combined with a drug like Suboxone to curb the physical side effects and make it easier to bear. It's still ALOT of suffering to endure and getting free of it is not easy to do. But it is possible. I have been completely off a steady habit of Tylenol-4 and Vicodin @ 10-15 pills/day for 9 weeks today and the mental and psychological improvements are astounding.
5583855 tn?1370358832 I do not want to stay on this awful drug but I now have just replaced the Suboxone addiction with pill addiction and am suffering withdrawals so I have been taking 3 5mgs a day morning noon and night for the last two days (my family is aware and are regulating the doses) in an attempt to taper off. I attended an NA meeting last night for the first time and am going to start going regularly. I'm also drinking a huge jug of water every day. Any advice or input is welcome.
Avatar f tn I started taking Vicodin a year ago. I am a pharmacy tech and used to make fun of people like me. I am on day 3 of the withdrawls. I stopped cold turkey and have no tablets left...Thank the Lord. I swear I had the flu. but after reading this I see this is all normal w/d. I feel like a horrible person. i have a 18month old and 3 year old daughter. i feel i have cheated my husband and kids of the real me for the last year. I need support. I am mad at myself and mad at the Dr.
Avatar f tn These will help with sleep, RLS and anxiety. These are best to try before formal detox and drugs like Suboxone. I had to do formal detox because I tried everything else, including alcohol to get off and nothing worked for me. Keep in mind that when you try… make it a good one! Have some time off of work if you can… maybe a four day weekend or more. Make the last day of work without any drugs, because the first day is usually the easiest.
Avatar n tn for 5 days or so.. with day 2-4 being the peak.. with tapering she will have mild symptoms throughout the taper but not be "laided up" for a few days... 90% of people can't taper. they are all or nothing people.. some people who have help of a friend and patients can taper.. She could also go to a Suboxone certified doc and do a detox outpatient that way. I just did and was able to work the whole time. I did it in 10 days. You taper it off.. go to suboxone.com for more info...
Avatar n tn Its been a long time since I've posted something, but I just wanted to let everyone know...suboxone i a dream drug. I wa utterly addicted to vicodin..and I am free of my problems thanks to suboxone. I've never been happier..things are truly going great!
Avatar f tn So you'd be wasting your money and your liver to be taking the V if that is the case. Maybe look up info about suboxone online and see if that's correct. If you're on suboxone its becuase you want out right? You want the opiate addiction to stop right? You can do it, make the harder choice - the stronger choice - don't take them.
Avatar f tn I tapered off with Suboxone three years ago and finally just got off of it. I found the Suboxone itself incredibly difficult to get off. If you go this route, do not let the doctor convince you that you need to be on the maximum dosage or that you need to be on it for more than a month. It did help me get off Vicodin with ease but getting off it was awful in my experience. Doctors will tell you otherwise in my experience also.
Avatar f tn Hey I've been using suboxone for 2mnths now to get off of a 2yr vicodin addiction,and now I would like to get off of the suboxone I'm currently taking 16mg a day and I'am always tired...Does anyone have any suggestions?
1054484 tn?1255117167 On the same note, you can become just as addicted to suboxone. I don't plan on taking anymore suboxone after today since as of Friday I developed a very strong headache that wont go away, and from what I have read, Suboxone may be to blame. Its day 8 already so I know the worst is behind me.
268911 tn?1213748381 There's also quite a few people on here who are taking it and/or have taken it and are off w/complete success. I've been taking opiates for 10yrs, up to 15-20 vicodin a day .. then over to 80mg oxy's 2-3 a day .. did the morphine suckers, fenatyl patch, everything you can think of .. i tried quitting several times w/no success. LOngest i evre went was 7days .. Anyways, it prevents the w/d's and the cravings.
480035 tn?1222369764 More than 41 percent said they had been taking Suboxone longer than originally prescribed. “Suboxone is becoming more readily available and we are learning that people with dependencies are abusing and selling it in the same way as drugs like Oxycontin and Methadone,” said Kavin. “We hope this is a wake-up call to physicians that this drug has the potential to be a dangerous addition to the slew of prescription drugs currently being abused”.
Avatar n tn I was on it for over a month and took off my last patch on Thursday. I am aware that Fentyl is very very strong so is this why the suboxone isnt taking away all the wthdrawal symptoms like it did when I took it after stopping vicodin? I know that no ones an expert or Dr. in here, but I was just wondering what some of you might think about my question.
309618 tn?1193379313 F and his staff was so helpful and patient with her. Well we started with 4mg of suboxone at 5 tonight. I sat there letting it desolved as he talked to my husband and daughter letting them know that this addicition was not my fault. That in fact many regular drs. do not understand this addiction. 10 mins later the pill was desolved and we sat there talking. I started to feel so relaxed and had this sense of calm as it was taking my craving and withdrawls away.
Avatar f tn I finally went to an addiction psychologist who put me on suboxone.. I have been taking suboxone for a year now. i know that my doc is leading me on to get his money every moneth. I was the one who sugested taking less of gthe sub. I want to be free of it but he never mentions taking less. I am glad that I have ahd him to help me but i also know he is stringing me along so ne gets nis hundred a month from me. What should I do?
