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Avatar n tn For the past week i've been taking 10 MG of Adderol to help me study for finals. I do not plan to use this for any purposes other than studying for finals, and i do not plan to snort it. I was wondering if it has any long term effects of taking it on occasionally if you do not have ADD or ADHD. It helps me concentrate. Besdies the chance of addiction, if that any other draw back? Thank you.
Avatar m tn There are other less dangerous ways of stimulating yourself while studying such as coffee, tea, walking, jogging etc. Please opt for these and avoid taking adderall without doctor’s prescription. Take care!
Avatar n tn I began taking adderall for studying my freshman year at college. Then I got a pretty nice prescription for them in October 2008 but did not take nearly as much as I was prescribed. But now I have built up quite a dependency on them. Before I would take 20mg XR a day early in the morning to study alll day then 30 now 40mg XR which is also beginning to lose its effects. I am currently an undergraduate and will be taking the MCAT on September 4th.
Avatar f tn I'm a 26 year old woman who has been on adderall for almost 6 years (given a month or so every year I wouldn't be on it just bc it was summer). I take 30mg of XR once a day. Of course it had nothing it's minor side affects, but nothing extreme.
Avatar m tn I have been taking 54mg of concerta for my ADD for about 4 years now. I dont feel like it is working the best for me though. I dont feel much like myself i feel zombie-like and kind of out of it. It keeps my mind awake but my body is telling me im exhausted. Although it helps me focus more than when i wasn't taking it i still will be focusing on 20 different things at once and can never really get anything accomplished.
Avatar n tn I was worried about becoming dependent upon it tried to limit my use to just studying for exams. However, I then started taking adderall to get through smaller assignments and readings. Soon the "competitive edge" that I gained from studying on adderall seemed to disapper, and I started to rely on it just to do my work. I had a 3.7 in high school, but finished up my freshman year with a little under a 3.3. However, here's the twist.
Avatar m tn 30 AM), eating breakfast, drinking coffee (a lot), and taking Adderall XR every morning. After breakfast I binge on studying and typically finish my day around 7:00 PM, after I work out (sometimes taking Adderall IR in the evening). Afterward I come home and relax by getting high. This past month I have become very concerned about my mental health.
Avatar n tn I need your help. My son, in college, starting taking adderall for studying. He then found a doctor that wrote him prescriptions for it even though he did not need it. He has never been tested. To make a long story short...I was unaware of this until this week...he started having some really bad reactions and out of fear..he told me. He has always been an easy going, happy person but this week he started having panic attacks, throwing up, shaking and just feeling life isn't worth it.
Avatar m tn Recently, I had taken a month and a half break from it because of the holidays bringing an easier schedule for me. Now that school is in session again with a full course schedule, I started taking 20mg adderall again. I have recently also been hired to a new internship working upwards of 20-27 hours a week if busy. It's now time for midterms, which has required a bit more of me to say the least. I am prescribed 3 20mg adderall a day @ 90 tabs.
Avatar f tn I have been taking the "generic" Adderall 20 mg tablet for some years now (6-7) I requested the generic since it is cheaper, but since it is a tablet and not a capsule, Im aware that all that time it was IR, not XR as the prescription requested. I took a break for about 6 months, and now, going back to school I have started back up on Adderall 20 mg XR capsule.
Avatar n tn When I started taking the Adderall (40mg a day in addition to Welbutrin for the ADD as well) I found I became severly hypoglycemic. I would become extremely irritable, my legs would ache, I would get a headache and I would be incapable of any kind of focus. Often I would get sick to my stomach too. I have to eat every two hours to prevent this from happening (usually a handful of nuts, a veggie or something small).
Avatar n tn I'm 18 years old and was just wondering what complications could arise from taking Adderall and being a type 1 diabetic. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Four months ago at the age of 23 I started taking 20mg of Adderall and went from failing all the same classes for the third time in a row to straight A's (I just got my grades back). Problem is I really really like how Adderall makes me feel and I went up to 60mg in three hours a couple times after the first month. I can't study at all without it but I'm worried about addiction.
Avatar m tn When i do take the trazadone, it is always at least 8-10 hours after taking adderall. I'm not sure if that's enough time for the uppers to wear off or not. I also have problems sleeping at night even if i havent taken adderall that day. As for the addiction part, i dont really feel different on days or weekends that i dont take the adderall. I don't find myself craving it, or feeling down or sick when i dont take it.
Avatar n tn I have been on adderall for 7 years. I started at 19, but about one year ago at 25 I started noticing some new side effects from the adderall. Some days it worked, some days it didn't. My tolerance continued to go up, but I refused to take more than 20mg in one day. Exercising became frustrating and scary because my heart rate would race to 200+ in about 10 minutes, and I would consider myself to be quite fit.
