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Avatar f tn A which means that there are not many adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women on the simultaneous use of Ambien. Hence, Ambien should generally be avoided during pregnancy. In rare case it should be given only if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the unborn child. Sleep medicines may cause sedation and symptoms of Ambien withdrawal in the newborn if taken in the last weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I took unisom (doxycycline, not the one with diphenylhydramine) over the counter. It worked great and is a class B in pregnancy. It is also given in combo with B6 for nausea in pregnancy. I felt less sick at night and sleep better and didn't have hangover feeling in the morning. Good luck. My sleep problems got much better by 16 weeks, but I still occasionally take it to fall asleep!
Avatar f tn My dr knew about my habit last year and told me that ambien during pregnancy was ok as long as i was not taking a lot. But i have a new dr this year and I am going to have to tell them.
Avatar f tn I have a similar issue with sleep due to pubis symphysis pain - my doctor suggested taking Benedryl on a short term basis - safe to use in pregnancy and not habit forming - does help me to get to sleep. I can usually get some good rest in before I have to move much - I've also found that lots of pillows help - I use a body pillow between my legs and a pillow behind my back - keeps me from moving around quite so much.
Avatar f tn I've looked up a lot about ambien during pregnancy and I haven't found anything saying you shouldn't take it or that it'll harm the baby. Has anyone spoken to their doctor about ambien? I've had ambien prescription for years and it's really hard for me to sleep. No I'm not addicted, I used to take it only once or twice a week. It wasn't an every day thing. But it gets sooooo hard for me to sleep some nights so I'm wondering if it's safe.
Avatar f tn Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Use of AMBIEN during pregnancy is not recommended and should be considered only if your physician determines it is needed. Sleep medicines may cause sedation of the unborn baby when used during the last weeks of pregnancy. And finally I found this link: http://insomnia.emedtv.com/ambien/ambien-during-pregnancy.html It is a Class C drug, meaning it has not been tested on humans.
1690584 tn?1340301072 Hello, e The actual effects of Ambien in pregnancy have not been studied and is recommended for use only if the benefits outweigh the risks. Also, it is best to not cross the recommended dose of 10mg/day. So, try to wean yourself f the medication. You should stop becoming anxious and try to relax. Try to have a warm bath before sleeping. Have a glass of milk or read a book before trying to sleep. Don’t watch TV or do exercise before sleeping.
10314571 tn?1428119818 I'm dealing with insomnia and my doctor gave me some ambien but i didn't know if it was normal to give with pregnancy. ..
12796163 tn?1436138789 They wouldn't prescribe you something unless they felt the benefits outweigh the risks. Maybe Ambien isn't safe earlier in pregnancy while certain systems are developing but becomes safer later on?
Avatar f tn There's a pregnancy app called Pregnancy Companion. It has a Dr.'s approved medicine guide that is very helpful as in what you can and cannot take during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My breast are a TINY bit sore, no nausea yet and with the insomnia..I have a Dx sleep disturbance and am currently taking Ambien. However, if I am in fact pregnant, I need to find out asap so as to get off any medication that may be harmful to the zygote. I could use some guidance and/or advice....
Avatar n tn Can taking ambien in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy harm a fetus?
Avatar f tn Thanks! I have not taking any meds since I found out and started eating healthy and taking vitamins.
Avatar m tn Even after taking medicine, I dont usually fall asleep until 4 am and I am up at 8 or 9. I am also taking Zoloft 100 mg in the morning. What should I do? I excersize and watch my diet. When I go to the doctor for help, I usually leave with a different prescription and that's it. Help! THANK YOU!
Avatar f tn My bad for not taking the owness in doing more research prior to taking Ambien, but physicians and pharmacists should perhaps be more forthcoming before dispensing.
1102799 tn?1269241314 Fairly soon my Ob-gyn switched me to Ambien CR 12 mg and this worked quite well (1/2 at night and 1/2 in the middle of the night) - I definitively prefer Ambien CR to regular Ambien. PS: be careful if you try to switch to Lunesta, a friend of mine did that and he started to sleepwalk!!
Avatar n tn Not much pain other than the pain I was taking it for in the first place. I had to force myself to take the dog to the park yesterday. (I told the dog we were NOT running this time!) so my family wouldn't wonder why I suddenly didn't for two days in a row! My biggest symptom is depression and lack of motivation. I have a refill today and I plan to taper with it. I didn't taper, and depression gets me to drinking. So that's why.
