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Avatar n tn Brand name drugs are held to a stricter requirement for the amount of active ingredient in each pill, and the shelf life of the active drug. Brand name drugs are allowed 5-10% +/- variation from what the label says to what the drug measures fresh and at end of shelf life. Generics are allowed a variation of 25%, plus or minus, and there is no guarantee that the pharmacy will stock the same generic from month to month.
Avatar n tn we all have to experiment by trial and error and find where we are most comfortable. Likewise, the dose of Synthroid that will make you feel well is dependent on many things. Other people's experiences will not be the same as yours. My doctor started me on a much too high dose also.
168348 tn?1379360675 So if you miss a day, the system has reserves from the past 6 days of taken medication to fall back on. This is called shelf life. Some people claim there are med. sensitive (shake head) so I guess anything is possible.
393685 tn?1425816122 This change is being made to help ensure that levothyroxine retains its potency over its shelf life -- a problem that levothyroxine has had in the past, and continues to have. The current requirement is that each pill must contain "not less than 90.0% and not more than 110.0% of the labeled amount of levothyroxine sodium." The change is mandating that each pill will need to contain "not less than 95.0% and not more than 105.
Avatar f tn i know everyone says that its the hypothyroidism and not the meds but i swear i never had constipation a day in my life and 48 hrs after i began synthroid i had the worst constipation in my life! now i have learned to manage it with magnesium tablets and vitamin c every day and i don t have problems.
Avatar n tn But when taking T3 supplement it needs to be taken several times through out the day and night because it has a very short shelf life, like 4 to 6 hours. In other words it only last in the symptoms up to 4 to 6 hours then need another dose for the next 4 to 6 hours and so forth. Whereas T4 last 6 days. But I'd be careful, for T3 can be very potent. It needs the right does to the right dose of T4, so you'll need a doctor who knows how to prescribe T3 to T4.
Avatar n tn But what I have read and understand is, split the pill and take it several time throughout the day. T-3 has a short shelf life, meaning it only last approx 4 hours in the body. When you first take it, it will give you a little boost then when the approx 4 hours are up it will make you crash hard. By splitting the pill and taking it every 4 hours you will have a constant supply/dose in your body evening out its effects and avoid them.
Avatar n tn 6mci) and felt really lousy (be prepared for nausea) for 2 days (partly because I was simultaneously bottoming out in hypo hell until I started my synthroid). I took a mini vacation for 72 hours per my radiation oncologist at my parents, and being in a quiet place away from my 4 kids was a good thing. I slept for the first two days and DRANK tons of water-- the more you drink the faster you will flush the nuke junk out of your system.
168348 tn?1379360675 Akrimax Pharmaceuticals.....FDA approved in 2006. Shelf life of 18 mos. (Longer and more stable than the pills) Tirosint is a gelcap. Potentcy isn't affected like the other T4 meds that have to be heated etc. Comes in 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 (13mcg dosage on way) Dosages are all color coded. Comes in blister packs also with days of week on it I believe. :) Inacive ingredients: gelatin, glycerine, water That's it folks!! FREE OF: dyes, gluten, alcohol, lactose, sugar!!!!
219241 tn?1413541365 The explanation I got was this is because the Thyroxin is NOT a generic brand and doesnt hold a good shelf life either. These were prescribed to me as I am having RAI next week for Hyperthyroidism and Graves. So yes you are correct but I would get a letter from your Doctor stating they must be refridgerated or they may make you keep them in your overnight bag on the plane. Also with the way airlines are now (especially Qantas) about medications this is the way to go.
Avatar f tn Since I've turned into a pill popping machine I'm trying to figure out how to space out all of them so as not to interfere with the Synthroid. I've read a lot of good stuff about the probiotic Sustenex and have started taking it. My question is can I take it in the morning with my Synthroid? I take my calcium with lunch and dinner, Prilosec at 4pm, and a multivitamin at night. Also, will taking a probiotic do me any good since I take the Prilosec and have no stomach acid?
369861 tn?1306279286 Albuterol inhaler Allergy shots Diovan 320 mg Klor-con 10 mg Lexapro 10 mg Synthroid 112mcg Singulair 10 mg Xanax 0.5 mg prn Zyrtec 10 mg Zantac 150 Meds recently taken off: Advair 100/50 mg Atenelol 50 mg Celebrex Diovan HCT 320/25 mg Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg Norco Soma I am sick and tired of this entire thing and I just don't know which way to turn.
Avatar f tn The most usual switch seems to be AWAY from Synthroid, however. In addition, Synthroid seems slightly more likely than the other brands to cause a noticeable amount of hair loss in the early months of taking it. I was delighted for you when I read your report of an absolutely flawless scar line. Having read your account of your unusually hair-raising time of it in surgery, I think that if anyone deserves to have some part of the overall process go unusually well, it is you!
Avatar f tn did it just happen from the Synthroid??? Do you still have it? My Ins company said Synthroid was to expensive so I've been on levoxill for a long time now, 11yrs total, but 5yrs on levoxill. As soon as I find out about the enzymes blah... blah... blah... I will let you know! All comments are welcome because I'm blind when it comes to TT aftermath!!!!!
