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246012 tn?1189759430 Doesn't work. Is not absorbed right.
1129232 tn?1360803958 I'm wondering if anyone knows if having a cup of coffee or milk 1 hour after having my synthroid pill can affect the medication. My endo told me to make sure not to take any vitamins with iron or calcium for at least 4 hours after I take the pill. I definitely do not take my vitamins until a good 6 hours after synthroid but given that milk has calcium, i'm wondering if having milk can also affect the pill.
Avatar f tn 5 once a day. Taken on empty stomach each morning faithfully. I see the doctor 4/9 again but boy am I dragging. Tired from start to finish, very low energy, which is not loke me at all. Anyone have this problem? Do I need a higher dosage you think? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I am on .88 mcg and I know it is recommended to take on an empty stomach in the morning. I am still having some issues adjusting and have a doctor's appointment in about 10 more days and labs. I know there is an issue of empty stomach and when your stomach is actually empty. I know morning is the best time and I do take it then. I am not new to thyroid meds and took Armour for 40 years - long story.
Avatar m tn 30 years ago I started taking synthyroid I took it with food my dose end up at 300mcg for years I was depressed or had anxiety November 2012 a friend told me I should be taking the med on and empty stomach with at least 8oz of water and not to eat for 30 min to and hour mid December anxiety became bad my doctor told me my med was to high and called in a new prescription my wife pick it up and I started taking it I got sick January 2nd with a cold 2 weeks later I was almost well when panic and a
Avatar n tn I know have a round of antibiotics (Ampicillin) that I am supposed to take twice a day on an empty stomach as well. Can I take both of these meds at the same time in the morning? Thanks!
1026267 tn?1257594873 When the instructions say to take Synthroid on an empty stomach and hour before breakfast, does that mean no coffee for an hour also?
Avatar m tn It is generally recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating, to help with absorption.
Avatar n tn I HATE water, it makes my stomach feel so empty and gives me awful cotton mouth. I ususally sleep very late(noon) so I wake up at 9am and take my medicine then return to sleeping. So waking up early is bad enough and then to have to drink a glass of water on top of that is very difficult. Can I take it with Tea or flavored water, like Gatorade, Vitamin water or something of that nature? Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn However, you should take it at about the same time every day, and it's very important to take it on an empty stomach, so most people take it first thing in the morning. You shouldn't eat or drink anything for half to one hour after taking it. I'd probably start by taking it with your first dose of NT in the morning. If that doesn't work out for some reason, you can experiment with what works best for you.
Avatar n tn As long as you take Synthroid hours from, before or after, eating/foods or drinks including coffee, vitamin supplements, and other drugs. That is to say, hours of an empty stomach. The reason it is recommended to take it or other T4 medications in the AM and not the PM, is that it can cause sleep problems due to a little boost from the initial swallowing. The important issues is being constant.
Avatar m tn The lab results will reflect how much synthroid your body is absorbing and hence the dosing is based on that. It is recommended to take on an empty stomach and wait at least 1/2 hour. If you decide to change your routine, you need to get tested again to make sure you are still at a good level.
Avatar n tn Or try taking it at bedtime when you set your alarm clock. It's supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, but a few hours after dinner might be ok. It's also important for your MD to do a blood level at least once a year to check your tsh level, that's how you'll know if you're taking enough med. (To put it as simply and basic as possible).
1031644 tn?1312466351 You should take your med with the same amount and at the exact same time on an empty stomach ,and for the med to start work , you shall reach the proper dose your body needs first .
Avatar f tn My heart doc wants me to stay on synthroid until I see him next week. I have kind of given up on my endo. I am seeing the doc you suggested at the end of March. Can your heart become so sensitive to thyroid meds? As soon as I take synthroid in the morning my heart starts to flutter etc. What is the cause? I get so tired in the afternoons that I am taking naps but wake up feeling heart and need to eat. What do in the meantime?
1157054 tn?1266097764 Yes, that is fine. Synthroid works best on an empty stomach so you are taking the medications in the proper order.
Avatar n tn I can only comment on the synthroid its important to take on a empty stomach...Im rushed in the am too,,,I often take my synthroid in the early am like 3 or so if I wake up to use the bathroom or whatever..
443862 tn?1238003039 NO take it on empty stomach. If your acid persists, maybe try something else, unfortunately I to have this problem. But I can deal. It will take some time for your body to adjust. So just make sure you talk to your doctor.
Avatar n tn Thyroid hormone is usually taken in the morning to prevent insomnia at night. Need to take on empty stomach. Take each dose with a full glass (8 ounces) of water. Allow atleast 1/2 hour before taking and other Meds or Vitamins,and food. Starting Dose is different per situation.
Avatar m tn sounds like you are on too much you take it on a empty stomach as soon as you awake.early morning which is best...and wait a hour eat. I was on too higher dosage, couldn't sleep, hyper, sweaty or hot feeling, headaches, etc which all came on gradually with new symptoms each day. google too higher dose symptoms and see if it is took 4 weeks b4 I really knew I was too hyper, dr wanted me to continue on dosage so I changed drs and he lowered it.
Avatar f tn I'm not taking it any differently - still following all the rules about taking it on an empty stomach, not eating for an hour...etc. Does the body adjust to the medication after a while? Thanks for any insight.
Avatar n tn You should take your Synthroid in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait at least an hour to eat anything. You should keep most other meds at least four hours away from the Synthroid if you can. I can't. I don't know if Zoloft will mess with the Synthroid. Calcium is a big no-no in the morning. Vitamins should be spaced several hours away, like lunch time. There are other specifics, too, but I forget. Sometimes you have to compromise a little. The key is consistancy.
Avatar n tn i take my synthroid in the morning on an empty stomach. i then wait for .5 to 1 hour to eat breakfast. if i eat breakfast first, i then wait 2 hours to take my synthroid.
Avatar f tn I researched possible solutions and just started (4 days ago) taking my NT on an empty stomach in morning and taking the synthroid on an empty stomach at bedtime. Mostly, feels somewhat better all ready, but still some gas and stomach issues and low energy with low mood. Do you think I am on the right track????? HELP! I feel like thyroid patients are having to do all their own medical research to find relief.
793305 tn?1493929118 Can I take Levaquin (quinolone antibiotic) at the same time as my synthroid...pharmacist said yes, but I'm skeptical...Everything messes with synthroid...but both need to be taken with lots of water and on empty stomach...kidney third in a year. How rude.
Avatar n tn If I take my synthroid on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, do I need to wait before drinking my morning coffee?
Avatar n tn Can I take Nexium and Synthroid (generic of synthroid) at the same time in the morning? Both have to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, an hour or so before a meal. I stopped the Nexium since starting the Synthroid a couple of weeks ago because I was afraid to take both together and thought the synthroid was more important, but am now back to having digestive problems that the Nexium helped.
Avatar n tn Every thyroid patient has heard the advice that for best results, we should take our medication first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, and wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before eating. (And also, that we should wait at least three to four hours before taking calcium or iron, which can interfere with thyroid hormone absorption.) But research reported in the journal Clinical Endocrinology found that taking the same dose of levothyroxine (i.e.
Avatar n tn I am s/p thyroidectomy 8/23/09 and despite dose adjustment accurately taking med (empty stomach no vits ect) my TSH level is climbing and I feel awful. TSH pre surgery 7.2 shortly after 14 and now 24 I am currently on Synthroid 200 just starting after being on 150. Help me understand my options and alternitives I am freaked!