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Avatar f tn You might wait on getting off of Xanax until you are completely done with Vicodin. Then you can slowly taper Xanax while still taking Neurontin. But, seriously, you must be completely committed to the goal of quitting. I have written a blog that has rather detailed information about options for detox. If you click on my name and then click on blogs you will see one under that heading. Take a minute to read it. I hope you will find it helpful.
Avatar f tn from the vicodin or is it the Xanax? was it the Xanax too and the vicodin would mask it? Or is it still the vicodin w/d i am feeling? just curious. if this makes no sense let me know. basically just wondering if the feelings i am having are from the Xanax. Not sure when w/d start with Xanax?
Avatar n tn I have been clean off vicodin and xanax for 2 weeks, but my urine drug test, still comes out positive. How is this so?
Avatar n tn the only thing that DID jump out at me in your post is the prozac and xanax - if you are taking BOTH and it is NOT under a physicians supervision, they could be contradicting each other... you might check that out if you haven't already. anyway, i am going to let the folks here who are more qualified than i to talk to you about this, but no marsh, this is what I've read over and over and over that everyone goes through... there are however, some things you can take to help with it.
Avatar n tn she is on a cocktail of anit-depressent drugs , and she recently went to the dentist and he gave her vicodin for pain , but she has been taking about 4 a day now and she she just got a refill of 30 more and now she is asking me if i can give my old vicodin that i have from a few months back from my dentist i never took the stuff, her parents do not know about her abuse and she does not want to tell them or her friends .
Avatar n tn people quit taking vicodin at a much higher dose and never look back, they had said they just didn't feel good and never associated anything with withdrawal. You say you are sensitive to medication? has any other med you have taken produced the same kind of effect? are you on anything else and have you ever had a panic attack before?
Avatar f tn i glad this was posted. i too got myself addicted to xanax, and although i thought i was taking such a low dose (low dose in my book anyways) i continued to use it to sleep once i quit vicodin. Well, against what everyone who knew what they were talking about said, i just stop cold turkey. i was ok for maybe 2 days. But then the sleep problems & anxiety got the best of me again so i started up again.
Avatar f tn I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this. I want to know if there is anyway that there was something natural I could take to help with sleeping,twitching,anxiety,crying and all that jazz. Please help I'm scared.
Avatar f tn I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this. I want to know if there is anyway that there was something natural I could take to help with sleeping,twitching,anxiety,crying and all that jazz. Please help I'm scared.
Avatar n tn If I'm taking 4 Vicodin a day and 1 Clonazepam at night for sleep, will the withdrawl from Vicodin be easier? Or will my body already have a tolorence built up to the Clonazepam and not work as well for w/d's? See where I'm going with this? I'm seriously feeling like this is where my addiction should stop and am trying to figure out a plan as to how to accomplish this the easiest way. I'm also taking Prednisone (20mg/day)...so my pain is gone, but my head still WANTS the Vicodin. AND...
Avatar n tn I went through withdrawals from Vicoden ES 4 weeks ago with the help of Xanax. Now, I am still taking 2mgs at night and maybe one more, if things get bad during the day. What are the withdrawals like? After withdrawals from codiene, I dread anymore withdrawals. My therapist seems to think that I can stay on Xanax for ever, but I don't like taking pills anymore. I want off of everything. What should I expect when cutting down?
Avatar f tn Are you still taking the Xanax? Why did you switch to Klonpin? I have used both meds and did a lot of reading up on them and one thing they do say about Klonopin is that it can in some cases make your depression worst. Have you thought about asking the Dr to go back to the Xanax? Did you feel any less depressed on that drug? Either way I think you may be down bc of the withdrawls from Vicodin. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn I couldn`t think, I was sweating and shaking and cramping, very very sick, and had siezures and was taken to the hospital, it was there I learned I was addicted to Xanax and they said I could not stop taking them. I was sent back to my Dr and put back on the same dose I was on, and have been on every since. I was so mad I couldn`t see straight because I was not told it was addicting !!
149087 tn?1258457420 If u dont mind me asking..how long were u taking Xanax. I was prescribed 90 by my Dr. and took them over a course of about 3 mnths...I threw away about 8 when I decided to quit the vics. I didnt notice any w/d but I really didnt think that I would have to detox from those until I read your post about them a few days ago. Maybe I was w/d from those too and didnt even know it.
397118 tn?1219765850 one more thing, the extreme mood swings are from the drugs. both the xanax and paxil can cause severe agitation, palpitations, anxiety and anger issues when stopping. It may be he goes on a binge, then doesn't have any for a few days and thats when he 'acts out'. Two things: 1.
