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7534512 tn?1391715288 I recently visited my Dr. She had me taking an anxiety drug that was affecting me with a rash. I knew that drug had to be tapered to come off and I did it by cutting. She told me she was pleased with my method for that drug but warned me to never cut my thyroid drug. She indicated it was not doable because of how the pill is made.
Avatar n tn I was switched by my pharmacy from Synthroid to the generic, Levoxyl, about 6 months ago and seemed to have developed a facial rash which is somewhat splotchy over my cheeks (more on one side than the other). Is it possible for generics to cause this kind of a reaction. My TSH levels seem to remain in check ranging from 1.0 - 2.25. I am currently on 200mcg/day.
Avatar f tn ) I never had any problem until the last two times I've gotten it colored (within the last six months). My head has broken out in a terrible itchy rash, and also it's on my forehead, neck and around my ears. In August it happened for the first time and like an idiot I allowed the stylist try it again. She thought maybe it was a fluke the first time - it wasn't-this time the rash is worse.
Avatar f tn My skin will start to itch and when I scratch it, it starts to get welty and rashy and blotchy and then the skin feels hot and tingly. It seems to be more prominent at night time but can also come anytime of the day. I finally went to a dr and he gave me the steroid pack starting with 6 pills the first day, then 5 the second and so on and also an anti itch pill 10 mg. but it seems to work a little but when the itch pill wears off I can get itchy again..
196896 tn?1189759421 I also found out that weird burning rash can be caused by the synthroid too. I'm going to tough it out until I see the endo though.
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant and went to see endo, who immediately changed my dosage to 200 mcg synthroid, and no relief from hives. I just switched to 200 mcg tirosint which has no fillers. It's been a week hives are not a severe but still occur. How long until the synthroid is out if my body so I can find a reason for hives? I suffer daily and don't want to take too much Benadryl while pregnant but hives are unbearable.
Avatar n tn Hello - I recently was switched to the synthroid brand and am taking 325 mcg's daily. I am breaking out all over in a weird rash and itch like crazy. Doc doesn't think it's the synthroid, but I am 90% sure it's the only thing I have done different. Anyone elsse experience this?
Avatar n tn I have tried to figure out what is causing the rash and by process of elimination, it all points back to the Synthroid. Please advise! I am in Sales and cannot afford to have an ugly rash on my face. Thank you. Please hurry with response.
Avatar f tn Seems that many have been told its not the Synthroid but only started getting the rash after taking it. This is my case. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this rash??
196896 tn?1189759421 I would go on the synthroid site and try to see the inert ingredients and see if anything there pops out as an allergin. Any kind of red sunburn rash isn't a good thing as it can travel and progress .. I don't think from surgery but I'm not a doctor either ....
Avatar n tn I posted here a couple weeks ago thinking my dosage was off only to find out the generic substitute was the culprit all along. Back on Synthroid and, most important, back to normal.
Avatar f tn About two weeks taking synthroid i develpoed this rash that looked like the measles which would come and go every two weeks for the first two months and my joint pain was awefull. I called my endo and she said i have to give it more time to my body to get use to the meds. Almost at the 3 month mark of my surgery my hair has started falling out in handfulls....since the hair started falling out i havent gotten anymore rashes....Um ok so i waited again...
4121079 tn?1400272394 I don't have a question just stating what I have researched on my symptoms, I had been on Synthroid, Levothyroxine, I had started itching in April of 2014, till present, I Had went to the Endo, but He didn't think I was allergic to it, well I am allergic to something never in my life had I been allergic for anything to make me have rash or hives, this web page I found really answered my thoughts and questions, Even if you have hypo or hyper, you can experience hives or rashes before any treatmen
5389497 tn?1367331006 So I've been taking 1.5 pills of Synthroid daily. So 75 mcg. Once I increased my dose, I noticed a rash on my arms. It went away. Now I'm noticing I am getting EXCEPTIONALLY more exhausted every day. May have to do with my diet, but the exhaustion is literally so insane, on the other hand I have heart palpitations daily that could last for quite awhile. Anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. I have brittle nails, still cold, and scaly skin on my hands.
Avatar n tn I would definitely pay attention to any rash. I have been on synthyroid for years and because of a comment I made to my doctor about feeling low on energy, we switch my regular medication routine to include cytomel. What a mistake - Within 3 days I noticed a rash, by day five it was causing sever grief in several areas of my body - the wrists, thighs and around my vagina. I have been miserable. Called doctor and 2 days ago took myself off cytomel.
Avatar m tn On THYROID it went as high as 200 sys and on Synthroid 195. I am working now with my doc to reduce and take me off all thyroid meds and I plan to migrate to kelp (iodine extract) and if necessary L-tyrosine to boost my T3 production. I also have a bright red facial rash which migrated to my neck. Blurring of vision and headaches are also side affects. In 2002 the AMA lowered the entry level to hypothyroidism scooping up 50 million formerly borderline thyroid problems.
