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Avatar f tn i have been taking 1 500 pill for 5 years for headaches, sleep and lower buttock pains but they are backfiring on me. not only does it no longer help these conditions but i am now getting hives, facial swelling and horrible tremors. is it best to stop cold turkey or wean off and if so how do i wean off?
Avatar m tn I've been taking 1 vicodin a day for 7 years for severe back pain. Dr has prescribed 1 every six hours, but I have never taken that does, as my most severe pain is at night. I'm worried about damage to my liver. I know that I am not exceeding the recommended Tylenol dose, but I want to make sure I'm ok. I am an occasional drinker, maybe 2 glasses of wine, 3x per week.
Avatar n tn I compltely understand what you are going though. I've been taking vicodin for years.off and back on. There so dam addtiting. Years ago I did'nt even know and I was taking ant where between 50 to 80 maybe even more a day. When I stoped. I could not understand....Well I knew I was way over doing it but ended up in detox. Got a little better and in a feww months I was at it agin.Not as much. Years latter I got off for years....
Avatar n tn I have had 6 knee surgeries, boken my lower back 2 times broken both of my arms! I have been on lortab, percocet, vicodin and other for probably 15 years! My rheumatologist is tying to take me off narcotics with little success! She has me on Norco 5/325 3 times a day and I stil hurt horribly! What should or can I do, it is like she thinks I am making the pain up! There are days that I actually feel like crying because my legs hurt so bad! Anyone help with explaining my pain to a doctor?
Avatar m tn I have been taking two 7.5 / 325 pills a day for nine months regarding wrist pains... If I stop taking these will I experience any types of withdrawals... Or is my daily dosage low enough that I should be able to stop with out ills...
Avatar n tn Day 8 without any hydro or oxy for me. I started taking pain medicine 6 years ago for my back I started with2 a day after about 1 year went to 3-4 a day. I took my last pill last week and i was taken 8-10 or more day. you build a tolerance to them. I have an "addictive personality" which doesn't help. That is me.
Avatar f tn I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night.
Avatar f tn i have been taking 8 vicodins a day for two years now. want to stop. can i go cold turkey?
Avatar n tn Docs recommend taking vicodin to take pain from a 9 to a 5. I go from a 9 to like a 2 from taking so many. Good luck, as always and never feel ashamed here.
Avatar n tn I didn't want to have back surgery so I've been maintaining the pain by taking one or two vicodin Everything I have read says to stay away from the pain medicine. Does anyone else have any info or have taken the medicine while pregnant?
Avatar n tn Ok I know how you feel! I have been taking them for 5 years for pain, then I noticed I pop them like candy! Cant stop hate them dont want to take them anymore.......but I decided to tapper cant take the axiety attacks and stomach cramps ect...........tappering is working well for me. I have to work and take care of 2 kids. If I was alone and could take time off of work I would go cold turkey. It doesnt last that long and it doesnt kill ya. Which way are you gonna go>?
Avatar n tn I have read everyone that has written in about withdraws from vicodin, but most of them have not been on them for years. My husband has been taking vicodin for about 4-5 years taking anywhere from 4-6 a day depending on his pain. He has terrible knee pain and without it he is unable to function with his job. He is only 38 years old and just found out a couple of months ago that he has the knees of an 88 year old man!!! so, we are waiting so he can get 2 total knee replacements.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Vicodin for 7 months following a boating accident which occured on 7/3. In the accident I was flipped up in the air about 14" and came down on the fiberglass deck of the boat directly on the small of my back/tailbone area. Xrays showed no fracture of tailbone. AFter several months of treatment by an orthopod and PT, we finally did an MRI which reflected a herniated disc, 2 bulging discs and a lot of fluid at the base of the spine where the pain exists.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 5-6 Vicodin, 5-6 Phenergan, 5-6 Vistiril and sometimes 1-2 Elavil every day for more than a year for pain and nausea. I guess I am just confused because I don't feel addicted to them because they help me too much. When i dont take them I am in way too much pain to function. My question is that I am supposed to be having surgery so the pain will stop but will i still feel the need to take all these meds?
Avatar f tn i only was taking about 20 mg a day.then tappered to 5mg for a week.now nothing why are the withdrawls still so bad?
Avatar f tn I still attend meetings but dont say anything about vicodin. I dont drink anymore but I guess I substited vic for booze.
Avatar n tn I am 51 and have been taking Vicodin for about 3 years now for knee pain. I'm up to 12 a day of the 10mg x 325s. If I don't take them I feel very sick. How long does the sick feeling last if I stop could turkey?