Avatar n tn get some counciling now so that you will have a healthy mind when the baby is here becuase it gets much more stressful and harder with a newborn and taking vicodin will not help you to be a good mommy if you are taking it to make you feel fuzzy,
769045 tn?1247642745 This is a great place for help and support,so you've taken a huge positive step by coming here and reaching out.How long have you been taking them and how much do you take a day? You can look up the thomas' recipe and the amino acid protocol in the health pages,top right.And keep posting.All the best...
Avatar f tn I tapered off xanax last month and did it way too fast and went through an entire month of hell. I'm still not 100% yet. The plan I was given (I was on 1.5mg a day for 2 months) was first week 1mg a day second week .5mg a day then stay on that for the third week then 4th week .25 a day and then 5th week .25 every other day. I was impatient and condensed it into 2 weeks and really paid the price.
Avatar n tn During my 'funk' I've been going through, I spent about 2 weeks taking Vicodin for the pain (10-15mg), and taking a couple of my wife's Xanax (about 1-1.5 mg per day) for my 'funk'. Needless to say, I realized I had been a pill popper for a week or two, and it scared the hell out of me. Kind of snuck up on me. I noticed I was lazing around, and not really interested in much. Anyway, to my question.
1473994 tn?1287019508 I drink heavely and also take xanax and ambien for sleep. Im scared i'm going to overdose one of these days but I feel like I just can't stop. My dr just changed my dosage to reprain (?) 5/200, ibuprofen instead of apap. I have an appt Friday and I'm so scared to tell him of my problem cause I know he will take them away and I'm just not ready. I know I can talk him into giving me a heavier dosage and thats my plan. I just cant seem to fight it.
Avatar m tn I detoxed and went through withdrawals completely and stayed clean for several months 4 times. At one point I was taking 40 pills of vicodin a day. I have been to addiction specialists, and they have prescribed me Suboxone. Now this is coming from experience, DO NOT TAKE SUBOXONE. It's only a substitute and has a worse withdrawal, since its a synthetic opiate. The only pills I am mainly addicted to is the painkillers. The benzo's and amphetamines (aderall) are on and off.
Avatar m tn Since I started to wean off my Xanax addiction I quit taking the Vicodin and Tramadol, except for 1 day had bad migraine and none Imitrex pills, my insurance only covers 9 pills and paying them is more than 200 dollars. The point is that I do not feel side effects or W/D effects from quitting the Vicodin and Tramadol. It this possible? I didn't even knew Tramadol was an opiate until I joined this community.
Avatar f tn Just my experience....I stopped the vicodin cold turkey and was also on xanax 2 mlg twice daily for 15 years. With my doctors guidance I did a very slow taper and am off them as well. Definately speak with yor doctor....going off xanax especially after 20 years needs to be monitored by a doctor BUT it can be done. I feel so much better off the xanax! Good luck to you foxy!
Avatar m tn However my concern is that I have been weaning off the Xanax slowly and steady for about 55 days, and the Tramadol and Vicodin I practically didn't use them since 19 days ago but I'm having since the first week and have become more intense now muscle cramps, at first they were on some points arount my scapula bones in my back, there were formed some "knots" painful and constant, very painful to the touch and frequent migraines.
Avatar m tn The Xanax was prescribed for anxiety and the Vicodin and Tramadol for back pain and migraines. I want to get rid of those all 3, I'm starting with the Xanax, tapering down slowly. When I put on my tracker the amount is of pills of 2mg until my dose is prescribed lower(1mg) I will notify. The Vicodin and Tramadol will come later in my plan of detox.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been taking vicodin for about 3 years. Anywhere from 2 -5 pills (10mg/325) almost night after work (Very rarely did we do more than 5 pills). I have quit on several times for a few weeks sometimes months. The last time I quit I went to my Dr. told him about my dependence and he prescribed Xanax. I followed the amino acid protocol that has been posted on this board and acupuncture. I took Xanax for about 3 days ( day 1 = 1 pill, day 2 = 1/2 pill, day 3 = 1/4 pill).
Avatar m tn how long have you been taking vicodin? Xanax w/d can be very dangerous, and although you haven't been on them long i would still try and taper..You can pm me if you'd like...I tapered off of alot of xanax...to me it sounds like you are having some mild w/ds from xanax..
Avatar f tn He gave me a script of 15 each of Clonodine 0.1mg and Xanax .25mg. Many people will disagree on the xanax,But for me i think it was a big help. Just tell your DR only to give you enough for the first few days 4-5 maybe.And thats IT. Then for the physical stuff I used.. RLS "cricket legs"- TONIC WATER (i mixed it w/ juice 1/2 and 1/2. I didnt like the taste of it by itself.) BANANAS( for the potassium.