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Avatar m tn They seem to keep you calm and really help with the cravings and side effects for some. Your not taking much so u may want to just have someone u trust taper u. I know if your like me, I have no one I can trust. LOL.. found that out the hard way. But i am trying the lyrica I have had in my pill bag for quite a while after reading that it helps alot of people, just started today, but usually by now I would b having cravings and probably have given in and taken another oxy 30.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am currently taking oxycodone 80mg twice a day and Ambien 5 - 20 mg at night. I want to get off of both. I am down to 5mg of Ambien. I tried stopping it completely the last 2 nights. Both nights I fell asleep but awoke after about 2 hours. Should I wait to go off of Ambien until I am off of the Oxy? Can I get off the Oxy by myself? I have read alot of the advice here and have my doubts. My doctor told me to take 60mg twice a day for a month and then reduce to 40mg then 20mg.
Avatar f tn I've taken Ambien on and off for the last nearly ten years. I started taking it when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There have been times when I've taken it for many months straight; other times, once or twice a week, and still other times, once a month. I basically use it when my sleep pattern is in a bad place. I was told it wasn't habit-forming. But after reading some things here, my new understanding is that it is addictive. Is that correct? Similar situation with Cymbalta.
Avatar n tn Google "Ambien for pain" and "ambien as a muscle relaxant". There are a lot of people taking Ambien for things other than just insomnia.this includes myself. I tried dozens of medications and this is the only one that helps my muscle pain as well as my insomnia.i'm not saying that It will do this for everyone but it does it for me.
Avatar f tn But after a few years, the oxy blocks my dopermine in the brain, and depression sets in. I was on them once before and the same thing happened. I had to detox off of them in 2003 for the same reason. Took me 3 weeks cold turkey. This time Im weaning fast, cause I hate the depression it's giving me. So, Im kinda going cold turkey but take a half every six to 12 hours to give myself some releif. The depression left after 2 days, just the anxiety of detoxing is there with detox pain.
Avatar m tn As briefly as I can recount , I have severe RLS I was originally on a drug called Requip and that augmented i.e. got worse and symptoms Spread to other parts of my body and I had to quit Taking it. When you stop Requip your symptoms increased tenfold for about two to four weeks or longer. During this time I found through research oxycodone to be an effective symptom reliever especially during this period. I found this to be true and I took 5 to 7.
Avatar f tn I created a lot of stress with my own addictions and problems. She went to a Dr and got put on ambien and quickly learned that she enjoyed the feeling of how they made her feel. She went back and got on klonopin on top of it and that quickly became her thing. I feel like she did it thinking it would be a temporary way to show me up, almost as if to say...well you do drugs professionally, like a full time job, so I'm gonna do it. I know she would never really want to live that life.
Avatar f tn i was taking hydros off and on for YEARS and went CT and i am 53 years old with high BP and back pain....not saying you should go CT....but that's just my story.....my back pain is no worse than before...prolly a little better actually....just keep us updated...
Avatar n tn I only take 1-2 mgs a day of sub......and have never had a problem taking ambien. I am not a doctor though so i would be afraid to tell someone that it is ok. I always have a headache the next day...after ambien while on suboxone.
994981 tn?1249567628 well i have been taking oxycodone heavily for about 4 years.. i have 4 left and my doctor prescribed me 8mg saboxen but i really don't know where to go from here. my dr saw that i was an addict and has discharged me and gave me saboxen.. i am scared and don't know what to do from here. any help would be greatly appreciated.
401095 tn?1351395370 she had relapsed on alcohol after 5 years sober and just gave that up again as well a few weeks ago,,,,i just do not want to see her get in any more trouble as she gets addicted/abuses everything including lyrica/says it makes her euphoric) and ambien . she has recently stopped taking so much lyrica and i believe her because i can tell in her voice when she takes it...what is the take on tylox as i dont have much experience with it..? stregth wise?
Avatar f tn I just placed a call to my doctor and i am going to ask him for a px for ambien or something like that. YOU CAN do this and this web site and the people on here are saving my life, we all care, we all were where you are and we never judge or tell lies. Good luck, if you need help we are all here!
220965 tn?1189759423 I have been taking oxycodone and I am done with it. I have chronic pain in my back, But id rather deal with the pain than deal with this addiction or the fear that my doctor is gnna cut me off . I feel that the doctors are evil they start you on the pills then play God and one day because they are having a bad day they decide to cut you off. But am starting to slowing cut my pills in half and only take when I start feeling that feelin of anixety.
Avatar n tn I have had a love hate relationship with oxycodone/lortab/soma - you name it - I have taken it.. and abused it.. a few years ago I was taking up to 10 soma / 10-15 oxycodone 5's a day... I had a prescription - from a car accident and I took it too far.. Eventually I got out of it - asked my dr to stop prescribing them.. well I had shoulder surgery last May - took oxy for a few months.. and stopped...
Avatar m tn I detoxed off hydros about 34 days ago and was weaning off xanax and now I'm on day 3 off that and ambien. I agree sleep is really important to getting through withdrawal but I'm not sure getting on a sleeping pill isn't just getting back in to bed with the devil. I cannot function with no sleep either which is why I've stayed on them until this point in recovery.
