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1451850 tn?1293857143 What is the reason for wanting to increase your meds? Are you still having hypo symptoms? Personally I would run from any doctor that only wanted to diagnose and medicate me on the basis of TSH. TSH is a pituitary hormone that is affected by so many variables that it is totally inadequate as a diagnostic.
Avatar f tn My levels are not totally abnormal but not the greatest and my physician doesn't like making any changes to the Synthroid dose. I have heard of taking both and having an increase in energy and a gradual weight-loss as well. I also suffer from adrenal fatigue(overproduction of cortisol).
909086 tn?1242664364 Has anyone tried taking Cytomel in addition to their Synthroid? I've been taking Synthroid for about a year now, and still don't feel right. I would love to try Armour, but it's completely unavailable, so I was wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad) results with taking both Cytomel and Synthroid?
Avatar f tn I am currently on Synthroid 125 and Cytomel 5 to treat my hypo. I have been on thie Synthroid for over 15years. I have been on the Cytomel for about 10 years. I feel like the Cytomel is a waste of money. I was thinking about gradually dropping it to see if I notice any changes. I feel that 5 mg is hardly enough to notice a difference. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to stabilize or to notice the change.
Avatar m tn In the last year I went to the endo, who given how I was feeling gave me 1.12 of synthroid and the smallest dose of cytomel, and I am on seasonique. I had only been through one pack of the seasonique at this time with no bleeding/spotting. Once I started the cytomel, the spotting started again. The endo told me I should try a half dose of the cytomel. That made no difference. Now she told me to quit the cytomel and see if that helps. Now I am getting a light period.....
Avatar n tn Hi I take synthroid daily and my doc decreased my amount recently. Lately I have been feeling so sluggish and have put on a few pounds. I feel as though i need to go back to my previous dosage even though it was too high. Could my doctor add cytomel to my daily medicine routine? Would that make a difference? I read somewhere that sometimes people need the 2 medicines together to feel thei best. Is that true?
Avatar n tn I am hypo and take synthroid and cytomel. The synthroid was adjusted just recently. I think you may have hit on something when you said to take the cytomel in the afternoon. Gee why didnt I think of that. DUH. Thanks!
Avatar m tn However I really switched to Tirosint with the Sytomel and so far love the Tirosint. I feel "clearer" ...lol.....I know probably sounds goofy, but i am definately feeling a difference. Ralfina- As Barb stated....both meds are completely different hormones. You definately need to have some labs done. Please make sure you ask for Free T4, Free T3 and TSH. Dont let them try to do the Totals instead of the Free's.
Avatar n tn Once it was decided that RAI was not necessary, my endo switched me to Synthroid. I felt wonderful on Cytomel and just okay on Synthroid and my endo does not believe in prescribing Cytomel due to cardiac side effects and the short half life. I went for a second opinion and was told there was no contraindications to Cytomel so I could stop the Synthroid and take Cytomel. With two completely opposing views, I am confused as to why I should do desides seek a third opinion. Any thoughts? Thx.
Avatar f tn What was your original RX on JUST Synthroid when you were taking it alone? What is your Synthroid dose now and what dosage are you taking in Armour?
Avatar n tn To start, I have always taken ALL my meds, synthroid and cytomel together for the last 9 years. Whether feeling good or feeling bad, always all at once. March T4 Free 1.28 (0.82 - 1.77) TSH 0.117 (0.45-4.50 T3 Free 3.0 (2.0 4.4) Symptoms? NONE Med dosage/change? 75 mcg and cytomel 5mcg 2x daily Smoking? YES You missed one..;) JULY T4 1.20 TSH 0.097 T3 3.0 Symptoms??
Avatar n tn i take cytomel in the morning with my synthroid--and also again the afternoon. does cytomel have to be taken an our after synthroid? never heard that but just read that here? also i am getting different information about whether cytomel can be taken with food, or on an empty stomach. also i am on yaz birth control, which i take several hours after my cytomel--is that ok? please help.
Avatar n tn Dr. Mark, My doctor just added Cytomel in addition to my Synthroid. I am taking 137 mg of Synthroid and 25 mg of Cytomel, I am 5'6" and weigh 122 lbs. Does this dose seem to high? I thought when adding Cytomel, the Levothyroxine dosage was suppose to be lowered by 50%?
Avatar n tn This thread is 5 yrs old and shellsfaith hasn't been on the forum since posting this question. As for taking Synthroid and cytomel together, I can't see that it would hurt anything. I take Tirosint and generic T3 at the same time every day, then have my coffee about 20 minutes later. I've been doing this for a while now and have seen no ill effects. I do take all my other meds separately. I also take a second dose of T3 around lunch time.
252327 tn?1250187576 He has added cytomel to my synthroid, I am taking 100mcg synthroid plus 5 of cytomel and in two weeks add another 5 of cytomel. I already feel better, no more brain fog, tiredness and seems like the extra weight in the middle is disappearing. I only weigh 125 lbs but already 6 days later I feel much more toned. I was wondering who is taking cytomel with synthroid.??
