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Avatar f tn from the vicodin or is it the Xanax? was it the Xanax too and the vicodin would mask it? Or is it still the vicodin w/d i am feeling? just curious. if this makes no sense let me know. basically just wondering if the feelings i am having are from the Xanax. Not sure when w/d start with Xanax?
Avatar n tn people quit taking vicodin at a much higher dose and never look back, they had said they just didn't feel good and never associated anything with withdrawal. You say you are sensitive to medication? has any other med you have taken produced the same kind of effect? are you on anything else and have you ever had a panic attack before?
Avatar n tn If I'm taking 4 Vicodin a day and 1 Clonazepam at night for sleep, will the withdrawl from Vicodin be easier? Or will my body already have a tolorence built up to the Clonazepam and not work as well for w/d's? See where I'm going with this? I'm seriously feeling like this is where my addiction should stop and am trying to figure out a plan as to how to accomplish this the easiest way. I'm also taking Prednisone (20mg/day)...so my pain is gone, but my head still WANTS the Vicodin. AND...
Avatar n tn I went through withdrawals from Vicoden ES 4 weeks ago with the help of Xanax. Now, I am still taking 2mgs at night and maybe one more, if things get bad during the day. What are the withdrawals like? After withdrawals from codiene, I dread anymore withdrawals. My therapist seems to think that I can stay on Xanax for ever, but I don't like taking pills anymore. I want off of everything. What should I expect when cutting down?
397118 tn?1219765850 one more thing, the extreme mood swings are from the drugs. both the xanax and paxil can cause severe agitation, palpitations, anxiety and anger issues when stopping. It may be he goes on a binge, then doesn't have any for a few days and thats when he 'acts out'. Two things: 1.
Avatar n tn are these drugs safe together in the dosages I mentioned above and 2.
Avatar f tn I tapered off xanax last month and did it way too fast and went through an entire month of hell. I'm still not 100% yet. The plan I was given (I was on 1.5mg a day for 2 months) was first week 1mg a day second week .5mg a day then stay on that for the third week then 4th week .25 a day and then 5th week .25 every other day. I was impatient and condensed it into 2 weeks and really paid the price.
Avatar n tn During my 'funk' I've been going through, I spent about 2 weeks taking Vicodin for the pain (10-15mg), and taking a couple of my wife's Xanax (about 1-1.5 mg per day) for my 'funk'. Needless to say, I realized I had been a pill popper for a week or two, and it scared the hell out of me. Kind of snuck up on me. I noticed I was lazing around, and not really interested in much. Anyway, to my question.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been taking vicodin for about 3 years. Anywhere from 2 -5 pills (10mg/325) almost night after work (Very rarely did we do more than 5 pills). I have quit on several times for a few weeks sometimes months. The last time I quit I went to my Dr. told him about my dependence and he prescribed Xanax. I followed the amino acid protocol that has been posted on this board and acupuncture. I took Xanax for about 3 days ( day 1 = 1 pill, day 2 = 1/2 pill, day 3 = 1/4 pill).
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been taking vicodin for about 3 years. Anywhere from 2 -5 pills (10mg/325) almost night after work (Very rarely did we do more than 5 pills). I have quit on several times for a few weeks sometimes months. The last time I quit I went to my Dr. told him about my dependence and he prescribed Xanax. I followed the amino acid protocol that has been posted on this board and acupuncture. I took Xanax for about 3 days ( day 1 = 1 pill, day 2 = 1/2 pill, day 3 = 1/4 pill).
Avatar n tn Again, while I hate to recommend ANY drug, I had fessed up with my doc regarding the vicodin (he was completely cool about it and well-versed in pain control and drugs), so we agreed on a small (15 tabs) non-refillable scrip of Xanax 0.5 mg for those Really Bad Nights. Be advised Xanax addiction is not only highly possible but also frought with real peril, so only do this under close adult supervision.
Avatar n tn The only thing I am concerned about is that I am really tired all day long and then at night my anxiety kicks in and I take a xanax and drink 2 glasses of wine and a lunesta to get myself down so that I can sleep. My dr knows of this and does not approve but I have been a life long insomniac and I somehow put myself into a career where if I can't get rest and think, then my clients suffer and could possibly go to jail. When will I feel better?
Avatar n tn i am not a addict, but my husband is and it is tearing our family apart, i can tell you that my husband is not near the man that he once was, its like his soul is empty, emotionless, angry, for us i just wish that me and the kids could have him back, the pills vicodin and xanax for 6 yrs, have taken there toll on him, and they have actually brought on depression, i have done a lot of research on his addiction, and unless he actually gets off of them completely, in time he will begin to feel bet
Avatar n tn i didnt use the amino acid or thomas recipe exactly i used something from both of them and found what worked the best for me but either of them will help nothing is going to take the withdrawals completely away only make it a little easier but i would suggest even while on the taper taking some vitamins like a good multivitamin some b vitamins and vit c and for the cramps in your legs and rls the best for that is potassium and magnesium that is a life saver to get thru the withdrawals and i woul
Avatar n tn oh and as far as the xanax you asked about i would try and stay away from any benzos like xanax klonipin....because they are very addictive on their own but if you do get any to take and they do help try and take them no longer than a week because you do not wanna be hooked on benzos you think withdrawal from pain meds are bad,,,withdrawals from those are not only bad but VERY dangerous.
