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Avatar m tn I was on vicodin for 6 weeks for a ruptured disc in my neck, first with 5/500 and was up to about 8 of those a day and then switched to Norco because I was scared of wrecking my liver with the tylenol. I was taking about 4 norcos a day and then my pain went away so I decided to stop with the vicodin. But then withdrawls set in like lack of sleep, yawning, nausea, chills, overall just feeling like crap.
1325672 tn?1290084214 That's what I do with oral pain meds and it usually works. Check with your pharmacist to be absolutely certain. He can also tell you if there are some foods that should be avoided. For example, some antibiotics shouldn't be taken with milk products as it interferes with gastric absorption. I'm not aware of any contraindications like that with oxycontin, but your pharmacist can tell you for certain.
4381292 tn?1355701521 When i was in the hospital at 26 weeks with siatica, my ob gave me vicodin. I was also on vicodin while pregnant with my daughter after a car accident. I wouldnt take unless ob prescribes as there are many different doses. Im sure (same with even tylenol) it can be bad.
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn Hi...I have been taking 5-6 vicodin daily. I started taking them for headaches but now they seem to give me a boost of energy. Im so over wanting/needing them. Im ready to be done. Is it safe for my heart/body to quit cold turkey? I know it will be hard, but Im willing as long as it wont kill me to just stop!
Avatar n tn At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin. I feel awful, anxious, weak, sometimes dizzy, low (for me) bloodpressure, just generally not good. I am bipolar and take 50 mg. Lamictol & 1 1/2 to 2 mg. Ativan. Wondering if I'm experiencing Vicodin withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I told him it would help with the pain I was having and it did. But, I had forgotten all about taking percocet until today. I looked at previous forums, but would like info for myself. I really think it will be a while before I conceive, but the thought scared me a bit on the chance that I could be pregnant. I have been on birth control since my son of 7 years. I was using the IUD, not hormonal one (My doctor removed that a month ago and I was using condoms up till the surgery).
Avatar m tn Will taking Tramadol interfere with my Zoloft withdrawal recovery, since it's an SSRI? I take only 2 Tramadol tabs a day. (Each tab is 50mg) I was on 50mg Zoloft when I quit taking it cold turkey.
Avatar f tn hi I am certainly not a doctor and it is tough to deal with pain - had my gallbladder removed right after my first child was born for same reason. but please, please be careful. I was over six months along and taking vicodin and ended up in the hospital for three days and then went through labor and delivery and then lost baby Emily. I will never really truly know if I caused that from the pills. That has been about 9 years now and it is a heck of a thing to live with.
Avatar f tn for the past few yrs i have been addicted to vicodin. I have lost my appetite along with a lot of weight. I look like im wasting away!! Im on a major taper and hoping to go ct soon. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my appetite back?? what are easy foods to eat?? I hate looking like this and feeling like this cuz its not me...... i wanna love food again but i just cant seem to get myself to eat. when i do eat im full after a few bites, but yet my body feels starved!! Please help!!!
Avatar n tn I came across a bottle of vicodin 5mg hydrocodone/500mg acetaminophen on thursday night. That night I ended up taking about 12 beers, 6 shots, and 7 of the vicodin. I was irresponisible that night and was wondering if my system would be cleared of that by now. Looking back on it im just thinking thats a lot for my body to handle in one night. Tonight I just wanted to enjoy my standard saturday night (drink some beers with a few friends).
Avatar n tn Hello Blaine, As you may know, we're not physicians here but we're all folks with lots of experience with diabetes. Sometimes we experience the senaation of a low when our blood sugar is dropping quickly... even if it's dropping from a high number to a less-high number. The feeling of being low is very real and many of us "treat" it with a nibble of food even tho' our body doesn't need that food.
Avatar f tn So this can relate to any of you that are having a rough time "coping" with quitting cold turkey or going through whatever type of detox you are experiencing... When you were taking whatever pills it was a day, how many pills it was a day, it wasn't YOU. You were only a "reproduction" of you, or living in a shell. When you have to take pills..to get moving..start your day, go to work, deal with your kids, deal with your "in-laws"..you aren't dealing at all.
