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Avatar f tn I too have had alot of heartburn with my meds ever since the switch from synthroid. I ended up going to a gastoenterologist who sent me for an endoscopy. Said I had a hiatal hernia and esophegitis. Now I'm taking 150 mgs of Ranitidine, twice daily. I have been on many types of meds for this and not one has really taken care of the problem. Just think there's something else going on. They then sent me for a colonoscopy, which was fine. Now the are odering a small bowel series.....yeh, what ever.
Avatar f tn im not sure if its related to the thyroid surgery or the synthroid im taking , but i have horrible heartburn !! im eating alot of tums with very little relief . my diet hasnt changed , im not eating very much since my surgery. ill ask my gp on friday , but he's not veryhelpfull sometimes . any ideas ?
Avatar n tn hi, had RAI last MArch, now on the second month of synthroid. i'm also experiencing terrible heartburn. it cause me to wake up in the middle of the night and not able to go back to sleep. so are we saying that heartburn is just a normal symptom of being hypo?
2121656 tn?1395678349 Either way I'm still symptom free except for the heartburn, that's actually worse than before taking synthroid. I am having it all day. Therefore, I'm not sure if the synthroid is the cause or if it may be caused from me drinking my morning coffee without taking the protonix. Due to having to wait 4 hrs. after taking synthroid. So, I'm thinking about changing my time from taking it at 7am to 4am. This way I can take my protonix before drinking coffee. I can't wait for 4 hrs.
Avatar n tn 088MCG synthroid. I feel very emotional and depressed in the last few weeks. How long before I feel better?? I did not feel like this the first few weeks after surgery.
Avatar f tn 7) Feel much better all my symptoms have virtually gone, apart from the odd palpitation. However I am now suffering from heartburn all the time. I never had this as a symptom before. Does anyone else have this and does anyone knowif it's because my TSH is now so much lower? P.S.
222011 tn?1265475648 Endo MD thought I was having a recation to a fillers in the generic. As soon as I switched to synthroid (the brand), no more heartburn after taking med. FYI it is possible to be on a proton pump inhibitor for life, if you have chronic reflux you might talk to MD about it. -To cooment on what other poster said, I've never heard of prevacid or any other ppi damaging thyroid. I even ask my endo about it and he said it was ok to take ppi, just not at same time as synthroid.
168348 tn?1379360675 Not happy. Bad heartburn needing Prevacid .. Pepcid not working .. and what do I get .. ANXIETY from the Prevacid alongside my Synthroid. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is all I can say. Pretty annoyed at this stuff. Actually very annoyed LOL.
Avatar n tn 42 yrs old female with hypothyroid been on 150mg synthroid now for 3 years never had hearburn but for the past few months i have been getting heartburn but not from eating I get like a acid burn when I dont eat the only way to make it better is to eat something it seems to be getting worse for the past week i wake up in the middle of the night with it burning and have to make a half of sandwich to calm it down. Is this heartburn or is it something else.
168348 tn?1379360675 Alcohol gives me terrible heartburn/reflux ....... to the point I have to take Mylanta or something & only since upped synthroid dosing (which btw is small at 50mcgs) .. .Now the reflux/heartburn has only been in the eve (alcohol as in one light beer or small glass of liquour) .. I do not know if this would happen during the day as I don't ever have an occasional beer or liquor ever in daytime hours LOL soooo who knows!!! LOL! I am waiting again for washing machine repair man ..
Avatar n tn It is not usual to have a cough due to synthroid. Make sure to drink a few ounces of water before and after taking the synthroid (or any pill) to make sure it goes down. Also, would consider silent acid-reflux as a cause of cough (and the borderline asthma) -- even if you have no heartburn, acid can sneak up from the stomach and get into the airway -- try over-the counter zantac 150mg am & pm for 2 weeks to see if that helps.
Avatar n tn Is this something I should be concerned about or is it just heartburn? Is this a common side effect with Synthroid? Is the dosage too high for subclinical hypothyroidism and causing bad side effects? Thanks in advance for your assistance I am very new to all of this!
Avatar f tn I am having a problem with taking my Prevacid 4 hrs. after Synthroid. Right now my routine is to take Synthroid when I first get up and 6 AM. an hour later eat something void of fiber (usually egg sub.) The 4 hrs. later I take the Prevacid and have another small meal (cereal usually). The problem is something is causing a bad taste to come back in to my mouth sometime after all this and I am thinking it is because the Prevacid really is not being taken prior to eating.
Avatar m tn It is supposed to be best to take in the morning but I have to take Synthroid in the morning. Do you think that one fresh squeezed lemon would interfere? The pharmacists said it should fine, maybe very little but not significant amount.
