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Avatar f tn my dr. just added cytomel to the synthroid 1.75mcg I'm already taking. Why did he add the cytomel?
Avatar f tn 25mcg cytomel starting off, sounds like an anxiety trip waiting to happen? They usually have you split it and take half in the morning with your Synthroid, and then another half in the afternoon.
Avatar n tn The most recent decision was to up the Cytomel to 24 mcg and reduce the Synthroid to 50 mcg. shooting for a higher t3 and a lower t4, to see how that felt in symptoms. Meanwhile, here are the labs. 1/2014 88 Syn/10 Cyt 12/2013 88 Syn/20 Cyt t4, free: 1.2 [Range: 1.2] 1.5 tsh: 0.01 (L) [Range: 0.8-1.8] 0.01 (L) t.3, Free: 2.9 [Range: 2.3-4.
Avatar n tn Through collaboration with the MD and the psychiastist, I have recently been prescribed a combo therapy of Zoloft, Synthroid and Cytomel. My OCD, depression, anxiety, and paranoia have disappeared. Within a couple of hours after taking Cytomel, my lethargic nature left and I felt normal. I also no longer need Xanax. It has been a couple of decades since I have felt this normal. The Cytomel seems to do a better and faster job than Zoloft. I am only taking 25mcg of Cytomel.
Avatar n tn Hi kimberlyn1234, I am on both Synthroid and Cytomel. I was just reduced to 75 Syn and remain at 25 Cytomel. My doctor explained it to me like this: Synthroid is a synthetic T4. Your thyroid works to turn this into T3. Cytomel is a synthetic T3, so it goes right to work without having to go through the "processing". I didn't start on Cytomel but it was added a few years after my diagnosis because my T3's were still low.
198187 tn?1190637930 After my TT by surgeon put me on Cytomel, 50mg daily. I saw my Endo last week, nearly 3 weeks after TT, and he said I should keep taking the Cytomel but cut it in half and take one morning and evening so the affect would last longer. He also said it wouldn't hurt to take another half later in the day if need be.
Avatar n tn I read that Cytomel is four times as potent as Synthroid. So lowering your Synthroid by 25 and putting you on 25 of Cytomel doesnt compute right. I was recently on 175mcg of Synthoid and lowered to 150mcg of Synthroid and the dr added only 5mcg of Cytomel. Maybe get a second opionion. Try asking the thyroid dr on the expert sight.
Avatar n tn How high is your dosage of cytomel that you are taking? Are you splitting that dosage in half and taking half in morning with the other half in the afternoon? Cytomel is very short acting and needs to be split. I split mine and take first thing in AM with my T4 med and then take the other half around 5-6 hours later. I crash and get very fatigued in the afternoons if I forget to take it.
909086 tn?1242664364 Has anyone tried taking Cytomel in addition to their Synthroid? I've been taking Synthroid for about a year now, and still don't feel right. I would love to try Armour, but it's completely unavailable, so I was wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad) results with taking both Cytomel and Synthroid?
Avatar n tn I recently added Cytomel to my Synthroid. Previously, I was taking Synthroid 112mcg 6 x weekly. Dr. reduced to 88 mcg, 7 x and Cytomel 5 mg 2 x daily. The full 5 mg cause real anxiety and palpatations. I was told I could split the pill (challenging! lol) and so far, I am taking only 2.5 approx, once in the am. Will the anxiety settle down? I am considering taking Xanax to level out, as I am not feeling so great, with the edginess.
Avatar f tn I am currently on Synthroid 125 and Cytomel 5 to treat my hypo. I have been on thie Synthroid for over 15years. I have been on the Cytomel for about 10 years. I feel like the Cytomel is a waste of money. I was thinking about gradually dropping it to see if I notice any changes. I feel that 5 mg is hardly enough to notice a difference. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to stabilize or to notice the change.
294590 tn?1194814049 I drove myself to the hospital and in the waiting room while sitting in the chair I fell over and hurt the back of my head. They did a cat scan and xray everything was fine. They checked my heart and such and that was fine. I knew the fast heart beat and nervousness and jitters were from the medication. I called my surgeon in the morning and of course he told me it wasn't the medication and to call me medical doctor and tell him to prescribe something for my as he stated severe anxiety.
Avatar f tn I'm taking synthroid in the morning and Cytomel in the afternoon. Should I be taking the Iodoral with either one of them or separately?
332168 tn?1201030515 I had a TT in Sept. and RAI in Nov. During the time between the TT and RAI, I took only Cytomel and did fine on it. Currently I take 137 of Levothyroxine and 25 mcg of Cytomel. I was taking a half tablet in the morning and once in the early afternoon, but I couldn't manage to remember to take the afternoon dose in a timely fashion, and sometimes was kept up at night. I asked my doctor about just upping the Levo and dropping the cytomel, but he seems to think that it's best I'm on both.
1139187 tn?1355710247 My ears have been ringing like crazy but i dont have the weird buzzing/neuropothy feeling i had before when taking synthroid and tirosint. I am assuming and hoping that my body will adjust, but can a person Just take cytomel forever? Is this healthy? I dose it throughout the day. I take it in very small amounts either 1.25 or 2.5. I have even been taking a bit later in the day like 5 pm or 6 pm. I think its helping me make it through the day. 1. can i take this forever? 2.
