Synthroid and vitamin d deficiency

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Avatar f tn My Endo told me I had a vitamin D deficiency, and put me on 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. For me, she specified D3. Two months later my test results came back in the middle of the test range. Other's needs may be different, but there are various forms of vitamin D.
Avatar m tn She had EBV and despite having a suntan and being outdoors, she had a very low vitamin D level. Months later, she posted and told me that she was feeling better and her vitamin D level was slowly rising.
1216899 tn?1288573925 I hope we hear more answers and more research into the Vitamin D deficiency and that the public is notified. Why suffer when it is so easy to fix!
Avatar n tn There is no underlying cause except for vitamin D deficiency and an escalation from that into poorer and poorer health symptoms. Vitamin D deficiency is said to cause rickets in children and cancer in adults, and it also has been linked to compromising the immune system.
Avatar n tn is there any relationship between vitamin D malabsorption and taking synthroid for Hashimoto's?
Avatar f tn Hi- I also have a vitamin d deficiency (less than 7) and I take 50,000 IU of vitamin d twice a week. I also have a B12 deficiency and take shots twice a week. I too have muscle twitching and numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. I am going to see a Neurologist because my doctor told me that b12 deficiency can cause nerve problems. I am not sure if vitamin d can cause nerve problems as well as the b12.
541196 tn?1293556536 The 2 main causes for low levels of vitamin D may be due to 1) poor absorption of vitamin D from the intestine or 2) the body may not activate vitamin D properly. In addition, if you don't spend enough time in the sun, you may become deficient.
168348 tn?1379360675 take vitamin d 10 min of sun ..mine went from 24 to 40 in 2 months ..
89559 tn?1234883865 A vitamin B(s) deficiency or Riboflavin deficiency (vitamin B2), anemia, Iron deficiency anemia, Pernicious anemia, minor viral disease, smoking, etc., etc., etc. There are 26 medical conditions causing White tongue. Oral candidiasis, Candidiasis, Leukoplakia, Dehydration, Immunosuppression, etc., etc., etc. You said that doctor put you on antibiotics, perhaps you need to be on the medication a little longer. Oral thrush is very hard to clear up and takes the longest to clear.
Avatar n tn Do I now stop taking the vitamin D now that my levels are normal and 2. Do I definitely need an increase in Synthroid now. So confused. I can also email Dr. Lupo tomorrow, if need be.
Avatar f tn Another medhelp thread has numerous comments of vitamin D deficiency symptoms (some of these symptoms are actually due to calcium deficiency as well) and includes ear pain and ear fullness... http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Phos. Total 155; RDW 14.8; Vitamin D Total 20. Rheumatologist prescribed 50,000 iu Vitamin D weekly for 3 months, and arm pain is almost gone. April, 2009 labs: calcium 8.6; PTH 85; Vitamin D 1,25-Dihydroxy 39.0; Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy i 26.9. Rheumatologist re-prescribed 50,000 iu Vitamin D biweekly for another 3 months. I have no energy at all, and other than low Vitamin D no explanation for leg aches/spasms (Requip was prescribed and doesn’t help), and walking/sleeping is painful.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, a blood test showed a vitamin D deficiency, and his doctor started him on 50000iu vitamin D3 per week. Over the 3 weeks since starting the vitamin D, he has had extreme anxiety which is much worse upon awakening in the mornings, although it does go on all day. This is very unusual for him, as he is retired, and under no particular stress at all.
Avatar f tn HI, I'm Lori and I think we are in the same boat. My vitamin D is 15 and I too am on Synthroid and Cytomel (just started the latter about a week) ago). I started on 50,000 vitamin D per week for two months. In doing my ususal self help internet research, I found the link below interesting. In the video the Dr says anyone in the northeast; that's both of us, is not getting any natural Vitamin D during the winter months.
649848 tn?1484935765 I will see the endo again at the end of Aug and can ask him for the tests, but just thought that since I have a lot of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, it might be worth checking into and maybe get a jump on it, if there is a problem there.
Avatar m tn 0 pg) July 2012 From what I read it appears that Vitamin B and thyroid issues will affect MCV and MCH results…does this mean I am deficient? Also my Vitamin D in February = 35.7 (30-100.0 ng/ml) and on July 12 2012 = 42.5 (30.0 -100.0 ng/ml) which also appeared low at the time my TSH was high from what I can tell. My doctor seems satisfied that the low dose of the Levothyroxine is sufficient for now and wants me to follow up in 6 months.
