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Avatar dr m tn He said, just continue to be vigilant (as I always am -- about any signs of anaphylaxis with any drug or OTC I am taking). To me, Celebrex is a wonder drug ... previously I was on Bextra (which did me lots of good and I had no problems with it), but when it was taken off the market, I was put on Naprosyn for a little over a year and it caused the same terrible stomach problems I had developed when I was on massive daily doses of Motrin.
Avatar n tn Despite the high prices on subutex, it works great. However, I am terified of taking anything (vicodin/norco) that will throw me back into withdrawals, but because I broke my hand, I need something strong for the pain. How long does it take subutex to ware out of your system so i can take vicodin for pain because am terified!
Avatar n tn I've been taking 30 Vicodin HPs a week for a year now, but I am still suffering and I am finding it difficult to concentrate after taking Vicodin. I want to stop taking Vicodin before I become more dependant on it than I already am. My Dr. has suggested switching to Ultram in the past. Some pharmacist say that Ultram is addictive while others say it is not. Before I switch to another medication I would like to know what I am getting myself into. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
225156 tn?1198897104 I was diagnosed with a painful chronic illness 8 years ago - but have been able to manage it with Celebrex and injections of Humira. The vicodin was only to manage the pain from St Pat's Day to Memorial Day (when Rheumatoid pain is at it's 'worst'). My fears are that 1) I've become addicted, 2) I've noticed a definite change in personality - I tend to be nit picky and extremely Type A (house cleanliness wise) and, 3) am now on an emotional roller-coaster.
Avatar m tn First off let me thank everyone for taking the time to read this... To make a long story short I have been battling a Norco addiction off and on for 4 years now...I have quit for months at a time in the past but have always envitably found myself back on them... Currently I am taking more than I ever have in years past (Approx 6-10 Norco 10/325's a day). Maybe its just me but it seems that every time I attempt to quit the w/d symptoms seem to get worse.
Avatar n tn During the course of the colitis which lasted about a month or so this time, I kept taking the vicodin and was also given a script for valium/5 to help me sleep while i was on the prednisone (steroid).
Avatar m tn The reason I ask is, is it possible that you have masked an underlying, serious condition with the Tramadol, Vicodin, and Xanax that may now be rearing its ugly head in the form of these symptoms? Bounce-back pain (I think they've called it here) is common when withdrawing from opiate pain-killers. It can be more severe that the original pain for which the medications were used. This could also be your problem.
Avatar n tn I had back surgery about 10 months ago. Before the surgery I was taking Vicodin on and off. Then after back surgery I was on Tylenol #3 with Codine. Now the last few months been on narcotics. I have back pain and started seeing a pain management doctor. He put me on all different types of drugs and I have had three steriod injections. I still take the Vicodin for pain and was up to six a day. (ON a really bad day). Is it addicting to take it for medical use?
Avatar n tn I had a great response from Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine). I'm taking methotrexate and Remicade which are helping with the joint pain and tramadol for break thru pain.
Avatar n tn But my back pain is so bad and I have had an awful night and feel terrible this morning. How much longer? And how can I live with this pain again when I have had a few months of ease and know how much difference that has made to my life?
Avatar n tn but don't know a thing about it. Detoxing with other drugs, for me, would've been just as bad as detoxing with vicodin. I took no somas, ultram or valium & have full bottles of all in my cabinet to this day. This is a personal choice on my part. You said you have scholarship potential earlier. DO NOT ruin that for the little high you may feel you or the relief of withdrawl symptoms. You WILL get through but give it time.
Avatar n tn I don't know how much help I can be since I am 2 months post tx but I was prescribed remeron (antidepressant) that helps with sleep. (the soluable tabs work much better and faster) also I was given Vicodin for joint pain. The remeron I started a month before tx. Good luck to you.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I have been off of them for a little over 3 months and I have less pain now than when I was taking the Vicodin. The more time that you put between you and the opiates, the less pain you will have. I'm not saying that you will never have pain. Like I said I hurt every single day. I have just focused my efforts on finding alternate ways to treat and manage this pain. I'm not saying you, or I, or anyone for that matter will never need another opiate again. That's not necessarily realistic.
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome here-.... i have no experience of taking them for pain but i have heard many people here saying that after quitting them, they experience less pain than while they were on the pills... there is the socalled rebound pain after quitting, you will experience bouts of inreased pain but it does gets better so i will commend you for trying a new way without addictive painkillers to deal with your pain...You don't have to be a martyr either...
