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Avatar m tn Cymbalta and Zoloft are two different types of AD's. Cymbalta is a SNRi and Zoloft is a SSRi. I had very bad withdraw when I stopped Zoloft. So my Dr. had me wean off it. From experience ( 2 x's I had to stop taking Zoloft ) I would HIGHLY recommend slowly getting off the Zoloft. I don't think that it can be 'switched'.
Avatar m tn I have had some very bad experiences with some of the other SSRI's (Zoloft, paxil, celexa, lexapro) as far as sleep/sexual/cognitive disturbances but I feel like some prescription help may (still) be warranted. I just wanted to see what anyone had to say regarding their experiences with this drug. Thanks!
1823499 tn?1370093889 I am not experienced with Cymbalta and I was never on it....I know it is used for those with fibro.....and I wonder with being laid off if some of ur issues r stress related? Stress will manifest differently in a post op person...we r more sensitive..... Try and relax....
1168718 tn?1464987135 Has anyone else been taken off their regular antidepressants ( that seem to be working) .... and changed from Zoloft to Cymbalta ? I have been reading about it, and weight gain is something that I don't want to deal with, and some of the side effects aren't so nice. I have been getting these lumps all through my body, and they are painful at times, and I think he thought maybe it would work for pain and help me sleep better to, I do take Zoplicone to sleep 2x7.5 mg. pills................
177382 tn?1253044740 Soma is a muscle relaxer which has some pain relieveing properties and Zydone is a low dose hydrocodone with low dose tylenol. The problem with taking these is that I built up a tolerance and I either need more or I stop taking them until I can resume at the low amount that helps. Ultram is a widely used pain receptor blocker. I have many friends with FM and including myself, find it to work wonders. Ultram and Ultram xr have been approved for treatment in Fibromyalgia.
268911 tn?1213748381 5 years and nothing seems to reduce my anxiety in an effective way. I am staring at a bottle of Cymbalta and Zoloft and wondering which one to take. I have GAD and early last year I was taking Cymbalta but remember some pretty bad side effects like dizzyness, confusion and restlessness. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar m tn My pain mgt doc is taking me off Zoloft 200 mg and switching me to Cymbalta, ive cut the Zoloft in half for 9 days and he said after14 days go to 50 then start Cymbalta, I feel really bad I also take roxycodone my internal med doc has not been informed, should I talk with the IM doc cause I would really like to start Cymbalta, thank u
Avatar m tn I heard Zoloft is the most prescribed SSRI, and a recent study of all 12 major anti-depressants concluded that Zoloft was most effective. Does Zoloft cause weight gain? I already take Wellbutrin because a) it has helped me quit smoking cigarettes, and b) helps control my appetite, and c) there aren't sexual side-effects.
Avatar f tn I have been taking zoloft and it has been three days I feel worse then i flt before I started taking it. So I have decided to not take it I have tried it two other times and it just makes me feel so sick. When will the headache and stomach ache a light headed go away?
Avatar m tn DON'T INCREASE THE DOSAGE BEFORE CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Trust me I learned this one the hard way with a Cymbalta and Eskalith combo and it damn near killed me. I took way too much and got very sick. Last time I ever disregard my P-Docs orders.
Avatar n tn who cares if you have to take a pill everyday if its safe, doctor perscribed, NON ADDICTIVE, and helps with your moods and possibly with your addiction!! If it wasn't for zoloft I would never want to stop using oxycotin but that is no way to live... I'm sure you have lost money and friends as have I!! I have SERIOUS anxiety which the zoloft helps me with but honestly its the therapy that will help us all the most!! And Xanax for an addict is a death trap....
Avatar n tn As an adult I've fluctuated between 175-195. About 3 years ago I started taking Zoloft gradually. I think I started with no more than 25mg per day, maybe less. Over the next few months I tapered up to higher doses. During those months I started craving carbohydrates. We all get cravings now and then and I didn't think much of it. But I started making special trips to the store just to buy peanut M&M's. Within less than 2 months I had gained 30 lbs.
Avatar f tn My psych just switched me to Cymbalta, on for 5 days I was instructed to decrease to 50 mg Zoloft, then the 6th day do 25 mg Zoloft and take 20 mg cymbalta. Then just continue with only 20 mg cymbalta. I feel like it’s a really low dose and since just being on the cymbalta already I feel sick and massive headache and dizziness . My psych is out of town until 3 weeks so not sure if anyone else has insight on this?
Avatar f tn Appt w/psychiatrist. The NP switched me to Zoloft. Low dose of Zoloft for a week(50mg) while taking low dose Cymbalta for a week(30mg). Week 2- stop Cymbalta and start 100mg Zoloft. Appx Feb 8, I had a horrible panic attack (hadn't had one in YEARS). Then everything snowballed- anxiety, agitation, feeling crazy, disconnected, frightened. Called Psych & got in. Apparently Zoloft not a good med for me.