393685 tn?1425816122 It is causing me undue anxiety and now interfering with my daily life. I told the Endo that it was on the fence and we agreed to try it out .. but I have come to the conclusion I am not myself on this dosing and even though the other dosing isn't as great for cancer supression I have to live my life and be as comfortable and content as possible.
1544507 tn?1293634965 , anything with industrial preservatives, colorants, etc., actually anything packaged, transformed, or with a shelf life of more than a week. Believe me it cut out about 90% of what is for sale in a supermarket. Also, there is one rule I never transgress. I NEVER eat because it's polite, social, or whatever. When I'm hungry, I eat. Long story short, #1 the less I ate the less I was hungry. When I hit 110 LB I thought, OK that's fine.
173351 tn?1201217657 Eutroxsig Brands are the only two available) it is recommended that we keep thyroxine refridgerated because of issues about the potency, stability and bioavailability (tablets can be left unrefrigerated for one month without affecting shelf life). You don't have to refridgerate Synthroid and other brands do you?
Avatar f tn I'm not saying that you'll ever be able to go to a drug store and purchase 100 mcg's of Synthroid on the shelf. But as more people require it, it will become cheeper to produce and less expensive as more pharmaceutical companies get involved to get their slice of the pie and drive competition amongst themselves. And as far as the options you've gotten from your doctor, all I can say is that I feel for you.
Avatar f tn Also has anyone tried prozac which is supposed to have a very short shelf life and have less icky side effects.?? I am getting new labs (B12, D3, ferritin, iron,reverse T3 along w/frees) Right now I eat gluten free, treadmill 3xwkly, walk 6blocks uphill to school, and take melatonin at night to curb insomnia and take my meds faithfully w/out food and my daily handfull of supplements after lunch. So I'm not giving up. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!
1550026 tn?1299339682 I know I try in a very determined manner to reduce the stress in my life (which is very difficult with the economy, lay-offs at work, furlough days at work etc) I know that when I am becoming stressed - my throat closes up - as though my thyroid gland swells - its the most bizarre thing but I swear, I feel like I am gagging the more worked up I feel!
Avatar n tn Can a person live on hyper ATD’s for the rest of their life successfully, mind you I will always check with my physician but can they, if so how long (time span wise, months, years?) can this ATD route last a graves patient like myself? (please Dr.
Avatar f tn My thought on the boxed Almond milk is that it is kept unrefrigerated on the shelf at the healthfood store, so it must have preservatives and other things in it to give it the shelf life (it's not just Almonds)? This is why I am now using the raw fresh goats milk instead. Google the benefits of goats milk compaired to regular milk.
Avatar n tn You need to find a diet with a maintenance plan that works for you that you can live with for life...making a life style change. Its a lot of work but worth it in the end with good results. I hope you are not getting TED - another thyroid autoimmune disorder. I suggest using lubricant sterile eye drops, not for red eyes but for dry eyes. Watch the progress of your eye, if they get worse or change, go to ophthalmologist to have the possibility of TED checked out.
327385 tn?1378364331 Let him/her know the big picture and all the emotional/psychological issues and how its impacting your life. I usually take a notebook with my thoughts and symptoms written down and read from it. It makes them take me more seriously and they are less likely to rush through the appointment. Try to take it easy - ha - so easy to preach to others! I'm going to try and keep stress levels down as well.
665125 tn?1273027524 I don't seem to have any problems with my memory or processing words when speaking and/or spelling. I am currently taking Synthroid 150mcg, Fentyal Pain Pain 25mcg and Calcitriol 0.25 for calcium absorbtion, calcium and a multi vitamin. The only med that I would think might contribute to memory problems etc would be Fentyal. However, I have been using the Fentyal for 3 years now and it is the lowest strength offered. I have suffered excessive unrelentless stress over several years.
Avatar n tn Hi Laika; Most people take the shots on Fridays to rest during the weekend, so they may return to work on Mondays. And it is best to take shots at night, to try to sleep through the sides. I don't work, so I am doing the shots on Sunday nites now and have the weekends feeling good with my hubby and daughters. Now, as far as the Riba pills ( I am only going by what I was told from my hepatologist & head nurse ) The Riba pills have a 12 hr shelf life in your system.
1464587 tn?1307495205 My husband had been on that for years after he could not tolerate Cytomel (T3) and then Synthroid (T4) did not help him. My thyroid panel had been normal the summer of 2006 but my next blood work was Jan 2010 and was great except the thyroid. I knew I had adrenal fatigue for years, Lupus since 1955 (almost no flares since 1970) and Lymes several allergic to almost all pharms, molds, pollen, etc.
Avatar n tn Sulfites, and more recently chlorine and aluminum phosphate, have been used to keep herbs from spoiling during shipping, to increase shelf life, and to freshen the color of herbs. To decrease the need for preservatives with their potentially harmful side effects, the laboratories we use first sterilize the herbs with a special water process to rid the herbs of unwanted organisms. Following sterilization, the herbs are processed and dried.
1582614 tn?1310328508 My gen doc has me on effexor and klonopin. plus synthroid for thyroid. I feel good most of the time. But just feel so alone. My husband is so mean. I try to talk to his Mom but of couse she makes excuses for him. He does support me, but throws it in my face. It has only been since last summer that I ran out of unemployment and my 20,000.00 in savings from the sale of my home in NJ. Now I feel traped. Can I do this treatment with a husband who is so critical of me? Bottom line can I do this?