Avatar n tn Roughly - and this is just roughly - 90mgs conversion would be about a .112 Synthroid with a .5 Cytomel. Keep in mind that switching over - especially at the beginning could put you at a higher T4 level but should deplete and convert as time goes by IF you are NOT having any problems. Are you switching because of your weight? Looking at your TSH (2.73) - most patients on either Synthroid or Armour would not be well - and gaining weight will be an issue regardless.
Avatar n tn These attacks still happen and the xanax does not work as well. Am on synthroid 100mcg and cytomel 5 mcg. Now I stopped taking the cytomel cause would get heart palpitations. Would like to know if this happens to anyone else or am I crazy. I am very scared and docs don't know what it is. Maybe should see a cardiologist, but what is this feeling of a growth in my throat. I have been tested and they find nothing.
499534 tn?1328707778 I was on 120 mgs of Armour and switched over to 5mcg Cytomel with 88mcg Synthroid. Within 6 weeks I did labs again, and then was increased to 100mcg synthroid and 10 mcg Cytomel. I felt great for a couple of months at this dosage. Recently though I felt myself slipping.....the thyroid swelled and I knew it was the Hashimoto's attacking the thyroid again and knew it would be time for another increase. Labs proved correct.
Avatar n tn My last TSH test was 1, but I still have lots of hypo symptoms!!! I'm wondering if taking a combo of Synthroid and Cytomel might work better. Is anyone taking both drugs for hypo/hashi? Do you feel better? Also, why/how did your MD decide to supplement the cytomel?
Avatar n tn All kinds of combos work for different people, but I would guess that adding T3 to Armour would be a real double whamy of T3. You'd have to watch your free T3 really carefully to avoid toxicosis. Synthroid and Cytomel together are similar to Armour, but it's easier to control the ratio of the two because they're two separate products. However, different things work for different people. Do you have free T3 and free T4 results?
822804 tn?1298229902 I have been taking cytomel 25mcg for about 3 weeks....First was the generic form and I was dealing with alot of heart palpitations...the second script was written for the name brand and the palpitations were alot less,is there any other dosage or any other type of T3 med that I can take that will work?I feel great on Cytomel...i havent felt like this since before I was diagnosed with having hypothyroidism...
Avatar n tn I apologize that this is a bit long, but I want to make sure I am ok, this is my life and I am having uncomfortable things going on with not much support from the specialty clinic I went to to 'get myself well and strong and together', and I am currently looking for a local dr to take over my care as my pcp is clueless, nice guy but not 'who' I need right now.
Avatar f tn I am swithching from 137mcg of Synthroid and 10mcg of Cytomel to Naturethroid and dessicated t4. I found out I am gluten sensitive and allergic to corn. I am having many problems and want to be on a more natural thyroid pill. My recent tests on the Synthroid/Cytomel are: TSH .29 (.8-1.8) Freet3 304 (230-420) Freet4 1.2 (.8-1.8) They want to start me on 125 of dessicated t4 and 1/2 grain of naturethroid. Who can help? I dont know the ratio of the Naturethroid.
Avatar n tn I take,05MG tab Synthroid. I was also recently prescribed 5MCG Cytomel. Do these drugs interact. I had a pituitary adinoma and my TSH is 1.04.
929504 tn?1332589534 To my surprise synthetic did the trick. I'm currently taking both Levothyroxine and Cytomel and things are working out great. I do like (as others have pointed out) that your T3 and T4 meds can be tweaked as needed where as NDT's you can't. There are those who are on NDT who supplement a T4 if needed my doctor was not open to this option though which is why I'm on a synthetic med...no regrets. As one doctor I recently watched had said, "don't get caught up with the synthetic vs.
Avatar f tn I had the same problem even before cytomel. Anxiety with synthroid and itching with levo. I know I need more t4, I just don't know how to go higher without side effects. I'm wondering will the itching go away if I continue to go up, or can I take Xanax together through the anxiety? I need more t4 even though my doc said my labs look great. I'm going to see a doctor on Tuesday that Gimel told me about. I can't wait. Also, I had these symptoms even before cytomel. Please let me know.
1369218 tn?1282427484 You didn't say what amounts of Synthroid and Cytomel you are taking. Upping the dose of Synthroid will also raise your T3 level if your body is converting properly. Cytomel is 4 X stronger than Synthroid. If you must take Nexium, have you tried taking it before bed, so that the dose is widely separated from your thyroid medication? I'm sure it will bind the hormones and make them less effective if you take it simultaneously. You didn't say what problem you are having with your ears.
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 or 3 papers where people taking synthroid only have tested taking morning versus night and they do equally well either way. In fact taking at night gets slightly more absorption – but you have to make sure not to eat/drink anything except water for a couple of hours before bedtime. Of course an advantage of taking it at night is you can get up in the morning and eat/drink right away. As you suggest, it might work out good to compound the T4/T3 together – extended release though.
Avatar n tn Not qualified to address this fully -- and, anyway more information would be needed. Do so feel for you on the weight issue. Cytomel is more potent than the T-4 meds. Depending on how your body handles it, it can be 4 - 7 times more potent. Thus 1 mcg of Cytomel is equivalent to about 4 mcg (or more) of Synthroid. Thus, the addition of Cytomel to your medication has upped your dose from 150 to AT LEAST 190 mcg's. (unless you substituted it in?