Avatar f tn No drug is 100% safe in pregnancy but a once daily small dose of opioid is likely ok and sounds like the way to get you some rest and therefore make you healthier for carrying baby. You should give birth in hospital if you're on long term meds like these late in pregnancy to ensure baby doesn't withdrawal when born (unlikely with small doses) which can make them unwell.
702529 tn?1228492533 I also am confused by the doctor just taking you off of it now at this stage in your pregnancy. Class B is the best you are typically going to get in pregnancy b/c of the lack of studies (and willing participants) for medications taken during pregnancy. Class C means there have been some issues in animal studies, no studies on humans ...hence the risk vs. benefit scenario. The same is true for many other drugs.
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to vicodin for years but with my last pregnancy was able to stop right before i got pregnant. I started shortly after his birth. I just found out I am pregnant, not sure around 6 weeks they think. Should I try and stop or keep taking them? I am down to 2 5oomg a day. If I stop will this do more damage? Have I done too much damage already. I am having to take Ambien to sleep at night because I cant take the withdrawl symtoms, especially the temperature irregularies at night.
Avatar n tn I believe it's hereditary -- I had a grandmother who also suffered from a life long of severe insomnia which eventually resulted in her taking her own life in her late 50s. At any rate, I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I discontinued both the klonopin and Lexapro the moment I suspected I was pregnant, so at most, the embreo was exposed to it for the first 2 weeks after conception. A recent sonogram suggests that the baby is doing fine and does not have a cleft pallet.
Avatar n tn I know someone who took the same medication as you, she got pregnant and has a healthy and beautiful baby girl who is almost a year old now. But talk to your doctor about the side effets of the medication to be sure.
Avatar f tn Most dr's will say Unisom is safe during pregnancy, but ambien etc. is out of the question. Also. Some pain meds are considered relatively safe for use during pregnancy. the usual worry is dependency in the baby and depressed breathing at birth. I was on Vicoden for the last 5 months of pregnancy with my son due to various problems. He was born perfectly fine.
Avatar m tn i am 35 wks pregnant and have been taking 500 mg vicodine 3 times a day since i was about 16 wks, i want to ween myself off with out putting my child through withdrawls or myself. what is the best way to go about slowly lowering the dose? I would like to be completely be off before giving birth.
Avatar n tn I have tried unisom, tylenlol PM and unlesss i take .5 MG of ambien I cannot fall asleep. I'm concerned to continue to taking the ambien and hurting my unborn baby. Has anyone else suffered from chronic insomnia and taken ambien or other OTC medications? Any advice or insights would be great. I need to get some sleep.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking depakote which I know I will need to switch because of the risks associated with pregnancy. I really want to have my own children, but I am worried about a lot of things. I am worried about taking medications while I am pregnant. I am worried about NOT taking medications while I am pregnant. I am worried about what I will do for sleep.
Avatar n tn I took Xanax too in my first month of pregnancy with my son. I also took other things and the DR. told me if I didn't do it everyday then your baby's fine. I have a smart and healthy 2 year old boy. It's better to have taken that early and not when the baby starts to develop months later his/her brain and other vital organs. Your fine, if your still worried, tell your doctor! Good Luck!!!
202436 tn?1326477933 I looked into it before picking it up. She wanted me to swap from taking Ambien (had been on that for about 5 years). I'm 8 weeks pregnant and after looking into the classification Ambien is category C but this Visteril is category X! Which means do NOT EVER take pregnant (birth defects) so yea I can't believe she'd want me to do that!!
1133317 tn?1264885427 I am on lamictal,xanax,ambien and in the process of weining off oxycotin for a back injury i suffered due to a car accident. I never had these concerns bc i was just diagnosed with borderline personailty disorder and bi polar II in june of 08. So my previous pregnancies I was not taking any medications This time around I am on multiple and worst of all a opiatewhich is going to be the hardiest off all to wein off. My doctor has assured me that the 3 meds i listed above all safe.
Avatar n tn Now, what will help is to sit or lay down as much as you can the larger you get and to arrange as much help with your child or children as you can and go ahead and start taking breaks as others take care of them. The later in the pregnancy it gets arrange for more help and alone time for your nerves. I strongly encourage you to seek out an OB who will work with pain management specialist and if the OB will not - find another one!