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Avatar m tn the pictures look identical to syphilis. and the thing is , i've read on the net that early syphilis doesn't test positive.
Avatar f tn I have a round rash that has tripled in size it's now the size of a dinner plate.round rings on my side.Dr said it's cellulitis.I think its lymes disease.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr., I have a red pinkish, Non Ichy rash on the head of my penis in which I just noticed one morning. I figured it was just go away but it has not and its been about 3 weeks. Its about 1/2 inch in size and scaly. I am starting to get worried about what it is. Thanks for your response.
Avatar m tn Google a syphilis sore and rash for pictures and you will see what you look like is nothing like what you will see. 10 week HIV test is very good and 19 week is more then conclusive, no HIV worried. Mono is actually always in the body and can come back again, it is not uncommon to get it again.
Avatar f tn I have had issues with skin/acne so I cannot tell for sure if I overlooked any rash associated with the second stage of syphilis. What worries me is that I have hair loss on the top of my head where it is pretty thin now. This has happened over years. The sides and the back of my head do not have any hair loss or thinning. Is it possible to have hair loss thinning over the entire top part of my head with syphilis? Is syphilis hair loss chronic and widespread or is it like bald patches?
Avatar f tn To summarize he has had a rash with different appearance on several areas of the body, sore throat, patchy hair loss, headaches and fatigue. It all started with several raised bumps around the anus which broke open and wept. When that cleared he had raised bumps under the armpits and flat red/brownish spots all around his back. The symptom that scared me the most was that subsequently he lost a lot of hair – in patches!!
Avatar n tn Finally, the later skin rash of syphils rarely appears as a single lesion; generally there is a body-wide rash. Having said all that, syphilis used to be called "the great imitator" because of the very wide range of clinical manifestations it could cause, mimicking many other conditions. Your description is not incompatible with a syphilitic lesions. But still, for the reasons above, most likely it isn't syphilis. But of course it's far better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn Is there a distinct way you can tell the difference from a rash to ..say Syphilis? Have seeing many pictures of what syphilis looks like, etc. and understanding where it normally accumulates and spreads on the body makes it difficult to tell whats going on, on me.
Avatar n tn Some conditions are peculiar to the genitals, but most genital rashes are simply the many causes of skin rash anywhere on the body. The only STD that conceivably could be responsible is syphilis, but that also seems very unlikely. If this problem clears up, which I expect it will do, I would just let it go. If it persists, you should seek professional attention, perhaps from a dermatologist. Whatever is going on, you really shouldn't be concerned about HPV, herpes, or any other STD.
3588970 tn?1352504346 Hydroxyzine 50 mg every 6 hours (it has to be a large enough dose to work well) Fluocinonide ointment topically to rash Clobetesol solution to rash on scalp For me it was the Hydroxyzine that really turned the tables and got the rash under control. The topicals help and I use them, but they work only where you put them, and then the rash just moves next door. The Hydroxyzine oral tabs work systemically (and this is a systemic drug reaction). The rash could be from the Ribavirvin.
Avatar m tn I have had unprotected sex a bit over a month ago and a rash has appeared down the left hand side of my body, under my armpit, it is only slightly irritant and has been there for about a week, it seems to be getting worse but it is only a red rash and looks nothing like and herpes or syphilis pictures I've seen online but I'm scared still of getting herpes or syphilis, any help?
Avatar m tn Could you contact syphilis this way if her body had a secondary rash? Do all syphilis ulcers ooze the clear fluid, as the bump in my pubic area never did it was in a very hairy area towards the stomach around 2 inches up from penis Doctor is there reason for concern is syphilis contacted without sex or hand to genital repeated contact. We did French kiss and she was unclothed but I wasn’t.
Avatar m tn do you still have your rash? honestly I wouldn't bother with more syphilis testing .
Avatar m tn I tried googling images on what it could be and I completely have no idea! Some of what I googled for were herpes, syphilis, heat rash, bed bugs, mites, scabies, spider bites, etc. The closest to what they were similar like are flea bites but it definitely isn't that. I'm not sure what the rules are with pictures on this forum but I uploaded a picture of the bumps
Avatar n tn Dear Doctors, Back in December of 2013 I had unprotected sex and of course the next day, instantly went and got myself STD tested because I became very paranoid, mainly because the guy who had sex with me wasn't from the best of places. I received a call from the Health Department about a month later and they confirmed with me that I had no known STDs/HIV, except that I did have a false-positive on my test for Syphilis.
Avatar n tn i posted a little while ago about having an intense itch all over my body with no signs of rash.. slowly i began to develop a little rash on the inside of my arm and after seeing 3 other doctors(and even having my blood tested) the 4th finally figured out i have scabies. i am sure that most of you are probably aware of scabies but the thing i never knew that you can have scabies for months (as i did) with no rash. when i finally showed signs of it i figured it was due to my constant scratching.
