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808425 tn?1371095928 Since I am still feeling so tired maybe it will help if I actually swallow the armour with food. I am willing to try anything. I take 25mcg Levo, so I will continue to take that an hour before, but then take the armour after I get up and have something light. Sublingually caused hyper effects for me, mainly it causes heart flutters.I am so glad for these boards!
Avatar n tn I haven't noticed any change in tiredness. I read not to take synthroid near food time. I wonder about armour. Reading about taking it sublingually, I do this with some supplements, so know the benefit with those. Is it the same with armour?
Avatar m tn If you are allergic to pork can you take Armour? I am on Tirosint, have been having trouble breathing and started bloating in the last few days. I feel like everyday is a nightmare instead of real life, and need a nap in between 3-5 in the afternoon. I am 6 weeks post TT surgery. I wash also having a novocane feeling in my throat and numb cheeks but that has decreased today, but feel like I'm having an allergy attack all day long.
595417 tn?1222823046 It will give you a true reading throughout the day and night. As far as the dr that will prescribe armour, you can go to stop the thyroid madness website and check their physician locator for armour prescribing drs. I think the armour website has the same type of locator. Also on one last note: Did you have all the tests done for autoimmune thyroid disease? Do you have hashi's? Did you have a free t3 and free t4 test done with your last tsh?
Avatar f tn 30 mg is 1/2 grain of Armour. Since you had a partial thyroidectomy, this may not be enough Armour! My thyroidless daughter was on 100 mcg of Synthroid and I switched her to original Armour at 2 grains per day 2 years ago. She did great on this for many months until Armour reformulated last year and the new fillers and binders used caused a sudden return of hypothyroid symptoms and lower t4 and t3 levels. She then switched to original Nature-Throid for the last year at 2 1/2 grains.
1018337 tn?1251571140 Sorry to ask this question but has anybody found out what ingredients are in the old Armour compared to the new one? I dont take Armour but have read that it is no good anymore and completely different from the original Armour. Has anybody really dug deep to find out what the change in ingredients are? It would be really helpful to a lot of Armour users if someone could find out. Food for thought..........
Avatar f tn I switched to Armour Thyroid about a month and a half ago. Recently I have been having problems with edema - esp. in my face and feet and ankles. I was wondering if this is normal and if it is, will it go away? I am even having problems breathing because of the amount of excess fluids.
1646889 tn?1301484828 Great info. Your 9am dose; on empty stomach or after food? 4pm; food on stomach? OR, is food intake irrelevant in your case. It seemed when I "played" around with this stuff time/dose wise, it was very dependent upon what time I took it and when I last ate. Any info is helpful at this point. Thanks so much for your response...
1646889 tn?1301484828 I would love to figure out a way to take this 3X day perhaps, but am afraid of not getting enough absorption due to small dose each time and possibly food blocking the absorption on a mid day dose OR even getting too much of it with 3X day. I am also wanting to figure out the best way to take this regarding food. Example: I might skip the 11am and take it around 2pm if I thought I would get proper absorption an hour or two after lunch.
Avatar f tn I never adjusted to meds as the doc wanted so I said the hell with it. I am waiting to see a new doc who is an MD that the health food store recommanded and that he solve hard to solve problems. A good multi vitamine is the only thing that holds me and I am doing so much better than when I was on pharmcudical. I also quiet meds cold turky, very hard withdrawn symptoms.
180255 tn?1371414263 Do you take all your medication at once or do you take half in the morning and half in the afternoon? Many people find they need to split the dose as the natural thyroid you are taking has both a T3 and T4 component. T3 is used up in a short (read hours) and T4 takes up to 6 weeks to stablilize. So in order to get through the day without running out of T3 many people find they need to have a 2nd dose in the early afternoon.
Avatar f tn So, the DR said I could take the med with food. However, I STILL get nauseous AND tired! I start feeling good about 10 PM! Now, my cortisol levels are backwards, as well. They are higher at night and lower during the day. For those of you who don't know, cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland and is part of what makes people perky during the day. So, I start feeling good when I need to go to sleep! I called and asked the DR if I could take the thyroid med at night. He said no.
Avatar f tn I just started Armour last week & by Day 3, my abdomen was swelling. My throat was also swelling - although that took place before I ever took Armour; it led to the hypothyroidism diagnosis. When I woke up on Day 4 - about 18 hours after my last dose (which I'd taken at lunch the day before, as prescribed) my abdomen was back towards normal. I took another dose & the throat & stomach swelling started to increase again.
