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1240654 tn?1268321115 I'm taking Abilify for psychosis and have had no side effects yet except it interrupts my sleep all the time.
712802 tn?1274649085 Don't take abilify with Cymbalta! I take Cymbalta and then I was also put on abilify shortly before my family and I went on vacation to Disneyworld and it was the worst time I ever had! I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin! I was so agitated and could not sleep. I would pace at night! I did get off abilify when I got back and am just on Cymbalta now and am better but I am experiencing things like headaches and heart palpitations so may be getting off Cymbalta, too.
Avatar m tn I am on 90 mg of Cymbalta and just started 15 mg of Abilify for depression. My doctor has titrated me up on the Abilify gradually. My question is for anyone who take 15 mg of Abilify for depression. Have you experienced any side effects? When you're depressed and trying to get your medications right it just isn't fun. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I believe it works best on depression more than depression pain. Now after years of use my dr. has put me Abilify 2mg in am along with the Cymbalta with the plan to cut my Cymbalta dose while raising the Abilify. I tell ya, my feet hurt more, my legs hurt more and I feel more depressed and that's without cutting down on the Cymbalta yet. I also gain some weight and crave high carbs and sweets more than I did before Cymbalta alone and the 2 meds together.
1442059 tn?1340244552 Now that Lyme disease is affecting my life terribly with late stage symptoms I am thinking of getting back on Cymbalta since it's really the only AD that worked for me at giving me a kick to start my day. It is also a good analgesic for neuropathic pain and various other pains. One drug doesn't fit all like one size doesn't fit all. Everyone can react differently to drugs.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Seroquel, Klonopin, Depakote, Cymbalta, and Abilify (day2). I had been taking 600mg of the seroquel and my md lowered my dosage to 300 adding 5mg of abilify. For the past two days (first two days on Abilify) I have experienced extreme mood swings and seem to snap at relatively small things.
Avatar n tn Hello, i have diagnosed for MDD with psychosis i'm currently taking cymbalta, abilify, and trazodone in the night for sleep, i'm experimenting sexual problems with genital sensations and orgasm problems, i have a question there is some cure to counterract the sexual side effects induced for the meds? please answer me because this subject concern me a lot.
5377229 tn?1367106540 Sister having horrible reactions during withdrawl from cymbalta and abilify. What can she do to help herself? She w as taken off both on Wednesday and put on prozac. Can she use tylenol for the headache? Someone told her it is not safe to do. Another person suggested melatonin. Is that safe? She is bi polar and has gained over 100 lbs on these meds over the last 6 years. This is ridiculous! Will she gain on prozac also? What is wrong with these psychiatrists, anyway?
407790 tn?1397764626 I was on a low dose of Abilify for about three months and while it did help a little with depression (was also taking Cymbalta) I had a lot of weight gain. I was constantly hungry and the medication didn't help matters by slowing my metabolism.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 30mg of cymbalta for POTS for 2.5 years. It solved my rapid heart rate but recently my dizziness and lightheadedness and fuzzy vision have been worse. Do you think I am getting used to this drug? And after reasearaching on the web, why do I never see info about POTS and cymbalta?
Avatar f tn I was taking Abilify with Wellbutrin and was doing really really well on it. I hate to have stopped actually. But I started twitching and it was getting worse. It was in my tongue and lips and in random places all over my body.
1348086 tn?1370786785 My doctor, around three months ago, suggested I be put on Effexor along with slowly tapering off the Cymbalta, but I had a very bad reaction with taking both meds and we decided to just keep me on the Cymbalta. Something else has GOT to work. I can't live like this. Has this happened to anyone else? What did your MD's suggest?
400867 tn?1371756694 Has anyone else experienced hair loss with Cymbalta? I swear it's making my hair fall out.
Avatar f tn I don't believe in rapidly switching medications.... I'm surprised you have the problem with the Cymbalta, I was on it for years and never experienced anything...
Avatar m tn Anyway, I HAVE tried Abilify with Effexor XR. I had to stop taking it because it gave me restless leg syndrome. I couldn't sit still. It may not affect you that way, but that's what it did to me. That was the only negative side effect. I wasn't on it long enough to know if it was beneficial emotionally/psychologically, but I "sensed" that it might have been if I had been able to stay on it. Good luck, and of course, keep me posted.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago to Pristiq 50mg. The first week I took 30mg Cymbalta then 2nd week and since, no Cymbalta and only Pristiq (still taking buspar & Xanax prn) I feel I'm noticing small improvements in the past cpl weeks but not back to normal. Today is a rough day with anxiety/adrenaline/agitation. I so want outta this hole and praying it works for me. Anyone else have success switching to Pristiq? Would like to hear how long it took for ppl to notice a difference.
