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Avatar f tn That would be a very very bad huge mistake. Suboxone contains an opiate blocker and taking it with norco or vicodin or any other opiate will throw you into precipitated withdrawal and you will become miserably sick and there will be no way to reverse it except time. Suboxone is part opiate, part opiate blocker. It should only be used when you are in full withdrawal from norco or vicodin or any other opiate and never in conjunction with. You would be very sorry to take it together.
Avatar m tn can a pharmacist call a dentist that wrote a prescription for Vicodin and tell him that i am taking suboxone,i thought that addiction problems were confidential. She never came and spoke t me, to find out if I had worked something out with the doctor that prescribes the medication. I believe if she was to call anyone she should of called my suboxone doctor!!!
521352 tn?1212032223 Welcome - I just logged on after being away for at least 5 months - this is a fantastic place and you will get a lot of great advice. I kicked 10mg Vicodin, up to 20 per day using Suboxone. I took it for about a month and now I'm doing great with the support of a sponsor and a ton of great friends, in my daily life and here in my virtual life.
1974178 tn?1325990502 Have you stopped the Sub or are you tapering? The Vicodin does not work if you take it with Suboxone but you could hurt yourself just the same.
Avatar f tn Hi BabyDoll, My name is Mike and I read your post. I am not familiar with Methadone, However my Doctor who put me on Suboxone to aid in my detox from Vicodin mentioned that Sub works for Vicodin, Meth and other things...(can't remember them all), but I do remember him saying Methadone. Anyway, My story is that I was taking 15-20 Norco a day and that equate to 30 to 40 regular vicodin a day.
Avatar n tn Ive been taking 20 vicodin a day for about 6 months. I have weened my self off with the help of soboxon. and have weened myself off of the sobox. It has been 7 days. I cant sleep, i cant get off the coach, and i feel terrible. the leg tremors and the twitching are driving me crazy. It would be easier to just go back. but I dont want to give up. Can anyone offer me any suggestions.Help!
696149 tn?1314320959 OK, so anyway Vicodin (in the short term) seems to work for me. I did some research about Suboxone and talked with my doctor and he put me on 4mg a day....one in the morning and one at night. Well I took the first dose on the first day, later since I didn't get it until about 5PM and then didn't feel so hot. I sort of got a tightness in my chest and feeling a little anxious. Well I took the 2nd dose at 12AM and I felt REALLY bad.....it's 6:22AM right now and I still feel bad.
1449909 tn?1289444859 If you have already started suboxone taking another opiate will not cause withdrawals. Suboxone will block the effect of almost all opiates. The only time you have to worry about precipitated withdrawals if you were currently on another opiate and didn't wait for the natural withdrawals to start before taking suboxone.
1018985 tn?1257523238 However, long story short, I have been taking subboxone for almost a year for vicodin addiction. I have recently moved to New Jersey, and can NOT find a doctor that accepts my insurance for the subboxone treatment. I have about a week left of my subboxone, and when its gone, its gone! I have been warned by several doctors and nurses that I can NOT suddenly stop taking this medication, that I can have a seziure or end up in the hospital.
696149 tn?1314320959 I asked my cardiologist if Vicodin could be causing this and he said no. Well, it started exactly when I started taking the Vicodin. I thought it strange, but hey, doctors know more than you right.....uh yeah.....right. This lasted for about 2 months and then it went away almost completely. The docs wouldn't refill my Vicodin and everything that I still had...what little I had...went away. They refilled my Vics again but the breathing problem didn't come back.
Avatar m tn Can you find a practice that is certified to give out Suboxone? That will help you get off of the Vicodin; just be careful that you don't get addicted to the Suboxone. Going to NA or AA also helps a lot, along with seeing a psychologist that specializes in addiction. Good luck. We are here for you.
Avatar f tn I just came out of rapid detox over the weekend at an inpatient rehab facility. I had been taking 15-20 7.5/325 mg vicodin a day since probably May of this year. I completed an intensive outpatient program in May of this year for alcohol and have not had a drink since June of this year. One of the best side effects of the vicodin I found was I had no more desire to drink.
Avatar n tn Does the suboxone keep you from taking high amounts of vicodin? Does the suboxone keep cravings down even though you are taking vicodin also? I know as an addict if cravings hit and we do end up taking a vicodin we usually end up taking a handful. I also wonder how you are not thrown into precipitated withdrawals when taking suboxone so soon after a dose of vicodin. When you took your first dose of suboxone how long did you what after your last vicodin?
4790101 tn?1359223637 I have not even thought of the pills in 5 days and didn't take the sub yesterday either... looking to see how long the subs effect lasts cuz I know the aches will come back to some extent... I was taking vics for over 4 years. Not taking a whole suboxone, I'm taking one 1/4 a suboxone only when the W/D's hit. It helps dramatically !!! I'm almost over the physical stuff and I'm too strong a person (these days) to fall back due to anything mental.
