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Avatar n tn My thyroid gland swelled up and I would get a sore throat as if muscles were squeezing around my throat. The doctors reduced my dose but the symptoms remained until I totally stopped taking it. If always felt like a muscle was squeezing around my wind pipe. It really hurt. After I have been off of the synthroid and another symptom appeared and lingers. Sometimes when I am sleepling my throat collapses and I wake up choking and gasping for air.
458072 tn?1291418786 Since changing over to synthroid, I have noticed that my throat is so sore. Does this happen to anyone else? What could be causing this? I am on meds for acid reflux thanks for any input.
Avatar n tn I've had same symptoms on and off for over a year now. Sore throat , sore neck and shoulders. I've taken antibiotics everytime and it clears up in days. Never had any of these symptoms until I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I started taking Synthroid at first and then switched to Armour Thyroid, still get the sore throat and neck pain.
Avatar f tn Two nights ago, I had a night of insomnia and anxiety but I've been find since then except for a feeling of sore throat/throat tightness. Anyone know what's going on? Is this just a symptom of having my dose increased? Any help would be appreciated.
198187 tn?1190637930 But last Saturday I woke up with an ear ache and it comes and goes and if I turn my head a certain way it hurts and if I swollow it hurts and my throat hurts off and on. I still find myself getting tried mid-day and I'm a little I do not know how to explain weird feeling like I want to do something but i donot want to do anything, just weird I feel like I need to get out of the house but then it is to hot and it makes me sick.
Avatar f tn Have chronic post nasal congestion. Have clearing of throat constantly and also horseness that is hard to clear up but will clear up in time..then comes back again soon with drainiage. What helps you most if you have this condition? I have tried all allergy medicines and nasal washes. All help a little but none clear it up on a long time basis....Does anyone have a suggestion I have not mentioned. I'm thinking it could possibly be caused or irritated by medications I already take, such as ...
125112 tn?1217277462 I have had bouts of thrush (albeit, was on a number of antibiotics last year) and the last being last month. Just before that, had a UTI and my kidney hurt like heck. On top of the sore throat, my lower back is hurting and just hoping that is muscles and not some infection creeping up.!!
Avatar m tn Tired, sluggish, brain fog, dry hair and skin.. And look like death warmed over. I don't know what the answer is? Oh, my new symptom is a sore throat on and off. I will try anything, even made a appointment to see a shrink ..
Avatar f tn MOST people might feel really good at your levels, but you might be one of those people who would feel a lot better higher in the ranges, and Synthroid should boost your levels. With experience and a lot of trial and error, most of us eventually find out sweet spot. I just think you'd feel a lot better with a firm diagnosis and reconciling the contradiction between what the radiologist's report indicated and what your doctor has said. No one's giving you the complete picture.
390388 tn?1279639813 Well my throat is sore today on the right side. This happens every so many months and makes it hard to swallow. No biggy in a couple days to a week it will probably just go back down on it's own. Just sort of odd. Probably just a lymph node. All over body spasms are starting to ease up today along with pain. Ya, Yippie. (warmer weather.....hmmmm?
Avatar f tn 088) successfully for 5 years. I've had throat issues the last six weeks that does not feel like the usual sore throat with a cold. The regular doc could see nothing, so I'm waiting to see an ENT person. Could it be nodules? Could it be caused by too much synthroid? Meanwhile, my voice cracks erratically and I'm hoarse now and then - but only occasionally. Once in a while i feel discomfort on the OUTSIDE. I do feel like it is best not to shout or strain. Swallowing is okay.
Avatar f tn I had a sore throat and my voice was very weird amoungst other hypothyroid symptoms when I was on Synthroid. I do not have that now with the med change. I am not sure if it really is a med that causes that - or if it is just being hypothyroid and not optimized.
Avatar m tn Well the problems started after about a week on a higher dose of meds, heart palpatations, High blood pressure, chest pains and sore throat and side of neck. I went last week to get some more labs done and ask for a print out of my labs and saw that my last tsh levels were 3.1 and this is using the older test range.Could this be causing all my problems that I am being over medicated?
Avatar n tn the sore throat is the symptom that I have noticed for at least 2 years and comes and goes and can be really painful at times. I have never had a Dr find a reason for the sore throat. I can not see any obvious swelling or feel anything odd on my neck when these episodes occur...but I dont know what I am looking for either. I am going to ask my dr for these tests... Ferritin B12 vitamin D cortisol cholesterol Free t3-t4 anti-tpo tgAB. does that sound about right??