Avatar f tn I go in last week for my regular bloodwork and this morning the doc calls and says my T4 is great but my T3 is low and he's putting me on 5mg of Cytomel once a day. What can I expect on this medication? I've never taken it and I don't really read the posts about it because I didn't really know what it was. Is starting on this gonna put my whole body out of whack again? Please tell me NO! I don't have my lab results on hand yet as my endo hasn't posted them yet so I can't give my numbers.
Avatar f tn I just started cytomel in addition to the synthyroid I have been taking daily for two years. ??? Do I take on an empty stomach and wait to eat?? Or can I take and eat immediately?? My endo said to wait to eat, but pharmacists said I could eat with cytomel as long as no calcium, vitamins taken. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I think that maybe my liver isn't processing the T4 into T3 as it should. My doctor has finally added cytomel. She reduced the synthroid from 100mcg to 88mcg and added 5 mcg of cytomel 2x daily. I have quit gaining weight and feel I have a little more energy, but still far from my normal. She has agreed to raise the cytomel now to 10 mcg twice daily. Why is she so hesitant to add the cytomel and what would you suggest.
Avatar n tn The synthroid (t4) is usually lowered when one starts cytomel -- there is no proven benefit of combining T4 and T3 -- if you feel better with it and the level of TSH is not too low (<0.3 usually) then it may be reasonable, but if not then there is no clear role for routine use of cytomel with a slightly low free T3 level. T3 levels fluctuate during the day so interpret labs w/ caution. TSH remains the best reflection of appropriate dosing.
Avatar n tn I was on synthetic meds (Synthroid and the like) for 25 years (I'm 37) and this past year began having more hypo symptoms, despite "normal" TSH. My PCP kept lowering my dose, despite my complaints. Finally I switched PCP's and while awaiting my first appt with my new PCP, did TONS of research on this forum as well as Mary Shomon's website and others, in addition to reading some books on thyroid maintenance.
Avatar f tn after only taking 112 synthroid And severe hypo symptoms my dr. at my request added 5 mcg of cytomel. Although i still continue to suffer from hypo symptoms such as severe hair loss, joint pain, constipation and brain fog, my energy has increased since adding the cytomel. I have not been able to find an endo knowledgeable or willing enough to help. however, i did find a general practitioner who is willing to try various meds. However, she is not very knowleadgeable with hypothyroidism.
Avatar m tn In the last year I went to the endo, who given how I was feeling gave me 1.12 of synthroid and the smallest dose of cytomel, and I am on seasonique. I had only been through one pack of the seasonique at this time with no bleeding/spotting. Once I started the cytomel, the spotting started again. The endo told me I should try a half dose of the cytomel. That made no difference. Now she told me to quit the cytomel and see if that helps. Now I am getting a light period.....
545991 tn?1214440712 Now after going back on Synthroid my doctor feels that my Free T3's are on the low side of low 236 and is putting me on 100 Synthroid from 137 and 10 mcg of Cytomel my question is because this is a t3 issue is the reason I am not producing Free T3 levels due to RT3 or that I and is my pain going to come back what causes this? my T4 level was .39 and I am a Thyca survivor that just wants to get back to normal.
590006 tn?1221275120 I will seriuosly reconsider using Cytomel. I'm a Hashi hypo sufferer. My T3 is in the normal range and my TSH is 1.4. My endo was going to put me on Cytomel 5 mcg just in the morning (not twice a day). I took Cytomel for a year a couple years back. It made me feel better (fatigue and brain fog gone), but I became hyper one year later. My TSH was .419. I thought trying the Cytomel again with a TSH of 1.4 would work with an adjustment to the unithroid. And truthfully I feel lousy at 1.4.
Avatar f tn Free T3 levels must be checked regularly, along with TSH and Free T4, when taking cytomel. Cytomel is usually not recommended unless you have a conversion problem or for some other reason, your Free T3 is out of line. In addition, you should constantly be aware of any symptoms that might indicate that you are taking too much. Oldie - I, too, have heard that cytomel should not be used by persons with heart issues.
1070570 tn?1283439813 For those taking synthroid AND cytomel, Please list the dosages you take of each and at what time throughout the day. Also please list any experiences -good or bad- you've had with this combination. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi I take synthroid daily and my doc decreased my amount recently. Lately I have been feeling so sluggish and have put on a few pounds. I feel as though i need to go back to my previous dosage even though it was too high. Could my doctor add cytomel to my daily medicine routine? Would that make a difference? I read somewhere that sometimes people need the 2 medicines together to feel thei best. Is that true?
1040628 tn?1268658506 I am 6 mos post op (thyroidectomy) and I felt wonderful on Cytomel. The problem is my doctor switched me to Synthroid because he indicated Cytomel has a short half life and can cause "cardiac" side effects. In place of taking Prozac for depression, I was wondering why the doctor won't consider adding Cytomel to the Synthroid dosage so we can kill two birds with one stone.
Avatar n tn I am hypo and take synthroid and cytomel. The synthroid was adjusted just recently. I think you may have hit on something when you said to take the cytomel in the afternoon. Gee why didnt I think of that. DUH. Thanks!