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Avatar n tn So I order nachos from Taco Bell is it ok to eat them ? And are jalapeƱos ok to eat I'm 8w1d ?
Avatar f tn I love toco bell with a cheese cup from there to dip the toco in :)
Avatar f tn Im 36weeks and tbell has been my biggest craving. I just made sure if I ate tbell than to make sure I have a healthy meal.
Avatar f tn I have been craving taco bell soooo bad nacho cheese chalupa sounds amazing!:))) anyone else crave stuff like this that's so terrible for u?..
Avatar f tn Who else has a big craving for Taco Bell? Idk what it is but I haven't got tired of it. So unhealthy..I know!
Avatar f tn Someone remind me to NEVER eat taco bell again. Baby doesn't like it at all lol anyone else have a fast food that they used to like before getting pregnant and now you can't stand the sight of it?
Avatar f tn m going back to eating vegis and homemade healthy meals, fruits as my form of sweets instead of cakes and cookies drinkg green tea in place of coffee laying off taco bell and all fast food places. I didnt like the effects of what eating bad did to me.
Avatar f tn I use to hate Taco Bell, I am a latina and always loved my moms cookinh and never ever ate Taco Bell .. now that am pregnant am crazy about it jeje and eat it like every other day. I've been so nauseous and had a lot of vomitting but I don't feel nauseous when I eat it amd never throw up jaja. Crazyyy, who else is in love with Taco Bell while preggers ?
Avatar f tn Now I am craving taco bell, lol, my cravings vary from day to day, yesterday was mango, and the day before pickles...
Avatar f tn I crave rallys fries with a chicken quesadilla from taco bell all covered in nacho cheese! So yours sounds a bit normal to me and sounds amazing! And i dont like steak!
Avatar f tn My cravings lately have been taco bell and granny smith apples with lemon and a little bit pico de gallo or with nutella. What are your cravings?
Avatar f tn Couldnt eat anything but taco bell and subway. Could only drink water or sprite. But peppermint tea helps some, ginger root or ginger tea, I was very limited till I was 4 and 1/2 months along. And now I am 23+5 weeks along and it has gotten better. I only get sick every so often when my boy doesnt like what I ate.
Avatar f tn I was craving Taco Bell earlier and my boyfriend took me to get it! So sweet because he usually doesn't like going anywhere at nighttime because he has to go to bed early for work!
Avatar f tn I really want some taco bell/taco bueno. But my hubby doesn't like either one:/ im going to try and talk him into it just for tonight.
Avatar f tn Im a FTM & 13 weeks and two days pregnant and all i want to eat is taco bell everyday. Is it not good for the baby ?
162279 tn?1270601359 LOL My oldest two daughters just went to Taco Bell with some money I gave them. I decided I wanted a chicken rice burrito a little after they left, and so I texted my daughter and told her. She texted back that they already ordered and didn't have enough money. So then I started to cry. Over a BURRITO!!!!! LOL then I started to laugh at how dumb I was.
Avatar f tn This is a little off topic, but Taco Bell does Breadsticks???? Yummy. I am a taco bell Queen.
8827648 tn?1400799478 I just had 2 nacho cheese chalupas from Taco Bell and it just made my WHOLE night!
6265786 tn?1386113658 I had chicken chalupas from taco bell I've been craving then forever! I haven't had taco bell in over 3 years so I'm glad I went!
Avatar f tn LoL....
Avatar f tn That sounds good I had the beef burrito from taco Bell the other day delicious.