725637 tn?1251685382 I am not one for expensive supplements, and have also been through the misery of W/D on many occasions-- none for years, thankfully. I agree with the post by Larry for the most part with one addition: the 'classic' medication for opiate W/D for years has been clonidine. It is very safe, and dirt cheap-- 4 bucks for 90 tabs at Target or WalMart-- but unfortunately requires a prescription. If you have a nice family doc, he/she might call it in for you.
Avatar f tn that i just want to do it on my own. will i be ok if i just stop taking vicodin, i have been taking 1-2 pills a day for almost 2 years it seems that if i dont take one my heart pumps reallly fast, is that a withdrawlor what. do people die from stopping the med.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I was wondering about how long it takes to get over the withdrawal syptoms. I've been taking vicodin for around 2 years now due to a motor vehicle accident. Everything started out fine but alas i'm not addicted to the pills and want to ween myself off or go cold turkey. I know the paltry 6 vicodin i take a day is like a little girl crying cause i scratched my knee compaired to some of you guys but alas an addict is an addict is an addict.
Avatar m tn Rushed to hospital and surgery on both ankles. Then flew home on oxycodone and then to vicodin. Then, 8 months later, had a torn ligament in one of my ankles, and yes, another surgery. So I'm finally healed BUT now I still use one 5mg of hydrocodone a day. I have low depression, take Paxil, but have found that one pill, sometimes just half, give me incentive, otherwise I sleep and am sluggish. Had a active lifestyle, working, riding horses, and just before these accidents retired.
Avatar m tn I've been taking Vicodin for 10 years. Two month ago I developed pain in my bowel. I can hardly walk. If I walk 200 feet I have a lot of pain in my bowels. CT scan didn’t show anything so I’m getting a Colonoscopy in about two weeks and if that doesn’t show anything then I might have Narcotic Bowel Syndrome however I don’t have the system they describe just the pain. So if the Colonoscopy doesn’t show anything I figure I have to get off of the Vicodin.
Avatar f tn Those with depression issues have a high incidence of abusing drugs and alcohol. Your only 60 and have a long time to live if you choose to take care of yourself. Not to be disrespectful but you sound like you are in major denial. There is so much in life that can make you happy even when you are sober. that will take work and take you gettig into a program to get the tools to learn how to live life again.
229538 tn?1300377767 I have a question to ask of members who took A/Ds to help with recovery .. Did you start taking them before you stopped opiates or did you give yourself a little time after the fact ? Also how did they work for you and what A/D were you taking . I would really appreciate some feedback on this you guys .
Avatar f tn how much vicodin are you taking. if you are honest with your dr i think he/she will try to help you. because you are pregbabt it is very important to involve your dr so he can monitor the baby. detox can be stressful on the fetus. i think that if the baby was born addicted the dr would turn you in, but asking for help would show him you want to do the best you can for the baby. there is a nurse here 1234betterlife who has been in ob/gyn for 20+ years that can help you.
Avatar f tn I've been on vicodin for more than 5 years and I know I need to stop taking it because I feel hooked, Is there any way to speed up the process...my legs hurts, my back it cramping and I'm really moody? Someone help!!!
Avatar n tn I have been taking vicodin for about two years now. I don't want to take it anymore, but I am afraid to stop. I know it's a psychological game, and I've tried to stop before but I always tend to give in. My significant other knows I take it, but he wants me to stop. I want me to stop as well. I've heard that tapering is a good idea and helps with the withdrawl, but I'm afraid that I'm too weak to taper. As of now I take about 4-5 a day, depending.
Avatar f tn My PvP prescribed Fentanyl 12.5 patch. I've been taking 7-9 vicodin 10/325 for the last 6 months but it doesn't work very well and I started having stomach pain from taking too much. I started on the patch yesterday but am still having quite a bit of pain and am taking Vicodin for breakthrough pain . I emailed my PvP to see if it would make sense to up the dose but all she said in her reply email is that she wants to wait at least a week before we up the dose.
Avatar m tn I thought you had detoxed off the Vicodin? It's hard to say if it will or not? Zoloft is a brain altering drug for the deppression because it works on the serotonin in your brain. Vicodin also alters the brain but on different receptors,so I don't think it would help mentally with Zoloft withdrawls.