Avatar f tn Appt w/psychiatrist. The NP switched me to Zoloft. Low dose of Zoloft for a week(50mg) while taking low dose Cymbalta for a week(30mg). Week 2- stop Cymbalta and start 100mg Zoloft. Appx Feb 8, I had a horrible panic attack (hadn't had one in YEARS). Then everything snowballed- anxiety, agitation, feeling crazy, disconnected, frightened. Called Psych & got in. Apparently Zoloft not a good med for me.
Avatar n tn is it ok to gradually taper off of cymbalta and slowly add in small amount of zoloft.....i am currently on 30 mg of cymbalta, down from original 60 mg for quite a few years.....my neurologist wants me to compl etely stop the cymbalta and start on 50 mg of zoloft, which i do not want to do because of the horrible cymbalta withdrawal, which i am already experiencing at 30mg.....
310072 tn?1209735352 I can tell you I've been on Prozac (still am), Zoloft, Cymbalta, Elavil, and Trazadone. I am about to supplement the Prozac with a very low dose of Remeron (to assist in sleep--which is probably the biggest issue for me). And I am one who absolutely hates having to take medication. This has been a long time, ongoing battle. But I've found I am better able to cope and find my way through on these drugs then not. I'm down to a low dose of Prozac.
Avatar m tn Did the EMG test and afterwards he gave me Cymbalta to take...said it has been shown to help with neuropathy. I started taking this drug last Tuesday and noticed after a few days I could not sleep and my appitite went AWAY. I also noticed that I would experience bouts of what I call "anxiety" attacks that felt like someone was standing on my chest..they would last anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours.
Avatar f tn If you did have ADHD the Cymbalta probably would have helped with those symptoms, lol. I didn't have this when I took Cymbalta, but did with Effexor. Unfortunately, these medications are not without side-effects and CNS hyper-arousal is one of them (in some people). It's good that you discontinued it. Maybe something like Neurontin would be more helpful, with less side-effects. Take care.
Avatar f tn My dr wants me off all meds because i have pill phobia,but wanted me to try this lower dose of cymbalta.............i also go a sore throat after taking it yesterday and it has always gave me dierehha.........any answers or advice would be great.........
Avatar f tn my friend is considering taking cymbalta for depression after trying effexor and other depression drugs. Has any one taking this drug and is there a difference? What about lexapro, prozac and zoloft? We have an appointment with a psych next week and would like to know as much info as possiable before going so we can make the best decision for her meds. thank you for your advise.
480448 tn?1426952138 Just wanted to get some input from those of you who have had experience with Cymbalta. I post this poll with the understanding that everyone is different....I just would like some info. Thanks all!
Avatar f tn I have bad aniety attacks that stays with me all day, lost my job last year, Drs or making me stress, took zoloft, paxil, lexepro had sideeffects from all, ativan worked for the attacks but instill of the dr increaseing the dose he put me on xanax low dose, me trusting him took it for two years started have attacks again when to a different ER and was told i was going through withdraws i was shock to learn this even thou i was takeing the meds daily, now i don't trust the Dr.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Cymbalta for 2 months and it has been a really really good medication for me with the depressiona and anxiety.Unfortunately I have gained 15lbs. I went from excercising 2x's a week to now excercising 7 days a week and going into the sauna for 20min and also have been cutting down in the amount of food I eat, where as before I didn't eat very much anyway. If somebody has a solution please share your secret.
Avatar f tn The first week I took 30mg Cymbalta with 50mg Zoloft. After that week, I stopped Cymbalta and went to 100mg Zoloft. It's now a little over 4 weeks since the switch and I'm having panic attacks like I haven't had in years & also that disassociation feeling that goes along w/anxiety & depression. Per NP @ Psychs office, I'm to cut Zoloft dose to 50mg. Today was the first day. Tmr I go back to Psych to discuss dosage &/or trying a different med.
Avatar m tn So if Zoloft really don't work i would realy sugest the Cymbalta. Some info on Cymbalta Duloxetine (Cymbalta, Yentreve) is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly. It is effective for major depressive disorder and it is as effective as venlafaxine in generalised anxiety disorder. It is well tolerated and is considered a first line treatment strategy.
Avatar f tn I'm taking zoloft and have for years... My doctor is thinking about switching me to Cymbalta... for fibromyalgia pain. Think it might help?
Avatar n tn Are you taking Zoloft for both anxiety and depression? It's not uncommon to have side effects the first few weeks. But, we're all different and respond to these meds differently. Zoloft might not be a good med for you. With you being on it for around 2 weeks you might be fine just quitting it cold turkey. Do you know anything about Cymbalta? It's one of the more stimulating antidepressants and it really does'nt help with anxiety much.
1682930 tn?1305085537 and was given cymbalta to deal with pain years ago then mhmr started usng it for my depression(over being in so much pain) i see a pain dr, and take opana, narco's and morphine for the many illness i have and no pain killer is touching this withdrawal pain. I found a old bottle of zoloft would that ease the symptoms at all?