Avatar n tn i have worried myself SICK over this and yes i have made an appointment to get tested but until then all i do is google everything i can about HIV/AIDS, syphilis, statisitics on the two and how they are linked, pictures ect. the only symptoms i had was i got a few bumps about 7 months ago (about 6 months after we broke up, 9 months after we started dating).
Avatar n tn On 02/25/2007 I stated having red bumps all over mostly on my stomach and legs and back. They look like i got bit by bug bites all over. Then it has spread all over my body but the ones on my stomach have just a little all over. They itch like crazy but they are not dry or flaky and they are not open or bloody. Most of them look exactly like bug bites. Any ideas what I might have.
Avatar m tn com/albums/yy318/adbfair/ The Rash near my hand, then a pimple on left and second smaller rash can be seen in multiple photos. Hope its visible. The rashes are fading since I have been applying Alcortin / cortizone etc regularly. Please provide additional feedback. I am planning to show these to the dermatologist since rash(s) might disappear by the time I see the doctor. Also note that my exposure was always with a condom / protected.
1798440 tn?1315716626 in our read before posting post on the forum, we explain why we don't look at any pictures, regardless of body parts. you've had this rash for 3 months, why would you think the unprotected sex you had 2 weeks ago has anything to do with this? continue to follow up with dermatologists as needed. since you had unprotected sex, you can properly cover your std testing bases at the proper times. You can test for chlamydia , gonorrhea and ngu anytime after 1 week post encounter.
Avatar n tn The only thing that might relate to me is Syphilis, Herpes or HPV. Also, as the rash started to move below the waist I started noticing faint white blotches on my scrotum, they aren't blisters, bumps or sores.. just white skin. In addition, a few spots on my penis have appeared too but these are different, dry skin spots that flake off and reveal red raw skin underneath. These have slowly started to healed. The body rash has not worsened nor started to fade away.. it has not further spread...
Avatar m tn I did not ejaculate in her. My biggest concern is that she had a skin rash throughout her body, She said it was eczema. And she kept scratching it. Some of it had formed scabs. Some of it looked like it had scarred. At first, before she said anything, I thought chicken pox or something. After researching, I am very fearful of HIV rash.
Avatar f tn During terconazole treatment, I experienced what appeared to be a rash (red bumps) on the left buttock that went away in about 4 days and hasn't come back since. All the rash went away expect for one bump in my buttock. Went to my gyno again, showed her pictures of the rash as well as showed her the bump that remained and told her about the itching on genitals, and she believed it is folliculitis and a yeast infection once more.
Avatar m tn Anyway, a localized rash only on the genitals almost certainly is not syphilis. When syphilis causes rash, it is typically in several locations all over the body. And if your two partners were not inner-city African Americans or Latinas along the SW border of the US, then the chance either of them had syphilis is near zero. There are only 2-3,000 new cases of syphilis in women each year in the entire country, pretty much limited to the groups just mentioned.
Avatar m tn we don't look at pictures no matter what the body part. this is explained in our read before posting post on the forum. the risk of a std from unprotected oral is very low. we don't even recommend any testing from it unless you develop symptoms. you really have no reason to think that your rashes are due to a std from this encounter. follow up with a medical provider for a proper exam to find out what is causing your symptoms so that you can get proper answers and peace of mind.
Avatar m tn The rash was on upper and inner thighs on both legs and seems to be fading. Forgive me, but I have been very stressed and pictures I see online look similar to syphilis, but I'm not a doctor. I am so incredibly scared!!!!! I have not had a primary sore of any kind anywhere on my body that I can tell. I do reiterate that I made her stop almost immediately. I thought she was going to use a condom and when she didn't, I made her stop. She started before I realized what was happening.
Avatar f tn Use google and look for syphilis pictures, and you will see what one looks like.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you might have a rash, I don't know what from but a rash can be associated with syphilis or HIV. I'm not saying that's what you have, but those are two STDs with a rash as a possible symptom. With syphilis it's typically on your hands/feet and HIV it's typically on the trunk of your body. Itching eyes is not a STD symptom. In the end, you are going to have to be tested. So do so as soon as you can.
Avatar m tn Isn't syphilis pretty rare these days and thought the rash is usually on palms and feet? I saw some pictures of a syphilis rash and this doesn't look that. These are just individual bumps mostly, some look they have a clear liquid in them or a whitehead. And again pretty spread out, one popped up under my knee yesterday. Thanks for you thoughts.
Avatar m tn then a week ago a rash appeared on my arm with small bumps which still hasnt gone away that is painful and 2 days ago this appeared on m fore skin and hurts and is very similar to the rash thats on my arm tho the arm rash has started to lessen, tho that also became and open wound. i want to seek medical care but i am homeless right now and 24 years of age. i recently had unprotected sex with a 47 year old for the past 4 months then 2 weeks ago had sex with a 18 year old.