Avatar m tn There is some much confusion on Internet on how to take Armour Thyroid. Is it just oral? or sublingual? Is it with empty stomach or after food? On the second question, some references mention that empty is needed while some references say that food is needed in order for T3 to get binded and get into the system. I need some clarity from people with first hand experience ...
Avatar m tn Thanks Barb. That is really helpful advice since I take Armour Thyroid and need to take Vitamin D as well since my levels are low especially in the winter.
Avatar m tn What is the recommended time before and after when taking Armour (NDT) for both food and supplements like multivitamins etc? Both my wife and daughter are on Amour. And both want to take it all at once in the morning because it is a pain or they "forget" to take the afternoon dose because of when they eat or just forgetfulness.
Avatar m tn it seems that sometimes it's no better than sugar pills. I understand some take cellulase (like Candex) with Armour to help break down cellulose. Does that work, or would it be better to switch to an NDT drug not containing cellulose? Also, is it true that Armour was reformulated a second time in 2010 and has not been as bad since? If that's indeed the case, my problem could be that I have Armour manufactured back in 2009.
Avatar f tn I take my iron at night before bed so it does not interfere with calcium in food nor my thyroid meds. I also take it with vitamin C for better absorption. As stated above, I would not change your T3 med at this time. Stick with your current dose of T4 and T3 until you have been on both for 6 weeks straight, then retest. The next step will be to interpret those results and tweak T4 med. Down the road you can tweak T3 but I would not touch it for the time being.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was falsely diagnosed with secondary hypothyroidism for which i was told to take Armour thyroid 60 Mg. for 6 months. I have an unopened box of Armour Thyroid 60mg. (Avtavis Mfg.) 6 months supply from CVSPharmacy which i bought while i was in the US. As i don't need it now, i am wanting to sell it off. Anyone in need please leave a comment and a contact number to get in touch.
Avatar n tn I agree that a free t3 and free t4 is needed as well with the Armour. We can't tell someone what dose to take. We can suggest and have the person run that by the doctor. One should never self-medicate.
Avatar m tn Take Armour with food? No.................Never take Armour with food. It is to be taken on an empty stomach. If taken with food, T3 will dominate over T4 too much in your body. What reason did you hear/read that supports the statement "Armour is better with food"?
Avatar f tn What will happen if I can't taake ANY thyroid meds? Afraid and scared I will die if I can't take any thyroid meds. If anyone has had this problem, please advise.
Avatar f tn When taking Armour thyroid - do you get your bloodwork about 10 hours later in the afternoon. Or do you wait until the next morning when your levels will be unusually low since you missed your morning dose?
1947387 tn?1325644930 I think T3 doesn't seem to be affected by food/eating while T4 absorption is. Since Armour has a lot of T3 in it, Armour would be less affected by taking it with food than a straight T4 medication. As barb stated, consistency is key. If you take it with meals/food then always do it. This will mean the absorption is about the same every time and then making a change to the dosage will be apples to apples comparison.
Avatar n tn I started to read around that Armour may cause thyroid antibodies to RISE....that makes me very very nervous, because I retested my antibodies and they were almost completely gone...and taking Armour now and seeing them go through the roof will make me very upset. so I'd like to know if anyone taking Armour and who has Hashi's, has seen their antibodies rise/stayed the same/ gone down? Any input on this would be great. Thanks in advance!
1797743 tn?1389217285 ok, I'm on Armour thyroid, had labs done on Friday and they are as follows: TSH 2.45 (0.27-4.20) T3 Free 3.0 (2.3-4.2) T4 Free 1.4 (0.9-1.8 ) I was only taking 1/4 grain and double it to 1/2 grain. I was feeling slightly anxiety before and felt great after the first increase, but then the anxiety was worse yesterday and today for the first few hours of the day and later I felt great. What in the world is going on? Is it just my body adjusting? I'm on a very small dose, I realize.
765572 tn?1234700966 This is not a site I'm familiar with, at all. According to the site, the products are produced in the U.S and the E.U; however, they are shipped from Hong Kong; therefore, I'd be extremely leery if I were really getting what I order. Also, when I tried to look at the Armour, the page kept taking me to NatureThroid, so it looks like they don't really have Armour. I saw some good reviews and some poor ones.
Avatar f tn Anyone with diagnosed celiac should be gluten free, whether or not they have autoimmune thyroid disease. Those with autoimmune thyroid disease, but not celiac or an intolerance to gluten, have no reason to go gluten free.