2121656 tn?1395678349 Any suggestions on when it's best to get TSH, FT4/FT retested after starting synthroid? Would 5 wks. post be sufficient enough time for a more accurate result in how the hormone replacement is working? Also, should I take my synthroid the morning of retesting? I've heard it's better to retest later in the day. My only problem is I've to fast, due to my Dr. also retesting Lipid Panel & A1C. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
222011 tn?1265475648 Hi, I had part of my thyroid removed 2 years ago due to a benign nodule which resulted in having to take Levothyroxine (100mg) daily. Haven't felt really well since my op with numerous symptons. Have had ECG,Ultrasound,Barium Swallow, CT scan on neck, tested for Helicobacter pylori, blood tests but every test has come back negative. Have constant pressure in my chest and suffer greatly from heartburn and cough (not chronic & no weight loss).
Avatar f tn I had a left hemithryoidectomy April 01/08 and have been on 75 mcg of Synthroid since. My T4 is still sluggish but my last TSH was 1.6. I am feeling very sluggish, believe it or not, especially approximately 3-4 hours after taking my Synthroid. Maybe it is just a coincidence. I usually take it in the morning. I am wondering when most people take it?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I was placed on synthroid. My thyroid gland swelled up and I would get a sore throat as if muscles were squeezing around my throat. The doctors reduced my dose but the symptoms remained until I totally stopped taking it. If always felt like a muscle was squeezing around my wind pipe. It really hurt. After I have been off of the synthroid and another symptom appeared and lingers.
Avatar n tn I get a more heartburn since starting the Synthroid but interestingly enough, the heartburn levels off a few weeks into the new increased strength. Not sure on the I 131 side effects but that was my experience with the Synthroid. C~ pap ca 1/07 .. synthroid 88mcgs tsh 1.
213617 tn?1189759421 Hi.. Is it normal to have such bad heartburn after surgery. When Dr. sent me home from the hospial he had me taking TUMS 12 a day and everyday after minus one till one a day and continue till the bottle is empty. I should be at one a day now. I am having bad heartburn and eating about 5 to 7 the last two days. I am newly diagnosed with Hashimoto's not on any meds for it.
554999 tn?1215448045 47 yr old female, DX'd with Hashimoto's 4 or 5 yrs ago, been on Synthroid, with no natural Thyroid function left at all, according to my Endo. Am on dosage of 125 mcg, but something is wrong. Endo says these symptoms are unrelated, but I no longer believe that. Tinnitus, weight gain (again), libido has flat-lined, stabbing headache styled pain in back of head, tight calf muscles, itchy hivey things on ankles. Weird skin rashes when exposed to sun. Constipation. Should I switch to Armour ?
Avatar n tn so i am needing him to go BACK on the synthroid. because the heartburn scares me.. and knowing next year at this time he will AGAIN be in soo much horrid pain from the CH makes me so ANGRY/SAD... Hubby thinks MOLD spores may be why he gets the clusterheadaches every single year between MAY and August and it has been HOT, humid, and wet this year especially. The mold count has been high in our region, mold grows at night..and dies in the sun light..
Avatar n tn I take 150 synthroid first thing when I wake up and I've started suffering with heartburn. I've heard warm lemon water soothes heartburn.
Avatar f tn and can impact the esophagus and manifest in motility issues and heartburn just as it can cause constipation. He started me on 5mcg of generic Cytomel twice a day in addition to my 88mcg of Synthroid. I'm supposed to check back in 6 weeks. I'm very excited to have someone listen, be knowledgeable, and offer to work for a solution, and I wanted to share my experience. My question, however, is that both yesterday and today I've noticed some discomfort/ aching in my left shoulder/neck area.
197575 tn?1215536224 I get more frequent heartburn since starting Synthroid but not consistent but it definitely is more than before ever taking it (I actually feel the food with hotness pushing up when I swallow oftentimes) ..... not sure about your issues but wanted to let you know I read the post. Mine started the day I started the Synthroid but is ok and no meds necessary but not a coincidence I am certain for me with the Synthroid.
119341 tn?1232567357 I was told not to mix Heartburn med with the synthroid. To wait 4 hour after taking the synthroid to take any acid reducers. What about pain relievers? I must have slept wrong last night. I can't move my neck and shoulder without severe pain. Do I have to wait 4 hours to take anything?
Avatar n tn Dr. Mark, I am currently taking Synthroid (150mg) and Cytomel (5-10mg) and starting taking Prevacid for chronic heartburn about a month ago (after a bout of stomach flu) I had never suffered from heartburn before in my life. In the last few weeks I've had severe fatigue, weight gain, my skin and hair are much drier, bloating in the stomach, a hard time sleeping at night and a feeling of fullness for up to 16 hours after I eat.
Avatar f tn This is a medication question. My routine now is Blood Pressure and Synthroid meds approx. 6 AM. Hold off on eating any fiber and taking Prevacid for GERD until 4 hrs. later. I do allow myself non fiber eggs during that interval but my heartburn and empty stomach are uncomfortable during that time. I wonder if taking Prevacid 4 hrs. prior to Synthroid (middle of the night) would work. Any suggestions?
533063 tn?1262369701 That coupled with any med can cause heartburn but I'm not a doc .. just a patient like you on Synthroid. I am also on an anti inflammatory and at times I get real heartburn after eating .. like immedaitely, but that's a side effect of Mobic med .. I'm fine on Synthroid but I can relate.