Avatar f tn I was supposed to start on 10 mg of Abilify, but my doctor decided to start me at 5 mg at night with the Cymbalta and Valium. I haven't noticed any changes except for extreme tiredness. I can't seem to get enough sleep. I know that the Abilify causes you to be sleepy, but most of the medications do that until they get in your system. I'm sure my doctor will increase the Abilify in the next two weeks. He only gave me enough for three weeks, so that is a good sign it will be increased.
Avatar f tn Im scared of how being on all these meds will make me feel im alos on klonopin and i took the cymbalta this morning and i feels spacy,,,,,,maybe i just didnt give lexapro a long enough try but im so afraid of meds and it was making me feel confused and nowim scared of how the cymbalta is makinfg me feel 2 hours after taking it and i was on it befpore im med phobia any thoughts
Avatar f tn i was on lexapro for 8 days dr stopped it put me on cymbalta and i was on cymbalta in 07 no allergic reaction i haved treid it since then but get scared and stop it if i was ok on it before should i have no problem with alergies and does anyone know of anyone thats been on cymbalta and klonopin and plus i will be going on abilfy on monday i haved fear of meds and think im allergic all the time i have just taking my second cymbalta 10 min ago and alreadt htink im allergic plus i seem unclear thin
Avatar f tn I take seroquel 300 xr with cymbalta 60 for bipolar 1 but I am also recovering from an accident which affected me physically and mentally. My depression is far more evident and partially situational. Healing is slow going but I am addressing all areas. I have insomnia without the seroquel 300 xr so would adding abilify be helpful or will these drugs interact in a dangerous way. I am also taking 1mg of clonazepam 3x per day for anxiety due to ptsd.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking an AD for depression that I was diagnosed with years ago but right now I feel it is not working. Please any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn Well since you felt better taking Cymbalta, there is some issues with neurotransmitter deficiencies that need correcting by the looks of it. The article I posted has a lot of info but that is just a few excerpts.
Avatar f tn i used to be on prozac 60mg (up to 100mg) for about 8-10 years and switched to cymbalta which helps with depression, anxiety, and pain. you may try that. don't over take your xanax because you're right, it is addictive. don't take anymore than you're prescribed before talking to your psychiatrist, which i suggest you call today or tomorrow to make an appointment.
Avatar f tn I was in a very dark place when I joined Medhelp, but with the help of medication, I am feeling so much better, I now feel ready to stop taking them altogether. I am in my 10th month of withdrawal, with my doctors help. It was her suggestion I come of anti depressants. I don't think we are qualified to tell you that Celexa will work as well for you as your friend. This is something you must discuss with your doctor.
5100586 tn?1363648354 It is important to note that I also stopped taking cymbalta around the same time .......... I had some celexa around, so I took those for about 5-6 days after my last cymbalta dose, then I have just been without antidepressants also. I know they were not helping me, especially with my pain, so I stopped them, with the celexa 'taper' ............. these drugs really hijack the brain. And I want mine back.
571167 tn?1223218065 wELL I NOW ADDED ABILIFY 2 MY LIST!
Avatar f tn Of course I'm still in pain. Do you think Cymbalta would help with herniated disk pain and can I take Cymbalta with Pristiq and Abilify? My MD wants me to do ECT and I really am scared about it. He tells me it is safer than the meds I am taking. I am becoming very tired of living like this; I am desperate for some positive results.
Avatar f tn Hello, Thanks for your comment. I am on week 2 of taking Lamictal now and am currently taking 50 mg with the dose eventually growing to a max of 100 mg. Pretty much as soon as I got on this med, the confusion and fogginess from Fluoxotine (generic of Prozac) went away (thank God for that!). However, I still have my depressive days where I don't want to interact with anyone, no interest in anything, and don't feel like getting out of the house.
Avatar f tn he takes 25 mg straterra in the am and 2.5 mg of abilify in the evening with the 25 mg of Zoloft. Please if anyone has any thoughts, info, techniques, that could help us please let me know. I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared for him.