Avatar f tn I agree the dye in the synthroid is causing those rash. Right now I am taking the 100mcg synthroid and I'm breaking out with hives everyday all over my body. Thanks to a former dr I called and he told me to have dr change the 100mcg to the 50mcg because it has no dye which is causing a allergic reaction.
Avatar m tn So I am not ruling out the connection between the rash and the active t4 ingredient in both the synthroid and compounded tablets. I am guessing it is probably the same ingredient in both of those pills. The compounded one has no fillers or dyes, that's the difference, as I understand it. Here are my values - note that the range values remain constant at: TSH =.4 - 5.8, t4 = .7 - 1.2 9/11: not on any meds TSH = 28; t4 = .48 10/11: start 5 mc grms synthroid 1/12: TSH = .
Avatar f tn When I start the itching process it is difficult to stop. The rash is also intense on my wrists and thighs. I called my doctor and took myself off the cytomel and back to .125 synthroid. I'm writing to see if anyone can suggest which of my doctors I should see regarding this rash - gyneocologist, internist or back to endrocronologist. Appreciate feedback. Excuse the spelling - I've been too busy scratching to take time out to check it - sorry.
Avatar n tn I was also on synthroid before I started tx and I also had to have my dose of synthroid increased when I was about 3 months into treatment. My TSH jumped from 2 to 26 and they had to adjused my synthroid from 75 to 100. Fortunately this was the only increase in the synthroid I had to take. I managed to finished the 48 weeks and I bet you can too. Mouse Genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3 Finished 48 wks. of tx on 4/13/07 Waiting on results of 6 mos. post PCR done today! Hoping for SVR baby!
Avatar f tn no doctor can figure it out except to say that I have acute skin rash (I forgot what they call it) and was advised just to take something something to lower the histamine. My body is full of sores and I'm tired of itching. Allergist, my regular doc and skin doctor cannot figure it out except to say that I'm haveing a allergic reaction to something...but what? My blood work was also checked for the sed rate with no inflamation found. What would be my next step?
190559 tn?1280615967 Synthroid and anti thyroid (ATD) medication are two different thyroid medications used for two different purposes. ATDs on the other hand are more "foreign" to the body, and the by-products of these drugs metabolization in the liver are toxic. Some side effects from ATDs are related to the skin and include rash, itching, hives, swelling. Of course your daughters condition can be from anything as suggested in the other post therefore it is wise to check with your doctor.
Avatar m tn It started on my legs and arms, but I have these patches on my face and back. At times I have no rash, other times I have multple spots.
Avatar n tn 15 and the doctor still left me on 150 synthroid and said when I come back in October will recheck it. I have a rash on my legs around the lower inside of the legs mainly. When I take a bath it comes out angry red and as I cool off it gets lighter. When my uptake test was done they injected the radioactive iodine and then immediately did the uptake and I did not think they wre supposed to do it this way. I thought they injected you and then you came back later for the test. I may be wrong.
Avatar f tn of waiting to get Synthroid stabilized in my system after 40 years on Armour. Armour was changed to Synthroid mid-March and early April I started treatment with an endo instead of my MD. I had bad heart palpitations on Armour over a three month period no matter how much the dose was decreased so they switched me. At that time I hit the couch and that is all I do once I get out of bed. It is maddening. I was started on 50 mcg. to 75 mcg and the endo agreed to try .88 mcg two weeks ago.
1820479 tn?1317324556 since march i have been on iodoral [until september], then de-toxed for a few weeks from that, then went on nature-throid for 2 weeks [until i discovered the hard way that i am allergic to pig], then de-toxed again for a few weeks, then briefly went back on the iodoral to take of the swelling, loss of hair and skin rash problems that i got as a result of the nature-throid. now i am on day 5 of a hypo-allergenic form of levothyroxine.
596383 tn?1219609996 May be you can tell your dr you are having an allergic reaction to the synthroid and need to get on the armour...Creativity at work here....I mean you do have a rash, so it could be...
Avatar n tn I was treated for graves disease several years ago and have since been taking synthroid. the problem is in the last month or two, i have been suffering from an unsightly rash on my face which won't go away. I cannot figure out what is causing it and i suspect it may be related to my thyroid condition. i do not think it has to do with any other conditions other than my thyroid problem. has anyone experienced the same type of problem with rashes?? what can i do to get rid of it??
Avatar m tn and no the doctor didn't decrease my Synthroid dosage. He noted that T4 and TSH were high, but left it at 175mcg and added 25mcg of T3.