Avatar m tn I am trying to use the Thomas recipe the pills are still in the house and I'm freaking. My friend is supposed to be bringing my Valium and Ambien for this withdrawal. I just counted the pills and now I'm scarred this is all new to me I did this last month and ended up taking one last dose but then I made it -9 days and relapsed I need to get rid of the supply from my Dr I'm getting all worked up which is what this disease wants so I take a pill O God someone please help.
Avatar m tn I stopped taking the Oxycontin completely and replaced it with the equal amount of Oxycodone. So I tapered down from 180 mg Oxycodone.
Avatar f tn My bad for not taking the owness in doing more research prior to taking Ambien, but physicians and pharmacists should perhaps be more forthcoming before dispensing.
Avatar m tn I notice a very important issue which is not addressed (i read about 5-10 threads) When someone has diarrhea, regardless of the cause, electrolytes are lost. Low potassium and magnesium must be addressed! Low potassium increases heart rate and can cramp muscles- coconut water is the best source (not coconut juice or milk) Low magnesium is linked to migraines (i am a chronic migraine patient) and am given an IV once every few months of a whole gram of the stuff.
Avatar f tn I was on a combined total of 300mg of hydrocodone and oxycodone a day for pain, 200mg zoloft and 10mg ambien for my anxiety/PTSD. I had been through a ton of other meds before that but that is where I was when I stopped. I went "cold turkey" off everything. Ended up in the ER cuz my body went into shock from opiate withdrawal (was on opiates for over 5 years). I just didn't want to be slave to medication anymore and had no clue that would happen. Anyway, ended up on methadone.
Avatar n tn just explaining to you exactly what i am doing and taking right now. it is wrong, it is unhealthy, and it could kill me. i know all this. my new issues...the kidney problem...well imagine the worst pain of your life....double it, and you will understand the kidney infection, and possible stone pain. jeez, morphine didn't help the pain in the hospital. so, the pain meds i am taking right now....
Avatar n tn I have been taking around 50 to 80 mg of Oxycodone 3 times per day. I am now down to between 30-40mg 3 times per day. My question comes that I have about 40) 15mg pills and 40) 5mg pills. Do I now cut what I take in half so that when I'm out I go cold ...what? All I know is I'm already shaking a little, sometimes I'm cold and guaranteed I sweat during the day and definitely my ____ off each night, during sleep, and have to wake and change a few times.
Avatar n tn Oxycodone and hydrocodone are very similar, oxy is a bit stronger. Oxycodone is the main ingredient in many pain killers like percocet, while hydrocodone is the main ingredient in slightly weaker vicadin. However percocets are a combination of acetaminophen (tylenol) and oxycodone and usually come in dosages from the most common 3.25/500 (3.25 milligrams of oxycodone, 500 milligrams of tylenol) to 10/ 750. Your pills are different only in the way that they do not contain any tylenol.
Avatar f tn Suboxone.com and naatb.org are good sites to check for Drs and to get more info on Sub. Taking sub has been a huge help to many here.
Avatar f tn He took his first one last night and slept really good. He's where he can't take ambien, lunesta and all that stuff too. There is no easy withdrawal unfortunately....all we can do is try to alleviate the symptoms as much as we can. Since it has been a week since your last methadone you are through the worst of it. Now you just gotta hang in there with the rest of us...slowly but surely symptoms will subside. For me the ones lasting the longest are the anxiety and the insomnia.
Avatar n tn She had a bad injury to her knee and has been prescribed the same pain meds I've been taking and its so tempting and I don't want to be that guy who is out of control and take from her but I did. I want to feel free from this pain and Im scared still because everytime I've tried to stop its awful and better just to take the meds and ignore it but now hearing ur story and advice I feel better talking to people that understand me online ...
Avatar n tn I used to take about 40mg, I cut back.. Recently Ive been taking about 15mg daily. My biggest concern is sleeping, functioning, and my job. I am a personal trainer and I have felt withdrawl symptoms before.. They are no good and stop me from being able to function. Now being a trainer I am always using my muscles and being active soo... stopping these would crush me. Is there an easy way to cut back? I mean.. its hard. No one knows about my addiction.. Im afraid I would lose my job.
Avatar m tn Ambien isn't meant to be used everynight long term so you may notice that it takes a while for you to be able to sleep because when your used to ambien its as if your brain is expecting you to take the pill and then it to go to sleep with no real winding down period that most ppl require to fall asleep.
527890 tn?1263786727 As for medications I remain uncertain about taking narcotics because of addictive potential and side effects (constipation) and I do not take a liken to withdraw symptoms very well. If you’re taking Percocet for years then I wonder the dosage and if mixed with Acetaminophen as I believe this helps to prevent drug abuse. If straight Percocet, (Oxycodone) for years then I hope you are not suffering from drug addiction.
Avatar n tn Are their depression medications out there that will help me that will also mix with what I am already taking for my pain and sleep? I have such random sleep patterns and typically just feel sad and worthless most of the time so I hide from my friends and other outings that I used to enjoy. MOTIVATION is absolutely horrible now and sometimes I just dont even want to get up to take a shower.