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Avatar f tn my son just so happens to be here right now. he has been on cymbalta for two years now...after trying prozac and effexor. he has alot of anxiety also and it seems to work the best for him. i asked him about the side effects...and he said he had none...no brain zaps either. guess everyone is different on how things affect them. the prozac and effexor both made him more depressed.
Avatar f tn I was given cymbalta almost a year ago along with Lyrica, to add to the Prozac, Fentynal, Soma, Feldine(sp??) cocktail i was already taking. I stopped taking it within two months!
1627868 tn?1333889942 I was wondering if anyone here has taken or currently is taking cymbalta and what their experience with it is. My doctor wants me to start taking this at a low dose, I believe it's 30mg once a day, to see if it would help with my pain. She said she can also add neurontin down the road if needed. I just don't know.... I have read some pretty bad stories about the withdrawl from cymbalta and I really don't want to go through that, especially if I try it and it ends up not even helping anyways.
Avatar f tn I went to see another Doctor, this Doctor was not aware of the withdrawal symptoms of discontinuing Cymbalta, just that its not recommended that I take it with the Prozac, she said quit the Cymbalta and she would see me back in 2 weeks and she would prescribe the Prozac. Well that was a last Monday, its Saturday, I have never felt headaches and pain like this in my life, and I have fibromyalgia, I know pain.
Avatar f tn I believe it works best on depression more than depression pain. Now after years of use my dr. has put me Abilify 2mg in am along with the Cymbalta with the plan to cut my Cymbalta dose while raising the Abilify. I tell ya, my feet hurt more, my legs hurt more and I feel more depressed and that's without cutting down on the Cymbalta yet. I also gain some weight and crave high carbs and sweets more than I did before Cymbalta alone and the 2 meds together.
390848 tn?1215807661 cybalta was just too strong for me, it wired me like i was on cocaine, but i know several peopel who i respect that do well on cymbalta all people respond different when they start taking psyc meds., it can become a roller coaster ride finding the right medication i took paxil in the 7th grade, hated it!
Avatar n tn I took Prozac many years ago with no problem so I agreed. At his suggestion, I stopped the Cymbalta cold turkey (90mg) and switched the next day to Prozac (60 mg). Four days after I started I began to get pounding heartbeat-- but I dont' feel nervous or anxious-- just feels like my heart is beating out of my chest. I did a websearch and don't see anything that talks about rapid heartbeat associated with either withdrawal from Cymbalta or as a side effect of Prozac so I'm REAL confused.
Avatar n tn My son who is 16 years old has been diagnosed with severe depression and social anxiety. He has been on 40 mg of Prozac for about a year. He stopped taking it around Christmas and ended up in the hospital. When he got out they raised his dose to 60 mg but he was telling them that he felt even worse (more anxiety and depression and thoughts of suicide). At our last appointment they told us to taper off the Prozac for 2 weeks by going to 40 mg for a week and then 20 mg.
Avatar n tn I was wondering as I'm tapering down to every other day to 20mg of Prozac for two weeks, if I could start taking 15-30mg of Cymbalta with it. I want to get the Cymbalta on board before I fall off the deep end, but don't want to end up with serotonin syndrom either. Please help....My pdoc is not very familiar with Cymbalta so she just isn't sure how to transition in the safest way. I have quit Prozac cold turkey before and transitioned right to Lexapro with no problems at all.
Avatar f tn I was taking Prozac for 10 yrs when I started having mild panic attacks sometimes in the afternoon/early evening. Tried Cylexa but too many side effects. Switched to Cymbalta but had shaky hands and severe headaches. Switched back to Prozac a week ago but still feel a little blue. Does it take the normal 1-4 weeks for the Prozac to take full effect?
310072 tn?1209735352 I can tell you I've been on Prozac (still am), Zoloft, Cymbalta, Elavil, and Trazadone. I am about to supplement the Prozac with a very low dose of Remeron (to assist in sleep--which is probably the biggest issue for me). And I am one who absolutely hates having to take medication. This has been a long time, ongoing battle. But I've found I am better able to cope and find my way through on these drugs then not. I'm down to a low dose of Prozac.
Avatar f tn I am getting ready to start cymbalta after being on prozac for over 8 years. Prozac initially helped with my depression but made my anxiety worse (I didn't realize this, just thought I had developed anxiety along with the depression). Recently after going through detox for a drug problem, and speaking with two detox nurses, I have learned a great deal about these meds. Prozac is actually a more "speedy" anti depressant, which explains why when I took it at night, I could never sleep.