Avatar n tn Thank you for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been taking this crap for ten years . . .8 - 10 Norco a day for a year . . .VIcodin, about the same amount, for ten years. This is Day One of me deciding Not To Go Pick Up That Goddamned Prescription. The pharmacy opened at 9:30 . . it is now 10:12. God give me strength . . . My shoulder, on fire five minutes ago . . seems to be better . . it comes in waives and then the pain leaves again. What the hell???
Avatar n tn Coming off Vicodin is not an easy thing for a person who has been taking it for an extended period of time. Fortunately there are some good ways to get help to stop taking them. The things that you notice about her are all pretty much standard issues with long term use/abuse. I was an absolute jerk to be around when I was actively using/abusing painkillers. It really altered my personality in a bad way. If your friend wants to be free of the Vicodin, she needs medical assistance.
Avatar n tn My husband has been taking vicodin for pain for 4 years since he had a hip replacement. He has changed tremendouly, VERY negative, explosive, reads the news paper, as usual, for cover to cover and TALKS about all the bad things. He is never happy unless he's drunk. I think he has a serious problem and he doesn't. How can I help him see what he has become???????
Avatar f tn I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night.
Avatar n tn I am so glad to read these messages, I have been taking Vicodin for a couple years now 2-3 a day, and he really helps my pain. My doctor keeps saying it can be addictive if I take more. But the 2-3 a day works fine and doesn't make me sleepy at all. So I am glad to see others have the same concern, and the fact that doctors aren't the one's in pain so they really don't know. It helps that I'm not the only one that thinks that way. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I started taking Vicodin a year ago. I am a pharmacy tech and used to make fun of people like me. I am on day 3 of the withdrawls. I stopped cold turkey and have no tablets left...Thank the Lord. I swear I had the flu. but after reading this I see this is all normal w/d. I feel like a horrible person. i have a 18month old and 3 year old daughter. i feel i have cheated my husband and kids of the real me for the last year. I need support. I am mad at myself and mad at the Dr.
Avatar f tn Hoping by June 17th, I have came so far. I want my husband to pick them up for me and hide them. I am praying that I don't start taking them again. Vicodin gives me so much energy, I just feel like I have no energy still. Not sick anymore, Is this all in my head.....I just really like vicodin..........but would be so happy if I could just stop taking them for good, I don't know if I am strong enough , guess I will find out FRiday. I don't think I can take 3 a day ONLY like I am suppose to???
Avatar f tn that i just want to do it on my own. will i be ok if i just stop taking vicodin, i have been taking 1-2 pills a day for almost 2 years it seems that if i dont take one my heart pumps reallly fast, is that a withdrawlor what. do people die from stopping the med.
Avatar n tn I was taking hydrocodone (Vicodin) for over 3 years and have been off of them for about 3 months and are still experiencing post acute withdraw symtoms (itching, sweating and shortness of breath and random irritations all over my body). I've spoken to just about everyone on the subject including the manufacturers and no one seems to have any answers. ANYONE READING THIS WHO IS TAKING THESE MEDS FOR NO GOOD REASON SHOULD STOP IMMEDIATELY OR YOU'LL BE PAYING FOR IT FOM MONTHS.
12103503 tn?1423452486 I was told it is ok just don't get addicted to it because the baby can have withdrawal symptoms I stopped taking it a week before I went into labour for my c section and my baby is and completely beautiful healthy 4 month old little girl.
Avatar n tn After 3 years of 7 Vicodin Es's a day,I am now down to 4. Will I always continue to want them and I don't just mean the withdrawal cravings, I expected those. I have recently just admitted to myself that there is a twisted, sick part of me that does not even want to quit. I understand that I have to quit for many reasons, but that does not mean that I completely want to. I started taking them for chronic back pain, actually compression fractures.
Avatar n tn my doc told me she wants me to switch anti-depressants, maybe you should check into whether prozac is working for you. there are other anti-depressants that work better for addictions symptoms and anxiety, i am hearing alot about cymbalta...its worth asking your doc. about... youre doing great if your at week3, keep it up...you will feel better soon....
Avatar m tn It just brought me a bad experience that lasted for years. I never understold why they would not have told me this will help now but it's much harder go get off of. I could tell you all kinds about methadone do's and Don's. But I don't think that why your here. In three years I lost my dad, sister, aunt and favorite dog. I then lost my job and found out I was pregnant. I thought for sure that was o e of the worse times in my life.