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Avatar n tn Any restrictions on the diet when taking Levothyroxine? How long before one starts seeing the effects of taking this med?
2055874 tn?1330534053 I am 52 years old and have being taking levothyroxine,my symtoms,were feeling tired,no energy,weight gain.depressed,Ihave being taking them for four years ,my blood test shows i am taking right amount which is 150 micrograms a day,i am also going throw the change,my symtoms have yet to change if anything i feel worse.
393419 tn?1228450993 I know you need to wait 4 hours to take calcium supplements, but when it comes to eating breakfast, can you eat yogurt or milk earlier than the 4 hour mark? I'm wondering if taking the synthroid I normally wait 4 hours to eat after taking the pill so perhaps my stomach is too empty for too long and the medicine is causing the shakiness because there is nothing at all but synthroid in my system. . .
Avatar f tn Just starting my "thyroid medicine for life thing" with levothyroxine. I am taking my 50mcg at 4am on an empty stomach, which is when I get up to prepare my lunch and then go to the gym and work out before work. At 7am I take my other medicine and my supplements. So far, so good. I am on the east coast and travel to the mountain states every couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn I do not understand, either, why I felt worse after I started taking levothyroxine than I did before I started taking it, but I did. Either there was something about beginning to support my thyroid gland's struggles by taking T4 that allowed some of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism to blossom for the first time, or it was a coincidence of timing and I would have felt worse whether I was taking medication or not.
Avatar n tn I love my coffee with liberal doses of milk and sugar. Since I have to lay off the calcium with the synthroid...I have nearly completely given up my coffee. Yes, life is a sadder existance without it....still looking for a good replacement.
Avatar n tn How long should a person wait after taking Levothyroxine to drink milk or take calcium and vit, supp.?
87651 tn?1259606003 I did not think about it for a long time but lately I have been wondering about the calcium in the milk interfering with the levothyroxine. I do hold off on my calcium supplement for 4 hr afterward or any other supplements. I keep forgetting to ask my doc though. will see her again in Feb. so hope i remember to ask her then.
252327 tn?1250187576 I recently switched to taking my Levothyroxine at night. I'm glad I switched! Waiting for that morning cup of coffee was killing me! And I didn't have any problem at all with this switch. I think most people wouldn't have an issue with a switch, but just have a feeling they might be a bit wired at night if they changed. But T4 meds take days to build up in your system and I never felt "awake" after switching to nighttime.
Avatar n tn Several studies have found that having coffee or espresso at the same or shortly after taking levothyroxine drugs can significantly lower the absorption of the thyroid medication. In one study published in the journal Thyroid, the rise of T4 -- a reflection of absorption of the medication -- was reduced by 25%, and drops of as much as 57% were seen in other patients in that study. COFFEE DOES AFFECT THE FUNCTION OF LEVOTHYROXINE MEDS.
Avatar m tn • Most minerals are best taken as a team with other minerals in a multi-mineral formula. • Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is a good way to absorb and get much needed magnesium. • People with kidney disease or severe heart disease should take magnesium only under a doctor's supervision.
Avatar n tn If you are already taking and have been taking generic levothyroxine, in which I thought you were referring to as Synthroid, you are fine. I sometimes forget to say "with doctors knowledge and approval". Never change meds or dosage on your own, regardless of what thyroid drugs are taken, without doctors knowledge, approval and guidance first. Sorry for the confusion.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking levothyroxine, and was wondering if its ok to have my morning coffee with real cream? The first thing I do in the mornings is take my levothyroxine, and then have my coffee.. I always wait 30 minutes or so before having my breakfast.. I have received many different answers to my questions.. Can someone help me?
Avatar f tn Well I had a TT in January and I take my levothyroxine at 4am everyday with a full cup of water and then go back to sleep. I have felt normal since then but I gained 4lbs already. Except for the weight gain, I feel terrific! Any ideas on how not to gain weight while on this med?
913053 tn?1245956449 In the AM he said that you really do have to wait 4 hours before any type of calcium, including milk in coffee and cereal etc. He also switched me from levothyroxine to name brand synthroid because of the potential variations in the generic drug.
Avatar f tn Hi "Tired". I had the same problems with sleep while taking the combination of simeprevir, olysio, ribavirin for 12 weeks. I've now completed that, but I still have trouble sleeping past 5:30 am. This is likely now just due to habit, and changes with aging. I was (and still am) taking a small dose of zolpidem (5 mg) occasionally without a lot of relief.
