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Avatar f tn I take .50 Klonopin in the morning w/ my 40 mg of Paxil (not a fan of this ssri). I'm busy taking care of my son in the am, dropping him off at the in laws, and then heading to work so being busy does help. On occasion I take half of my Klonopin at night to help as prescribed. I stay away from Xanax because it's short acting and the Klonopin does the same thing but lasts longer. Management of medication and seeing a therapist has helped most.
1302779 tn?1287405029 I started lexapro 2 weeks ago 5 mg the first week and now on 10 mg. i also take klonopin 05 mg in the am and the script says 2 05 mg at night but i dont take the klonopin at night cause i dont feel i need it.
Avatar f tn We moved my Lexapro to night time trying to see if it helps me sleep better or not. Everything else is taken in the morning.
Avatar f tn took lexapro in the morning and up'ed it to 30
Avatar f tn Thanks for your support. It is amazing how I'm so hyper in the morning but at night is so much better. You said that your on medication, isn't,t that supposed to stop the panic attacks in the morning. I was thinking of going on zolft, but if my panic attacks are still going to continue why bother taking anything. In the morning I say to myself that I'm fine and as the day passes it will get better. I tired of sitting home and not doing anything. I was such an out going person.
793266 tn?1275479663 I switched taking abilify at night to taking lexapro at night in hopes of taking my daytime sleepiness away. I take abilify in the morning with my other meds now. When I took that med. at night there seemed to be no effect on my daytime sleepiness.
396099 tn?1216254986 First 2 days were good non-PAWS days for me anyway and I was tip-top. Today I'm on the sleepy side wit a tiny hint of anxiety but doing OK otherwise. I don't know if my sleepy mood is from poor rest as a result of the Lexapro or just the general blah's... Still. so far so good.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I just take 5 mg because I feel so miserably lethargic in the morning. On a few occasions I have woke in the night a bit confused. Most of the time, I just can't remember what the next day is and what I am suppose to do when in the morning. But I have had two especially disturbing times. One was when I woke and was frightened that there was a man (my husband) in my bed. I jumped out of bed and would have run, but I realized that my thinking was wrong.
Avatar f tn     This began again 2 weeks ago and I have lost 16 lbs with no appetite and inability to eat a whole meal.  I go to bed fearing that the cycle will return again every morning and sure enough it does.  I have considered going back on Lexapro or paxil so I can maybe eliminate the anxiety    It feels like I have awful epigastric pain that awakens me with the trembling usually around 3am.    Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Drank 2 glasses of wine past two nights and started taking lexapro in morning.
Avatar f tn However, I think taking all the med on a distressed stomach may have injured it more. I now have unbearable stomach pain at night and nausea in the morning. I have been up four hours with the pain. I am tempted to go back on paxil to see if it really is a miracle that could cure my stomach, but am scared to make the pain worse. I am sorry I have no real advise, jut know that you are not alone.
Avatar n tn Now taking 10 mg Lexapro in the am in addition to 10 mg Elavil and 1500 mg Depakote in pm.
Avatar m tn 200 lamictal 150 Bupropion in the morning and same in afternoon 1/2 Lexapro 1 clonozapam
Avatar f tn Started taking Lexapro 10mg on Monday....
Avatar m tn Ok so I get panic attacks and anxiety. Today I started lexapro. The klonopin isn't enough. I was nervous about taking the lexapro at first but I took it anyway. People with anxiety shouldn't read the warnings and side effects....it really messes with their mind. Anyway so I took the lexapro and honestly I feel a bit jittery but I feel fine. I was watch an intense movie and got really into it. Adrenaline and even the sad part, this never happens to me. It's the lexapro I guess.
1302779 tn?1287405029 05 mg at night and .05 in the morning. but that was when my anxiety was higher at nite. now its high in the morning and i take 1 .
Avatar m tn Everything came back ok, but i still suffer from the morning vomiting. He says its just acid reflux, but why wont the prilosec work? It can completely go away by lunch or it can continue for the entire day until i can finally keep something down. Sometimes its happens the night after of drinking, but not always so i think it is something else. maybe allergic to some type of food? Please any advise is welcomed and so appreciated. Im way too young to be dealing with this crap.
Avatar m tn 300 lamictal all in the morning 20 Lexapro 3 omega Bad day yesterday. Feeling a bit better this morning but a little lost.
Avatar m tn Am I going to get less of a effect of taking Klonnepin .10 in the morning versus 2. .05 per day? I am taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin. I have been on Wellbutrin for years and Klonnepin in winter. only. Lexapro is less than a year. I get nervous in job primarily in the winter.
1382174 tn?1401062263 Started taking Lexapro 10mg.
Avatar n tn Now on 1500 mg Depakote and 10 mg Elavil at night, plus 10 mg of Lexapro in the morning.
Avatar f tn along with 1 mg of clonazepam (spelling?) I break the dosage in half and take .05 of clonazepam in the morning with the my Lexapro and the other before bed. My doctor suggested that if the Lexapro was working that I could eventually get off the clonazepam. He suggested just stop taking my morning .05 pill and continue taking the evening .05 pill to start with. Then eventually I would wean off of the evening pill. Any comments or suggestions on this!
Avatar f tn t worked on their own in so long trying to fire up again.... lol... lets hope so, I know I have my own brain in there somewhere, one that will be ok without the help of opiates.. and especially without methadone... watched my fiancée dose with his methadone this morning and didn't hate him as much but just knew how much better he was going to feel than me today makes it so much harder and it is so hard to explain to him....
Avatar f tn medications tend to affect people in different ways. First, as long as you are taking it as prescribed you are doing the right thing. Anxiety about taking medications, can really throw you for a loop in my opinion, because we tend to worry so much we are going to magnify many of the 'side effects.
Avatar m tn I skipped the next day and took it in the morning the following morning. I like taking it in the morning because it makes me calm throughout the day and I can still sleep at night. The first time I took it at night I didn't sleep well. Now I take it at 8am every morning and then I am asleep at night around 10-11pm without any help of sleeping pills. It really just depends on how you feel for which time of the day, you probably already know that since you have been taking Prozac.
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