Avatar n tn this sh** will have to end soon before i really hit bottom, and i admit now that i'm tired of messing with it. as for the suboxone, back in october, i did make up my mind (so I thought) and went online and researched detox. suboxone came up and some type of association that offered names of drs. in my area who only can prescribe it; something to do with the DEA. i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt.
Avatar n tn how long does it usually take before the person should be looking normal after taking the suboxone? because it has now been a week and i'm trying really hard to give the medicine time.... but so far i think the person still looks how they did on drugs- eyes and voice are funny and still skinny. i'm trying not to be super paranoid and i don't want to discourage this person because i really want them to do good, but i can't understand why he still looks funny.
610505 tn?1329607323 I don't think people quite understand what it is they are taking. I did not understand when I was taking it. I just thought it helped out with wd and blocked the effects of dope. I didnt realize (at the time) that I was substituting one drug for another. I just thought that it was great that I was getting off dope, and still had a buzz. That was the addict in me. If given the opportunity I would probably abuse anything.
Avatar f tn I was addicted to Vicodin for a looong time. And I started taking Suboxone to help with the WDs. Eventually I was going to ease myself off the S and be on nothing! It's been hard thou. What i've felt, as far as WDs on S, haven't been ANYTHING close to what i felt when I was WDing from Vicodin! That was HORRIBLE! I'm almost done with it all. And I can't wait! How far along are you? Congrates to you!!!
1553215 tn?1296171645 Okay so my question is about suboxone. I too for your years struggled with narcotic pain pill addiction and eventually found the oh so awful methadone and thought that was the way out. Needless to say I found this out the long and hard painful way. So anyway after being on the methadone for two years I had to get off and ten months later found myself with an even worse pill addiction than before. So now I am on sub. I am prescribed two strips a day. Do I take them together or seperately?
Avatar m tn I am interested in detoxing with Suboxone. Can anyone tell me how much money I will need to do this? I have been taking way to much for a short period of time but I know my W/W will be the worst I've ever felt before. I finished 400 Tramadol in about 30 days and have 200 left. Now they just make me feel normal. Sick also. There is no high left or me. I just want out of this ****. Thanks for your help.
454281 tn?1218213861 Pretty much a little bit of everything but mostly just vicodin. They discharged me less than 48 hours later with a prescription of 63 sub. and told me to take three 3x's a day and follow up with a doc in six weeks. Now from what I am reading on here that is A LOT. The whole point is for me to get off pills not replace them.
211417 tn?1189759422 I have also taken suboxone to help with the wds from taking between 8-10 hydro 10/325 a day. I personally believe it's a life saver...when I started the sub I only needed about 4mgs a day and after about 1/12 weeks I stopped because I didn't want to substitute one addiction for another. My friend however is on the maintenence program...she gets 60 pills a month and at this point she has no intention of stopping.
Avatar f tn I have read that some use suboxone to help with the withdrawals from pain meds. Also have read that suboxone keeps you from getting the high from pain meds. My husband asked me what exactly is suboxone. I realized that I don't really know the whole answer. What is Suboxone, and what does it do to help you get off pain meds? Is there anyone who can tell me?
217599 tn?1202854552 I got on Suboxone in 2007 and it saved my life! I was on percocet, vicodin, oxy's all kinds of pain pills for 3 years. I took 6 ultram the day before I went to the suboxone clinic for my fisrt dose, they gave me 8mg there. People have told me not to swallow the spit in your mouth until the pill is completly gone. My friend did and withdrawl hit her hard for about 15 mins. I didn't experience any withdrawl at all when I started suboxone or for the 2 years I was on it.
307401 tn?1194835748 I didn't get a buzz on the percs other than pain relief, So it was back on with my life and suboxone. As I said suboxone is only a partial opioid antagonist.
Avatar m tn I have yet to see a successful and complacent person who's come off opiates with the help of suboxone. I mean you see lots of people with months of cleantime and success stories of people who used the other traditional remedies such as the thomas recipe, amino protocol, clonidine, gabapentin, antidepressants and my secret, copius ammounts of immodium, also exercise, etc to ease withdrawals and after gone through three relapses and three detoxes of getting clean, these do work effectively.
Avatar m tn My recovery plan was based on the long term strategy coupled with a year-long out-patient treatment plan. Suboxone allowed me to work on recovery skills BEFORE I had to deal with WDs. Because it's a partial opiate agonist it also allowed my brain's reward system to recover. What a partial opiate agonist means is that Suboxone attaches to and stimulates opiate receptors in the brain. As the name implies, this stimulation is only 'partial'.
Avatar f tn For me, if I ever took to much, even a 1/4 pill more than I was supposed to, I would get nauseous and puke my guts out. Yuck. It was a love/hate with that drug. I hated taking it because I was sick a lot, but it also saved me from a life time of misery. I can tell you, I ahve ZERO cravings for any type of pill. I am back to my normal weight lifting schedule. I have my energy back. Life is good again. BUT...... AND I MEAN BUTTTTTTT. It had it's cost.