Avatar f tn Most people with thyroid problems have a deficiency in Vitamin D, and B12. I was found to be deficient in Vitamin D and since taking Vitamin D have found I am not going hyper on T4 and that my TSH is coming down. Normally you are started on .25-.50mcg T4 medication and increments of .25mcg are increased every 4-6 weeks to enable your Free T's to stabilise and your TSH to come down to an acceptable level of between 1.0 - 2.0 Hope that helps.
168348 tn?1379360675 Ok -- so if ALL my tests are normal (thank goodness) in the dept of thyroid, parathyroid, Urology, 24 hr urine and calcium and all that stuff, why don't I absorb Vit D anymore?! Even after oodles of sun on vacation my level has fallen down to a 23 after being off the 50,000iu's for ONLY 2 weeks. 32-100 is normal. I bet it is from taking Synthroid for my thyroid that there is some interaction ... that has to be it I think ... especially since this all started since my thyroid surgery in '07.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have low thyroid, vitamin d deficiency and low vitamin b12. I was wondering if anyone can help me with experience with vitamin b12. Can you suggest what kind, also if you have felt better after starting it. Thank you so much for your input. Vitamin D 25.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have low thyroid, vitamin d deficiency and low vitamin b12. I was wondering if anyone can help me with experience with vitamin b12. Can you suggest what kind, also if you have felt better after starting it. Thank you so much for your input. Vitamin D 25.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have low thyroid, vitamin d deficiency and low vitamin b12. I was wondering if you think that Vitamin B12 is needed and what kind and what dose would you recommend. I am having symptoms of memory loss, tingling fingers, etc. Vitamin D 25.
Avatar m tn I'm taking Vitamin D-3 2000- 3 times daily. 29.5 was level in range 30.0-100.0 The B12 level was 397. Reference in range 200-1100 pg/ml.The neurologist has no issue with range. I'll check website and see about alternative testing.
Avatar f tn My Vitamin D level was 23 and my doctor suggested taking 1000IU of Vitamin D a day. When he rechecked my levels my D level moved up to 30. He stated that he would like to see my levels higher, but oh well. After some reading, I increased my Vitamin D to 5000IU 3x a week or 15000IU a week. This increased my vitamin D level to 40. I now as taking 5000IU a day/35000 a week. I have been so week and unable to do small tasks for years now. I just am wishing to have the old me back.
410801 tn?1220123045 Keep in mind i was taking daily 1000IU for 6 months but no improvement in vit d level and symptoms. So i am sure Vitamin D or other Vitamins and mineral absorption is related to thyroid . I have posted in many forum and found lot of people has vit D deficiency so you are not alone.
Avatar f tn Well, the doctor had made a mistake and ordered the wrong vitamin D test. There is the Vitamin D 1,25 and Vitamin D 25. The vitamin D 1,25 was the one that came back high. This most likely means that my vitamin D 25 is low. We are still waiting for those results. My calcium and phosphorus came back normal, but my Parathyroid was high at 90. My doctor was going to put in a referral to an endo.
Avatar m tn Both your FT's are nearly on the floor of their ranges, and with the low copper, zinc, and vitamin D, I'm surprised you have the energy to type on here. Has your doctor told you to begin supplementing for these deficiencies? Low vitamin D causes hypo-like symptoms, while both copper and zinc are necessary for the metabolism of thyroid hormone. Elevated fasting glucose, indicates insulin resistance/prediabetes. That high cholesterol is a dead giveaway for hypo.
Avatar f tn You might also ask to get vitamin D and B12 tested. Deficiency in either, particularly B12 can cause severe exhaustion/fatigue. Selenium will also not help with weight loss, except where it might help with the conversion of FT4 to FT3, since FT3 controls a lot of our metabolism. Best thing for weight loss is getting FT3 levels to a level that's good for you.
393419 tn?1228450993 com/ About vitamin d. I take 5400 IU daily. B12 in a pill is rarely going to help. If you have a deficiency you should look at injections because they are readily absorbed. Doing injections yourself isn't too bad.
1293711 tn?1272495099 I have learned it is a fat soluable vitamin, and if your liver is toxic you won't be able to metabolize and store it. I just did a quick 2 week liver cleanse with supplements that support healthy liver function and fiber to get some toxins out and bind it to fiber to flush them out. We also have to be careful because my mom (who is a nurse) reminded me that when you are constantly taking meds daily as we are, you must check liver function which most doctors don't monitor.