175688 tn?1297560247 Sorry for being so impatient but I posted a question awhile ago about taking Meloxicam or Elavil to help with withdrawals from vicodin....does anyone know if either one of these helps or what I can do in order to make this go smoother?? Please let me know.
350801 tn?1201928363 ) Anyway, I don't know if you all recall that we had discussed Darvocet a while back, but he told me he wouldn't prescribe it because there are to many side effects. He did give me more Vicodin - 25 a week. And along with that he gave me 2 other meds, Nortriptyline 10mg. and Relefan. I am hesitant to start the Vicodin again, I have been feeling so good without it (Mentally) but I do have intense pain. I fugure I will use the other 2, and he says it's not addictive.
Avatar n tn sounds like something I would be ok with doing but I am here to stop taking so many pills so... I would call a 24 hour pharmacy in your area.
Avatar f tn In the pase I have been treated with methotrexate, plaquenil, celebrex, naproxen, predisone and vicodin, along with difulcan for the Valley Fever. I am now seeing a new Doctor at Kaiser and he is going to be testing for all of these dieseases again. I feel like a hypochondriac and he thinks I'm crazy. I am tired of feeling so tired and I never have any energy. I have had numerous nodules taken off of both hands in the last three years and they always come back.
Avatar f tn i'm taking/have tried taking ibuprophen, tylenol, celebrex, and lodine for the NSAIDs, and percocet, vicodin and ultram besides -- none of it is working. i'm at the point where i'm just taking something to sleep so i dont have to deal with it until i can see the doc. thanks!
Avatar f tn Mine is so much like yours. I have very bad tailbone pain (after childbirth). I started with Vicodin, then Percocet (my favorite), then after MUCH pushing from my doctor - he put me on Oxy (first 10mg and then 20mg). Both my husband and I didn't want to do the Oxy b/c we heard so many bad stories. What my husband didn't know at the time was that I was getting a great high (making me super mom - or at least I thought) from the Percocet.
Avatar m tn I have severe pain in buttoks region when set down and associated with numbness in my foot and all kind of pain control cannot mask the pain completely and i cannot sit down ???????????????????
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain. Now I have pain on the right side (tumor was left frontal). I had to start the Vicodin again to ease the pain but have to tolerate the nausea. How do you know if your brain is swelling? So many questions and no answers....
Avatar f tn But since I will probably never see him again I don't think it really matters what he suggested. He told me he wants to try to authorize Celebrex with my insurance again and when I asked about refilling the Norco he said "I thought that you were going to use Celebrex as pain medicine" I said uh no. So he cut me down to 2 Norcos a day and told me not to take Mobic anymore.
Avatar f tn My PCP just changed me from vicodin to Tramodol. Is anyone else taking this? I took 2 last night, and became very nauseated. . I can't throw up due to nissan fundiplication surgery for GERD. Any suggestions how to cope with this? I had a massage today, new masseur couldn't believe how locked up I was. Hurt but felt good at the same time. Except now my lower back area is screaming with pain! I nned to try to go at least once a month, but insurance doesn't cover it...
Avatar n tn I went to a different doctor who didn't approve of the Vicodin, they wanted me to go to a pain clinic and learn to live with my pain. I went to several specialists, who couldn't find anything to help me either. I have NO side effects from the pain killer, only pure elation. Like I said, I'm happy, I'm active, and successful. Now I am faced with no having a means of getting it anymore. WHAT DO I DO?
Avatar n tn I have much experience with drugs, and while always managing to never exceed a 50mg/day addiction on Vicodin (even after a five-year stretch one time), I feel quite confident that as long as I gradually decrease the amount of Ultram I am taking over the next few days, there will be no problem when it comes time to finally take nothing. I guess part of that is because I am just way too sick and tired of being addicted to Vicodin that I will succeed as in past times, but with much less pain.
582769 tn?1218102048 I waddle like a duck, side to side with extreme pain until I freeze up and fall, but mostly, I live with a cane at my side when going out and about now. I now need a wheelchair. I have all medicals involved. It was not until 2003-2004 that my life took a turn for the worse. Just right after seeing the Orthopedic doctor.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 400 mg tramadol for 1 year. Before that I was on Vicodin which made me really sick. I was a long distance runner and blew out both my knees. Tramadol has taken care of the pain. My pain physician says it is safe but I have been depressed and my stomach hurts for the last three days. I went down to 350 mg a month ago. Would I have withdrawals at this dosage for this amount of time?