Avatar n tn I also had very bad indigestion, constipation and a number of other weird sensations such as a tingling face and sore ears. The swallowing problem got so bad that I saw an ENT doctor. He said all looked well and that I just had a couple of vocal cord nodules, but it was fine. He also ruled out upper esophagael problems. During this time, I had my TSH levels checked and it was at 2.17 (0.35-5.0), I was under a lot of stress at the time and the doctor felt I was just under stress.
168348 tn?1379360675 Just wondering bcz I am on the Levaquin 500mgs 1X day for 7 days for a pretty bad urinary tract infection / small stone that passed (kidney) and along with normal side effects like gas, and feeling some tired/dizzy which I usually get from Levaquin I keep getting chills and more tired than normal but it comes and goes and yet my clinical symptoms for the UTI/stone passing are cleared up I do not think the chills are related to the medical problem and really wondering if after 5 days my TSH is
533063 tn?1262369701 Since I got here to USA a week ago, seems everyone is coming down with a sore throat. MInd you back home so is everyone there! I sometimes get tablets stuck in my throat too. Even with a glass of water.. I find having the larger ones with a bit of yoghurt easier to swallow than having it stick to the side of my esophagus. Maybe you could try that? I can't answer the other 2 questions you asked...sorry! Cheers!
Avatar n tn I saw an ENT for chronic throat and sinus pain - she felt a swolllen gland on the right side of my neck. I was negative for Mono. The CT and MRI scans showed no problems except mild sinusitis. I had also had hives for 3 months - the ENT and Allergist said possibly Acid Reflux. I also am constantly clearing my throat and lose my voice often. I did have chest pains for a few weeks (on the rt side - where Acid Reflux would strike). Anyway...
Avatar f tn The endo reduced the dosage back to 75mcg and now he still has a stiff neck and complains that the front of his throat is very sore and he has a hoarse voice. Is this significant or am I worrying about nothing? You have to admit that it is a little wierd that all 3 children have thyroid problems at such an early age! Please share any advice you can give me.
Avatar n tn It's rather odd that it swelled the day after I started taking the Synthroid, (and one day I took a dose of 100mcg and it became even worse that day---the Dr had me go back down to 50mcg), and odd that it went back down to 'normal' 2 days after I stopped the Synthroid. I'm curious to see what happens in August when I resume the Synthroid. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I even reduced my dose from 75 mg to 60 mg Armour and I start taking the medication with water. When I was taking it sublingually I was having sore throat. At the beginnings I had headaches but they went away. I followed all the suggestions in how to increase but now I have the palpitations and I do not know what I shall do. I definitely do not want to go back to synthetic.
Avatar n tn I had really bad hair loss right before being diagnosed with Hashimoto's. In fact, the hairloss is was drove me to see a dermatologist who did some blood work and checked my TSH levels. It took about a month of using the Synthroid before the hair loss subsided. Hang in there.
899045 tn?1241828573 I had my boyfriend look all over my mouth and down my throat to see if there's spots or sores, and nothing there. Is it Anxiety or just those ghost symptoms that comes along with hypothyroidism ???
Avatar n tn ), CL headaches finally ended now just a SORE head, and NO energy, / motivation... he is weak and sinusey.. and has constant. chronic. heartburn, he is SOO frusterated because EVERYtime we go to the DR/GP/....we have no insurance..we see who is available and they do not ever get to the bottom of ANYTHING.. so i am needing him to go BACK on the synthroid. because the heartburn scares me..
Avatar n tn It feels as though when I breathe in it cools it and that i have warm air coming out, it also feels somewhat tighter than normal. I constantly want to drink something cold to cool it but it doesn't feel like a sore throat at all. I can talk normally and my neck doesn't appear to be swollen (with the exception of the weight gain). I think it all has something to do with my thyroid but I don't want to be a worry wart and call my endocrinologist - any advice?
Avatar n tn after that i felling well before that but my sleep is broken, i wake up every 3-4 hours and and very light sleep, my sore throat is running before surgery and after surgery and irritating my neck. i am so afraid for it. my tsh level is in normal for that not yet give RAI and no extra thyroid.some times my muscle also twicing. please tell me, is it usual.
Avatar n tn Have it checked by an ENDO and let us know...I was dx with it a yr ago and am on synthroid.... In addition to ur Gerd meds and having ur bed elevated are u watching ur diet as well?
89559 tn?1234883865 I guess I'm just baffeled by the burning tongue syndrom and the feeling as though my throat is swollen with a somewhat sore neck on both sides. Thanks for your comment!