Taking vicodin in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn t know what you mean by drink the vicodin... however, my doctor prescribed me vicodin while pregnant in low doses for back pain... I did not abuse it and my son is fine.....i would say stay under the dr's care and do as he says....as far as your family....the doctor went to medical school... not trying to disrespect them by any means.... but in small doses and if you don't abuse there is a small risk of harm to your baby....
161427 tn?1229911282 Hi. I am 18 week pregnant, I have been taking vicodin from time to time when I have sever pain(I have Colitis). I was taking it more often in early pregnany, before I found out that I am pregnant, almost daily for a month. When I found out that i am pregnant, I tried to take it less often, like once a week(sometimes the pain so sever). My ob said it's ok to take it from time to time as need it, but I found out that it's category c in FDA list.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 1 vicodin daily at night to relive pain in my ribs due to the pregnancy. I took codeine with my first and he was 100% perfect with no problems or complications and took that from 14weeks through the end of my pregnancy. I did tons of research and i trust my clinic so if its what your dr. Has given you than only use it when its necessary and try relax about it.
Avatar f tn t know about in early pregnancy, but I was prescribed vicodin in my last trimester because of 2 herniated discs. My perinatologist told me to take 1 to 2 every 4 hours as needed (I'm not sure of the mg) and that it was safe and anti inflammatories weren't. Talk to your Dr. because you need to have a plan and your Dr. is the only one who can weigh the risks and benefits and decide with you how to proceed. Good luck.
Avatar f tn i do want to quit taking them also but am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. Everyday i tell myself i am only taking two in the morning but then throughout the day keep thinking about it evrry time my neck hurts. i take no more than 4 a day.
Avatar f tn You really should not be taking vicodin while pregnant I have known doctors to prescribe it in pregnancy but only as a last option it's not good for the baby Just think about if your addicted to it guess what your baby is to so when he or she is born they will have to go through withdrawls just the same
Avatar f tn I, too, had a couple occasions to need vicodin while pregnant with each of my kids in the early 3rd trimester and was comfortable taking it because I knew the benefits outweighed the risks involved. Good luck. You can always call your local pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist for reassurance as well.
Avatar f tn i am nearly 3 months pregnant and my doctor thinks i have fractured my ankle, i'm going for xrays tomorrow but i'm worried about taking painkillers while pregnant. i am in a lot of pain but i'd rather protect my baby. does anyone of strong but safe painkillers?
Avatar m tn She will be able to help you with the latest information in terms of safety and contraindications of Vicodin in the first trimester of pregnancy. In some cases, it may be that the benefit of taking Vicodin in the first trimester does outweigh the risks involved with taking Vicodin in the first trimester.
Avatar f tn I am 35 wks pregnant I have been taking vicodin for 4 yrs now and through out my whole pregnancy for severe hip and back pain. About a month ago I switched OB Dr's and he started screening my urine for vicodin and it has been coming back clean? I take my pain medication on a regular basis and there should be no reason why it isnt showing. My Dr. is now accusing me of selling my pain medication and I have no way to defend myself. Can someone please give me advice.
2026826 tn?1445955247 I was just wondering I stopped taking vicodin at 33 weeks and now I'm 35 weeks .I was wondering about with drawls In baby is 4-6 weeks good enough for her not to have them. Also I get NSTs and ultrasounds weekly and everything is normal.Would anything like that tell me she is dealing without alot of stress.
12103503 tn?1423448886 They gave me Tylenol that has vicodin in it. They said that was fine. But it's not plain vics. The hospital gave me my script and I was worried but my ob said it's fine.
Avatar f tn My OB knows i take them and says its ok because teh pain prevents me from taking care of my other children who are only 2 and 3 but i dont think i should. i would rather be in the most pain possible than have something wrong with my baby. So whenever i talk to her about stopping them she doesnt agree. i want to and am going to but need to know if the withdrawals from taking 4-5 vicodin 10mg a day will effect the baby in utero.
Avatar f tn I have had multiple surgerys on my joints in the past few years. I have been taking Vicodin for chronic pain for 5 years because I have tried everything else. I have done physical therapy, surgery, chiropractor, injections and much more. I don't think I can live through 9 months without pain medication. I tried just taking the Tylenol. My pain doctor said it was okay to take the Vicodin but my OB doctor wants me to stop (he is more by the book). Is there anything better to take?
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm in a similar situation as you are. I'm currently 35wks pregnant and have been taking Vicodin everyday throughout my pregnancy. It is precribed by my pain management dr. I am not able to tell my ob bc he is part of my family and in to embarrassed and ashamed. I am so scared of the withdrawals putting me into labor or not being able to go into work or take care of my daughter. Also my husband has no idea. He thinks I have been off the meds since I found out I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn hi i need help, my sister is 8 months pregnant, is on methadone and was just perscribed promethazine,cyclobenzaprine and zolpidem are these safe drugs to mix with methadone and pregnancy? she did just recently switch doctors for unexplained reasons..
Avatar f tn I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been abusing Vicodin off and on for 4 years. I started out taking them for pain at maybe 2-4 a day. Now I'm at 6-8 a day. (HONESLTY) It has come to my attention recently that my baby will be born addicted to this **** if I don't stop now. I know how AWFUL withdrawl is and I'm feeling terribly guilty for putting my little unborn son in harms way. I have been selfish and have convinced myself that taking it throughout my pregnancy would be ok.
Avatar f tn I have read a ton of posts on this site about vicodin use during pregnancy and all say to taper down during the last trimester so the baby will not be born addicted. Also, with me taking this amount for the last 2 months, will my withdrawal symptoms be severe? I am extremely worried I have caused any sort of damage to my baby boy and I am worried about stopping and having these terrible withdrawal symptoms that I read about and those alone harming the baby.
Avatar n tn At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin. I feel awful, anxious, weak, sometimes dizzy, low (for me) bloodpressure, just generally not good. I am bipolar and take 50 mg. Lamictol & 1 1/2 to 2 mg. Ativan. Wondering if I'm experiencing Vicodin withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I would also say stop taking them if you can as it is not worth the worry I went through during my pregnancy. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I have been taking vicodin for the last month of my pregnancy. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. Before this, I was clean and sober for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. My friend offered me some vicodin and now it has turned into a daily thing. I don't know if the baby will be ok, since they say it is a class c drug and no links to birth defects have been found. I asked my doctor and they said they sometimes perscribe vicodin to pregnant women. Could anyone help me answer this question?
Avatar n tn But now im freaking out cuz I have taken about 4 5mg vicodin daily the entire pregnancy. I was prescribed it for pain after my back surgery. I know everything develops in the first trimester so im wondering how much harm i caused my baby. My dr isnt being very helpfull, just says not to worry cuz there is nothing that could be done now. Has anyone taken that much vicodin in the first trimester??? any advice would be great. I feel terrible.....
Avatar f tn It still doesn't exactly help though and in still a little scarred to take it :/
Avatar n tn I was sober off everything during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Lately, I have been abusing 1000 mg vicodin and I take about 3 a day. I am in pain, but it has turned into recreational and possibly physical addiction. I also take an occasional xanax as well. Have I hurt any aspect of the baby's development. I feel like I hate myself and I need help. I'm also on 60 mg of prozac a day, which the doctor told me was ok, and he monitors my meds.