Avatar m tn I was put on Vicodin for five previous surgeries. Two years ago, it became a major addiction. Two months ago, I tried to quit taking them and my doctor put me on Methadone for 30 days..well, after stopping the methadone I found it was just to hard to quit after going thru the w/d's. I then went back to the same dr. who gave me a prescription for 15 Vicodin. Needless to say, that didn't work either. I decided to go to a detox program for 5 days where they treated me with Suboxone.
Avatar f tn I tapered off with Suboxone three years ago and finally just got off of it. I found the Suboxone itself incredibly difficult to get off. If you go this route, do not let the doctor convince you that you need to be on the maximum dosage or that you need to be on it for more than a month. It did help me get off Vicodin with ease but getting off it was awful in my experience. Doctors will tell you otherwise in my experience also.
Avatar f tn Well, I waited 12 hrs from when I took vicodin and took 4mg of suboxone and all went well, slept good and all. Thank god. Needed that. Been taking 2mg of suboxone all day about every 6 hrs doinn good. Thanks guys.
Avatar m tn So it helps vicodin withdrawal - yes, but eventually you gotta kick the suboxone and it is possible that suboxone withdrawal will be worse than vicodin withdrawal. There are positives and negatives to suboxone, so its really important to educate yourself on all sides of this drug and make an informed decision. It is certainly not a miracle cure - its a temporary fix - however a much needed one for many people. Its a personal choice and should be used as a tool.
Avatar n tn I was taking vicodin and how much really depended on the type. I always tried not to go over the 4000 mg of tylenol per day. So if I had 10/325 I took up to 10 per day if I had 750/750 I took 5 or 6 and so on. I have been taking it daily for over a year.
Avatar n tn I read somewhere once someone used 3-4 vicodin tabs over 3-4 days along with nyquil to get through suboxone withdrawal.
995438 tn?1251758280 5 Vicodin, I would wear 2 25-mg fentanyl patches while taking percocet. I would go to the emergency room, sometimes in real pain and sometimes no pain at all, after a while a got good at faking it. I would tell them I can't take motrin cause it kills my stomach, so they would get me demerol or morphine or Dilaudid 1st, cause I was always a 10. These drugs would work for 4 hours but after an hour i would complain the pain had returned and sometimes get injected 4-6 times within 6-8 hours.
Avatar m tn That is not a mention so you would think you can continue taking vicodin and be ok, just letting you know, it never hurts to clean the liver with a natural herb (providing you consult with your doctor before using it). In my non professional opinion, until you can talk to your doctor ASAP, taper down on them both. I am only suggesting this because without doctor consultation, just stopping medications can be bad. You will get some more responses from people on here.
Avatar m tn Anyway I did get some Vicodin. I stopped taking my Sub and started with the Vicodin. I was taking one 2mg tab a day. I took the Vicodin for about 5 days and it didn't even start to work until about the 3rd day. I guess it was because the Sub was so strong. Anyway I started getting sick...I think I took too much. My problem isn't Vicodin anymore...OMG.....it made me sick and didn't even help....next time I'll just stick with the pain!
Avatar n tn I was taking subutex for 3 days then switched to suboxone-doctors orders. I was drowsy on the subutex but the suboxone makes me sick to my stomach, throw up, headache. Not taking that much 2.5 mg day or 5. I don't think I need a higher dose as other than body leg aches not doing to bad. I think it is the suboxone since I get sick soon after taking it. I don't eat a lot before taking it as my appetite is low. Is that the problem?
Avatar f tn When I first started taking them I would take one 500 mg vicodin and clean my whole house! Now I take anywhere from 7-10 10 mgs a day and I have energy for maybe 2 hours! My whole family are addicts. I grew up miserable being around drunks and messed up people all the time. I vowed to NEVER drink, do any drugs, etc (I don't even smoke cigs) I mean when I was younger I smoked a little weed with friends and of course went to bars every once in a while but nothing major.
1325193 tn?1450127436 s my story if it helps - I started on vicodin, then moved to Oxy 80 to 120 mg per day. I stopped using suboxone but found that the subs didn't work. So, due to an injury I stopped suboxone and decided to detox slowly off vicodin. So, after 1 week I am down to 5.2 mg per day and this weekend I will go down further. Symptoms suck, but get a doctor to perscribe something for anxiety and make sure you don't abuse that. Really watch what you take.
Avatar n tn I started suboxone today. I had only been off the vicadin for 3 hours before i started it,but went to my appt anyway. I am throwing up like crazy.
Avatar m tn is it possible or am i better off tapering with suboxone? can i taper off suboxone in 1 week? i want to quit NOW. i am ruining my life and my familys. i am not sniffing just swallowing them. sometimes i dont feel anything but crave it due to being scared of WD. this is my GREATEST FEAR. WITHDRAWLS. please is it possible for me to quit cold turkey or should i ween off with suboxones? if i take half suboxone i feel hot/cold sweats. but if i take a whole 1 i feel ok.