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Avatar n tn I have started taking cymbalta lil over 15 days ago, i have noticed i have a stong sexual desire, but its as if i'm numb and can't enjoy sexual pleasure. has anyone experienced that with cymbalta? i am taking 30 mg is there a similar medicine i can take that won't do this? should i stop? it's very frustrating.
Avatar f tn I am sure that u made your decision long ago, but I just want to note my experience for someone else's future reference. I took it for depression & fibromyalgia (chronic pain all over the body, which also makes wearing clothing uncomfortable often). I was on it for about 5 months & weaned myself to 30mg from 60mg because I got kicked off of Medicaid, and put on Medicare, having to pay a lot more out of pocket than I can handle.
177382 tn?1253044740 Soma is a muscle relaxer which has some pain relieveing properties and Zydone is a low dose hydrocodone with low dose tylenol. The problem with taking these is that I built up a tolerance and I either need more or I stop taking them until I can resume at the low amount that helps. Ultram is a widely used pain receptor blocker. I have many friends with FM and including myself, find it to work wonders. Ultram and Ultram xr have been approved for treatment in Fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn Can you please tell me if you taking 20 mgs of Cymbalta with the Wellbutrin would help my condition. Also would it have any interaction with my thyroid condition; previously was on lamictal 400 mgs and cymbalta 60 mgs and broke out in severe rash and had to be rushed to hospital - where I was taken off both drugs.
Avatar f tn However you are taking lamictal and I wonder if you have had past problems with hypomania? Wellbutrin can cause a hypomanic episode in some people so watch out for that. I think you are doing great tapering your pain pills. That is extremely hard to do and it is good that you found this site. Keep posting and people here will help you through that withdrawal. One other thought, based on lots of personal experience, the pain pills cause depression.
Avatar f tn I was on Cymbalta for 5 years and it just stopped working. I like my Cymbalta and had very little side effects with it for many years but all of a sudden I started getting headaches and anxiety, sleeping all day and missing days at a time from work. They have switched me to Cypralex now and I am quite concerned it won't do as much for me. It has only been a few days so I cannot determine the effects quite yet, except that I have the shakes really bad.
Avatar f tn My Dr just prescribed wellbutrin. Just wondered what peoples experience with this was.
Avatar n tn You must be ultra sensitive to Psychotropic meds. The amount of Welbutrin your taking is hardly enough to even produce a response in a small child. Welbutrin takes about 4 to 6 weeks at a theraputic dosage to start working at full effect. Notice I say "theraputic dosage." your dosgae may not even be a theraputic level. I would think about it and ask yourself this question; "am I getting more benifit from taking the drug or less?
Avatar m tn In July 2008 I switched over from Zoloft and Invega to Wellbutrin and Cymbalta. At that time, these were my only medications. In August 08, when I stood up from my chair, my legs had terrible tremors. They were so bad that I had to hold onto the desk. This still happens today. I also experience leg tremors when descending stairs - but not going up. I get minor tremors while going from a standing to a sitting position. My right hand has started to tremor - kind of fast but mild.
Avatar n tn Hi. I started on Cymbalta 30mg back in May 2007 when my mom was dianosed with cancer. I am a nurse and everyone was asking me what to do about her and I was having a hard time dealing with it myself, not to mention dealing with everyone else. Well, my doc started me on Cymbalta and Xanax 0.5 prn and Lunesta 3mg to help me sleep (but that is mainly b/c I work 3rd shift and have problems sleeping before all this started.
Avatar f tn I have been taking cymbalta(60mg) and wellbutrin (200mg) daily for 3 years. I decided I was tired of taking it, it didn't seem to be helping me anymore, and I was tired of the expense. I quit wellbutrin cold turkey about a 5 days ago and I quit cymbalta cold turkey 3 days ago. I now feel like I am losing my mind. I have been feeling and acting somewhat manic. I have felt kind of 'hi' and actually like it.
Avatar m tn I'm worried that the combination of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin can cause this. Is the combintation of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin safe? Thanks very much!
Avatar f tn There are no withdrawals with wellbutrin, especially if you are switched to cymbalta. Please do not worry. Feel well.
Avatar n tn Can you please tell me if Wellbutrin XL will help with anxiety issues. Or can the medication Cymbalta be of better use?