Avatar f tn My dr wants me off all meds because i have pill phobia,but wanted me to try this lower dose of cymbalta.............i also go a sore throat after taking it yesterday and it has always gave me dierehha.........any answers or advice would be great.........
480448 tn?1426952138 Just wanted to get some input from those of you who have had experience with Cymbalta. I post this poll with the understanding that everyone is different....I just would like some info. Thanks all!
804276 tn?1480861656 i want to start taking cymbalta for bipolar depression and chronic pain and wondered if anyone takes this, what the side effects are and how it helped with pain and depression. i take prozac and lortab and would like to get off the lortab and can't take prozac all the time because it makes me severely anxious if i'm not in a major depression. any advice or experience stories would be helpful.
727401 tn?1231198965 It may not though so all you can do is give it a try. You seem to do well on the more stimulating meds like Prozac and Cymbalta. Another one that may work is Wellbutrin. I'm not sure if that one comes in generic though. Your Dr can let you know.
1033596 tn?1252523193 The only med I know of without weight gain is Prozac, but it's very different than Cymbalta, so don't go quitting precipitously, and there's no guarantee Prozac would do anything for you in a good way. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Both of these are two of the most difficult meds out there, especially when you want to stop taking them. I'd go with ssris first since snris can be very stimulating, or tricyclics, or just try therapy and see if you can do it that way. I don't think either of these will give you tremors, that's usually the mood disorder drugs, but side effects are peculiar to the individual, they don't necessarily go along with the med. What's easy for one is hard for another.
1094370 tn?1317138425 Literally, I felt better within two weeks of starting the ABX. I've had two doctors tell me that Cymbalta isn't really effective unless you are taking 60mg, so I don't know what to think. Although I'm feeling much better, I'm now suddenly a little discouraged that the Cymbalta is masking my symptoms. I increased the Cymbalta to 30 mg a couple of weeks ago.
1568752 tn?1295509128 I asked her to put me back on the Prozac she'd taken me off of to put me on the Cymbalta, and another doctor upped the dose of my Prozac, but I'm still on that damn Cymbalta! The Prozac is helping with the depression, but the anxiety has me out of my skin! Can someone PLEASE suggest something??!!! I took Xanax for years and it worked wonders for my anxiety, but because of the abuse of that drug of late, doctors are scared to prescribe it. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I have just stopped taking 80 mg prozac after about 6 mos. I liked the prozac because it made me so happy and carefree.But it just did not stop my jitters from anxiety. So I stopped prozac one day and began Cymbalta the next (30mg for the first week and then 60 mg for the past 31/2 wks. I do have less anxiety now with the Cymbalta but I also have lost that jovial attitude that I was begininning to enjoy with the prozac.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Cymbalta 30 mg for 3 weeks and have noticed more frequent bleeding/bruising. Just wondering if anyone else has similar experience? I am not taking any other drugs (including pain killers). Thanks.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist gave me the option of adding Wellbutrin to Lexapro to see if that helps the depression, or to switch from Lexarpo to Cymbalta or Prozac, and continue taking the Buspar. I've taken Buspar twice and have never noticed a difference in my anxiety level. I told my psychiatrist that my regular MD said Wellbutrin would likely have more negative side effects than other drugs, which is why she never prescribed it in the past. (I have a very difficult time with SSRI's.
Avatar f tn I started taking them 1 yr ago. That's why my dr switched me from prozac to cymbalta because it offers some pain relief. I'm also laying on a heating pad for my back right now, ha! I know, it *****!
Avatar n tn It was not good for me. Along with this I could not orgasm while taking the effexor. As soon as I stoped taking effexor, my orgasms were easily obtained. I am again feeling down, tired, sleeping so much, and cry for silly reasons. This is an off an on recurring thing and when an actually bad event happens in my life, I go through this deep depression. This has been happening since I was atleast 14 years old. Possibly earlier.
Avatar f tn If you only take it to help with the withdrawal there should not be an issue with then stopping the Prozac. Often times when the dr has someone stop taking one anti-depressant for another without properly tapering, folks will mistake what seem like bad side effects of the new drug with what very well may be withdrawal symptoms of the previous drug. Best advice--taper very very very slowly.
Avatar n tn I had the same nasty experience with Cymbalta. Prior to that I had taken Effexor for many years and had withdrawl when I swapped it for another med, but not as bad as with the Cymbalta. Not to mention that even after three months on a high dosage of Cymbalta it never really did work for me. That's why I stopped it. I did a very slow taper off with the Cymbalta. 5 weeks slow dosage taper. It helped, but withdrawl from it was the worst I have ever had from any AD med.