Avatar n tn I'm a sophomore in college and took the drug for studying starting my senior year, then very briefly for a few occasions after that. But in the last month, for some reason I got cravings for it. I didn't associate the cravings with my needs to cram study time like I had before. But because this last month was setting up for finals, I bought 5 from my friend, took them for some tests, bought another 10, took those for papers, then bought 2 more yesterday.
Avatar n tn He gave me a script for adderall. Well you know what you are taking. Speed. Sure helps the studying doesnt' it. But if you want your brain to work longterm you may rethink your solution to whatever is bothering you.I had to be honest with myself, Did I want to go on another merrygoround of addiction NO If you really have ADD I highly reccommend you get a good book on addressing it through diet.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Adderall for 10 years + and don't know what the **** some of you are ranting about! If Adderall is having some horrific effect on you may I suggest that you may have been misdiagnosed as ADHD and your brain isn't affected by it like mine is. I've gone without this drug for weeks at a time over and over and, though I wasn't in top form obviously, I never EVER had any frantic cravings for it, etc. that would cause anyone, including myself, to think I was an "addict".
Avatar n tn I know someone that I care about dearly who takes 25 mg of Adderall a day for ADD. The other night she was taking pills like candy and going insane with them and just swallowing them. She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''. She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Yes, Adderall can cause withdrawals when it's used recreationally, abused, and sometimes unintentionally. Something that you really need to be aware of is that toxic symptoms and signs of overdose can happen even with low dosage milligrams. Popping Adderall every couple of hours will only exacerbate side effects because they are usually intended as extended release capsules/caplets, to be used only once daily. The amount you have taken in the last few days is seriously dangerous.
Avatar f tn she says some of her patients only take it for lectures/or studying.. it is contrary to what i've heard from every other doctor but ce la vie.. consistency is not a bed fellow of the psyhiatric world.. Anyway, i'm just rambling at this point..just curious if others think this drug is the devil!! my story is benign compared to others i've heard.. patients snorting it, taking too much..having erratic nightmarish mood swings and having their essence slowly sucked from their bodies.
Avatar n tn I didn't have trouble speaking, or walking, nor did I have a headache. I have been taking adderall recreationaly for about 2 years about once a week. That time I had taken 40mg IR which is more then what I would usually take.
Avatar m tn I'm a math major and, on average, spend over 20 hours studying for my math exams now that I have reached the upper-division courses. I've never had a great attention span but still did well (3.75+) throughout high school with minimal effort. However, upon reaching college I had to study far more than I ever did before and still wasn't receiving the grades I used to. So freshman year up until last semester, I dabbled with adderall.
990354 tn?1307136486 Essentially Vyvanse has a much slower onset than adderall, which is why she is taking the adderall for a boost of energy. I agree with allmymarbles, it sounds like she is using this as speed. If she had ADHD, it would not be giving her this boost.
Avatar m tn I won't lie, being a college student, I will take an adderall to help study for a big test but it is only on rare occasions so whenever I mention her maybe trying to get off the drug because of its addictive potential and its health effects (especially on the heart) she calls me a hypocrite because I will take one for an exam, but like I said it helps tremendously for studying but I guess she is right.
Avatar n tn I am a college student studying pre med and have my fair share of adderall cramming for exams. After taking it for over two years and constantly being over caffinated my heart has become very sensitive to everything. I pretty much always have an irregular heart beat, chest pains and pains in my arms, neck and back.(esp when i lay down to sleep) I am very concerned and before i see a doctor about it i was wondering if anyone had any input. I am decaffinating and have stopped taking adderall.
13129035 tn?1434043312 But I'm thinking of actually starting the wellbutrin for withdrawals because I heard it helped your mental state a lot which will be the hardest for me. I've been taking tramadol and adderall a lot lately, but my main concern is probably the tramadol.. I take about 8 a day but not every day. Basically I want to stop the adderall and just take tramadol so I can withdrawal from that only. So my question is when should I start taking the wellbutrin?
Avatar f tn I feel motivation and drive/ambition, unlike before taking medicine. How long will it last? Don't know yet. What about when reading/studying? Don't know yet. Will it affect my sleep? Don't know yet. I'd love to hear other peoples success with medicines...
Avatar f tn went to my doc and they switched me to adderall which brings me to what im taking now...10 mg of adderall daily and I love it!! it takes me from someone with a very serious case of ADD/ADHD and turns me into someone with incredible drive to learn and no problem paying attention which I need and love...but my side effects are becoming worse and worse.... currently in the past 2 weeks of weekday daily use of 10 mg I’ve lost 30 pounds....