Avatar m tn it was given to help with fatigue/energy during the day. i take cymbalta at nite. cymbalta and i get along fairly well at low dose. sometimes i feel like i'm anxietied out for no reason. not like a MS anxiety or exacerbation anxiety. i think you folks clinched it for me. yep, i'm aksing for something else. it was supposed to help with anger thoughts, like a ptsd type of thing. i think it has made it a bit worse. LOL thanks so much for your feedback and stories. helps me sort things out.
Avatar m tn I didn't really have any problems with wellbutrin at first. I felt great. I had a ton of energy, I was getting things done, and I had no suicidal thoughts. Then all of the sudden things went totally wrong. It's like the medication just wore off. Now it feels like my depression is back in full swing. I have no energy, I can't get anything done, and I feel like just giving up. The only thing that I can think of is I used to use bupropion by watson and now they gave me budeprion by teva.
Avatar f tn I have been taking cymbalta(60mg) and wellbutrin (200mg) daily for 3 years. I decided I was tired of taking it, it didn't seem to be helping me anymore, and I was tired of the expense. I quit wellbutrin cold turkey about a 5 days ago and I quit cymbalta cold turkey 3 days ago. I now feel like I am losing my mind. I have been feeling and acting somewhat manic. I have felt kind of 'hi' and actually like it.
Avatar n tn Today I remembered that the only new medication I am taking is Wellbutrin, so I just found this sight. Glad to know that if I stop my hair will grow back. I hope they can replace it so I don't get depressed, however going bald is quite depressing.
572651 tn?1531002957 I'm wondering if any of you have experience with Cymbalta or Lyrica.... Why was it prescribed - what symptom was it supposed to work for? how long did it take for it to begin working with your pain? Did you have any problems with side effects? Anything else you can add?
Avatar m tn It doesn't really even help anymore but I am too afraid to get off. Now my doctor wants me to get on Wellbutrin inconjuction with Effex. I don't think I should. suggestions or comments?
Avatar n tn Were you on Wellbutrin first and did well on it? Or, were you on Cymbalta first? If you really think Cymbalta is the med causing your anxiety you need to work with your Dr as far as tapering off it. Getting off it can be done. I took it myself and was able to taper with my Drs help until I was completely off it.
Avatar f tn My GP gave me 2 weeks worth of samples of Cymbalta 30mg, saying it'll help with management of my chronic pain. I already take Wellbutrin 150 XL once a day, would it be safe to take both together? I had a bad reaction to Paxil and Lexapro made me oh so sleepy, worried about Cymbalta being the same way.... If anyone tried it or been taking it, please share your experience. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have come off of a lot of my medications. My final meds are Wellbutrin, Trazodone and Cymbalta. The Wellbutrin is suppose to take the place of the cymbalta. After horrible withdrawal, I came completely off of Cymbalta last week. I became so depressed that I couldn't stand to talk, much less move. All I wanted to do was sleep and be left alone. When I did interact, I was grizzly mean.
727401 tn?1231198965 I have been on 120mg of Cymbalta since 1/2010 and it's worked great until the last 3 months. What is another drug I can take that will work as well? I've been on Prozac previously for 12 years, Effexor XR for 7 years. Could I go back on one of those with as good results? I need something not as expensive either...generic preferred, as I am on disability. Thanks for any help!
Avatar f tn My GP gave me two weeks worth of Cymbalta 30mg samples, saying that it'd help me with the chronic pain I've been dealing with since September, caused by occipital neuralgia. A blast of cold air really makes the pain untolerable and I don't want to be popping 7 tylenols a day for the next few months. I'm also taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg for depression, Klonopin 1mg as needed for anxiety, and recently my doctor added Aderrall 10mg/day to help with my ADD-PI.
1258539 tn?1293843802 I have been living with severe anxiety and depression along with depersonalization for the last 6 months. I just started cymbalta 60mg. Was wondering if anyone thinks this might help with the anxiety and depersonalization feelings?
Avatar f tn I still really want to give Savella another go, but am going to taper off of Cymbalta waaay slower than last time. For now I am taking the Cymbalta. In my opinion it doesn't do squat for my pain, but does help with my mood and energy.