689267 tn?1235245349 ativan(lorazepam) is very similar benzodiazepine in chemical structure and in its effects to alprazolam(xanax) and also shares the same abuse, dependence, and addiction liability. i was taking originally 6mgs a night for insomnia and panic attacks starting at the early evening and taking it up to going to bed.
Avatar n tn yes , I'll try and keep it simple. I was taking 4-6 7.5 Lortabs a day, or ES Vicodin and 4-6 350 Somas or is it 3.50, I don't know? I am now taking 3/4 of (1) 7.5 Lortab each night, and 1 of the Somas, and 1mg of Ativan...sometimes 1.25mg of the Ativan I am trying to do a reduction of the Lortab, about 1/8 of the pill each week...that means another 6 weeks just for the Vics I'll see a new Doc Monday, my regular guy, and I hope he has some experience to help..
Avatar n tn I would just like to share my story to hopefully help someone, last year i got pregnant around june i was taking vicodin and tramadol not together but depending on the pain if it was really bad i would take 2 vics if not too bad i would take 2 tramadols. I found out i was preg.
Avatar n tn hey guys I'm a 25 year old male I've been taking vicodin 4 about 4 mths now @ about 8-10 a day. I recently went about a day and a half without them (ran out) I had to fake an injury to get more. I was sick to my stomach, had diareaa my heart pounded in every part of my body even relaxing and my anxiety was pretty bad. if I put these down 4 good how long does this last. I'm scared. imagine that,guys are supposed to be stong and fearless but this is breaking me. any help would mean the world!
Avatar f tn I need to quit taking violin because it alters my mood and breaks my pocket book. I am a single mother of a wonderful 3 year old daughter and she deserves me full time, not just when I am high on this drug. I started taking it because I have endometriosis and it was prescribed to me every month. I lost my medical insurance, so I started purchasing it from a friend and alas, I was able to get as much as I wanted, which has led me here...blah, blah, blah.
Avatar n tn I am now and now only recently realize i am addicted to the Vicodin. I find myself taking up to 15 a day at times. I am scarted that i have physical and mental dependancy to them. what should i do? I dont know where to begin. Please help i am a 30 yr old male. When i take Vicodin i have no pain, my hands a warm again, i have an appitate, i feel like i can do anything in life. Without them i feel usless and always in pain.
Avatar n tn I started taking vicodin and percs 24/7. I couldn't walk if I didn't have a good dose in me. after about 4 months (who knows if that amount of time is accurate? lol) the pain was easing up and I figured out that the pills -especially vicodin- made me happy and gave me energy. I when they started wearing off I realized I didn't like my boyfriend at the time (who I met after I started using!) so I'd take another and then he wasn't so bad!! LOL!! what a mistake! anyway, he's gone, the pain isn't.
Avatar n tn I'm heading off to the beach for the next week. I'm not taking any vicodin with me (and I plan on giving the ones I have to my honey with strict orders not to give me any). I'm going to stop putting off the inevitable and just go through w/d's. I haven't been on much vicodin for about a month and I don't think it's going to be too bad. I have the recipe all packed. I'm going to try to not focus on how I am feeling, but rather, try to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.
Avatar n tn I still ahve anxiety, my doctor gave me Celexa which is okay, my question is, is it okay to take Xanax and Celexa together? I used to take Xanax too for panic attacks, and for now I know it will make me feel better. Does anyone know if they can be taken together? I have never been hooked on Xanax at all, so that is not a problem.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Vicodin ES for the past 3 years, for severe pms and related pain, and migraines. I've also taken Xanax for the past 7 years for anxiety, I now take the 2 mg white bars, up to 3 per day. I'm prescribed 180 Vicodin Es per month. I know it sounds like a lot, but I generally run out of Vicodin a week before my next refill. I guess it's tolerance, but it's hard to manage sometimes on 6 per day.
Avatar f tn You need to pamper yourself right now. stay hydrated, drink ensure when you can't eat, and that Thomas recipe is a good thing. I was taking a tiny bit of xanax, just one half of a .25 mg would really help me out with the anxiety. It all seems so dark now sweetie, but hang on, it gets better and better, and pretty soon you will be so happpy living life as the best gift you ever gave yourself. I am 72 days today I think it is, and I am loving life again. You will too, hang in there!
Avatar n tn I definitly felt the wackiness and euphoria f the MDMA but wonder whether the Xanax effected the feeling in any way, because I felt barely conscious for 6 hours, even though my husband explained I was awake and lucid the entire time. Would the Xanax have counteracted the MDMA? I know in the past while using MDMA and and wanting to just go to s leep, the Xanax was of no help...............
Avatar n tn I love drinking and taking xanax. Very fun. I also recomend taking klonopin when drinking. Have fun and remember you only live once.
Avatar n tn 50 once a night of Xanax, but when I stopped taking it, couldn't sleep and was so anxious and depressed. But now I am hearing that the Ativan can be just as bad. Has anyone heard of using Ativan for Xanax withdrawal? Also, what is the norm for how long the withdrawal symptoms last? Thanks for any help.