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Avatar m tn I have had unprotected sex a bit over a month ago and a rash has appeared down the left hand side of my body, under my armpit, it is only slightly irritant and has been there for about a week, it seems to be getting worse but it is only a red rash and looks nothing like and herpes or syphilis pictures I've seen online but I'm scared still of getting herpes or syphilis, any help?
Avatar m tn i did see a dermatologist (spelling) , i've had protected sex and once unprotected oral sex in the past 6 months. the pictures look identical to syphilis. and the thing is , i've read on the net that early syphilis doesn't test positive.
Avatar m tn bump. anyone have any experience? I know it's not typical for syphilis, but has anyone heard of 2ndary syphilis itching?
Avatar f tn The skin on my upper chest is only very slightly red and elevated and little bit itchy, no pimples. It does not look like syphilis rash on photos from in internet at all, but I cannot evaluate it. And I am scared that it can be some not typical symptom.
Avatar n tn do a google typically ocurs on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet but can ocur in other places also. It also can vary in appearance so don't rule it out if the pics don;'t look like yours. But most pictures I found look like a symmetrial rash of small circles (copper or reddish color). Why not go and get tested. That's the only sure-fire way to know, especially since syphilis is commonly referred to as the "great imitator" --self explanatory.
Avatar m tn Thanks Doc - nothing much differnt to report, was in a club a little over 3 weeks ago, was intoxicated so most is blurry but I am certain anything that happened would have been protected (oral most likely). This seems a bit late for HSV (but as you stated that doesn't seem possible from the symptoms).
Avatar m tn Almost any skin rash is consistent with syphilis, and syphilis can mimic almost anything. Still, a localized rash only on the genitals almost certainly is not syphilis. When syphilis causes rash, it is typically in several locations all over the body. And if your two partners were not inner-city African Americans or Latinas along the SW border of the US, then the chance either of them had syphilis is near zero.
Avatar m tn we don't look at pictures no matter what the body part. this is explained in our read before posting post on the forum. the risk of a std from unprotected oral is very low. we don't even recommend any testing from it unless you develop symptoms. you really have no reason to think that your rashes are due to a std from this encounter. follow up with a medical provider for a proper exam to find out what is causing your symptoms so that you can get proper answers and peace of mind.
Avatar f tn Well the first thing you should do is get a basic STD screen. It's too early to test for HIV, Hep B&C or HSV but you could test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia immediately. You could also test for Trichomonas, it's a common infection. It's a little early to test for syphilis. If your "dark spots" do turn in to sores then you could have those tested for HSV, preferably by using PCR instead of culture because if the higher reliability.
Avatar n tn On the palm side, it appears as red dots UNDER the does look like the syphilis rash pictures that I have seen. On the back side of my hand and in the finger webs, it appears as small red pimple-like raised bumps. No fluid in them though. Itching precedes the outbreak, but then when they are present, they don't really itch. The rash lasts for 4 to 5 days and then fades away, and when it is gone, it looks like nothing ever happened. Then it recurrs unpredictably.
Avatar n tn i have this rash on arms which is there since almost 2 and half months now.. does the syphilis rash stay that long or it comes and goes ?
Avatar n tn Some conditions are peculiar to the genitals, but most genital rashes are simply the many causes of skin rash anywhere on the body. The only STD that conceivably could be responsible is syphilis, but that also seems very unlikely. If this problem clears up, which I expect it will do, I would just let it go. If it persists, you should seek professional attention, perhaps from a dermatologist. Whatever is going on, you really shouldn't be concerned about HPV, herpes, or any other STD.
Avatar m tn I am a married make who made out with another man over two months ago. There was no sexual contact and he had no visible chancres or lesions. I never developed a chancre but noticed a few days ago I have tiny pale spots around my waist and a few on my buttocks. I'm very worried! Is syphilis possible? The rash doesn't look similar to any pictures I've seen online. It seems to be centered around hair follicles and pores but it does not itch.
Avatar m tn The rash was on upper and inner thighs on both legs and seems to be fading. Forgive me, but I have been very stressed and pictures I see online look similar to syphilis, but I'm not a doctor. I am so incredibly scared!!!!! I have not had a primary sore of any kind anywhere on my body that I can tell. I do reiterate that I made her stop almost immediately. I thought she was going to use a condom and when she didn't, I made her stop. She started before I realized what was happening.
Avatar m tn It is very likely that I am in the secondary stage of syphilis (presence of a rash on my face and also the greyish sopts that weep on my scrotum). I was wondering, after taking the dose of penicilin (assuming that even in the event of me having to get more than one dose, the infection would start to clear) how long before the visual symptoms disappear i.e. the facial rash (which is not too bad as compared to the pictures I have seen on the internet) and also the symptoms on my scrotum.
Avatar n tn So, I haven't had any sexual contact since October of '09. While showering a I see a small bump on my penis. I pay it no mind but like a week later, it's like an outbreak. I ignore it (stupidly) hoping it will go away only for it to get worse. when I look online, I see that (according to the pictures) I have Syphilis. no question about it. It's like a txtbook pic. Ashamed, I do not go to the ER and this situation lasts for over a month, constantly getting worse.
Avatar m tn Hi, syphilis is spread by direct contact with a chancre or with 2nd stage syphilis which are the rash on the feet or hands.
Avatar n tn I realize the risks of all possible STDs. I mostly concerned with Syphilis. From looking at pictures, this doesn't look like a chancre because it's not open and is completely flat. I read it could be up to 90 days for the chancre to develop. Is it pretty rare for a primary syphilis to develop that late? Would a syphilis chancre be pretty obvious? I guess my real question is am I overreacting or should I be worried about this spot (what can I rule out based on the timing alone)?
Avatar f tn I was researching the rash and I noticed it said syphilis but I am one to check constantly and I have never had any sort of a chancre anywhere.
Avatar n tn The only thing that might relate to me is Syphilis, Herpes or HPV. Also, as the rash started to move below the waist I started noticing faint white blotches on my scrotum, they aren't blisters, bumps or sores.. just white skin. In addition, a few spots on my penis have appeared too but these are different, dry skin spots that flake off and reveal red raw skin underneath. These have slowly started to healed. The body rash has not worsened nor started to fade away.. it has not further spread.
Avatar m tn yes but it's not a rash but more like upper layer of skin is peeled away. I'm dark skinned so it looks patchy. the scar was never open kind of wound, no indurated edges, just a very small peeling altough I made it big because I scratched it a lot to see what it was.
Avatar m tn Could this be a syphilis related rash? Would a syphilis rash last this long? It does fade every now and again and then will reoccur a couple of days later.