Avatar f tn two side effects of hypothyroid that will never go away with levothyroxine are water retention and dry skin. don't know if you have a problem with either of those symptoms.
Avatar n tn I started taking levothyroxine, and the first dosage was 50 mcg. The dosages increased gradually. In early March 2010, I started taking 137 mcg of levo. In mid-April 2010, I had some blood tests, and here are the results: TSH = 1.016, normal range = 0.350 - 5.500 FREE T4 = 1.10, normal range = 0.71 - 1.81 FREE T3 = 3.5, normal range = 2.3 - 4.2 In mid-May 2010, I had some blood tests, and here are the results: TSH = 0.636, normal range = 0.350 - 5.500 FREE T4 = 1.
8256587 tn?1399901106 I have had a previous history with lumps in the same breast because 9 years ago I had a blocked milk duct which was aspirated. I take it that the aspiration was just a quick fix and a temporary solution...?
Avatar m tn Depending on the fibre and milk content of the meal, taking thyroxine with food may require a larger dose to maintain euthyroidism, because of the decreased bioavailability." - Australian Prescriber - Taking care of thyroxine.
Avatar n tn I started becoming symptomatic in 2012, bouncing from specialist to specialist with all of them confused until finally figured out by my GP. But anyways, I have been taking 125 levothyroxine for the last two months. I have noticed a significant change in my energy levels and my severe constipation has been a lot better. However, my abdominal pain has not turned around like I was hoping. Most of the pain is under my right rib cage and right under the sternum.
Avatar f tn Food wise, we really eat healthy. Morning we have oatmeal with raisin and cinnamon with milk we do not add sugar or honey. We share a apple and a bannana and we have a tad of cottage cheese on a half tomatoe. Lunch we usually have a sandwich mostly peanut butter n jelly sometimes tuna etc. At night we mostly have a nice fresh salad and our meat dish. Meat us usually baked in the oven on racks or bar-b-que.
Avatar f tn since they upset your stomach, try taking it with 1/2 cup milk instead of water (or eat a small snack such a just prior to taking it) to see if that will help buffer your stomach. It might affect the absorption a little bit, but it shouldn't be that much and it's better than not taking it at all. Make sure you eat plenty of fiber (veggies, beans and whole grains) also to help prevent constipation.
176741 tn?1295237589 I am a vegetarian and have been eating insane amounts of almonds and almond milk, so this morning I am taking my chia seeds with Coconut milk... I am just like you - waiting for the results... Good luck!
393685 tn?1425816122 with US uncovering multinodular goiter. ENT ultimately referred me to endo, who changed my med. I'm now taking generic levothyroxine and he added 10 mcg cytomel daily. I also have pernicious anemia so as long as I get my B12 shot every 2 weeks and take my thyroid meds, I'm feeling better than I have for years, in spite of still struggling with the weight issues.
1147530 tn?1314825196 I have been taking iron, either alone, or with a vitamin (without doubling up) and I still get plenty of action lately. Thanks for the input though. PS. I do exercise daily. BobRob: I've weaned off SSRI's over a 4 month period over a year ago. Still vibrating at night, but it's not daily. SSRI's made them disappear while I was on them. I've had these vibrating episodes since a teenager. Thanks for the idea. When they happen I can't really pin-point the cause.
7729616 tn?1393799092 I now try and drink a hot milky drink to knock me out before bed. I recently tried hot chocolate with almond milk and within a few minutes my eyes were heavy and dark. And it worked in putting me to sleep too! LOL.
687079 tn?1230952212 Try cutting the tablet into quarters and taking 2 x 1/4 tab twice a day. I found the same with Inderal. I had to space my doses out over 4 times a day. I'm surprised that it has a scoring line as XL usually means slow release. Anyway, you learn something new everyday. Try what I said and cut the tablets into 4 and if your prescribed dosage is 12.5mg (25mg tablet) then take 1/4 twice a day and you will find it settles.
Avatar n tn found out the baby didnt survive... i have had the hardest time keepin track with taking my medication.... some months i never miss a day and others its like my brain is fried and i cant remember for the life of me.... my husband and i were talking about going to the doc to talk about upping my dose for a while just so that in the next 4 months or some i can get pregnant again....