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Avatar n tn Am I supposed to take my synthroid prior to going in for my fasting labs. I take it in the mornings and my labs are scheduled for 8:30am.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry, I meant not taking the thyroid med prior to labs. My husband used the word fasting and it stuck in my head. In reality that's what I'm doing since I don't want to eat prior than wait 2-3 hrs to take my med than wait another hour to eat, so I'd rather food or med till after my labs. Would this rule still apply if you're on a T4 med?
Avatar f tn 9 (high) ( i have always struggled with this level even though fasting and PP glucose are always within limit). does this mean I will need to take metformin? 2. TSH - 4.6 uIU/ml (high) -- this is alarming as my previous levels have always been little over 2. so not sure what this means. I am shedding hair wherever i go, if that makes sense and have trouble keeping off weight even with exercise and diet restrictions. I have heard about Synthroid but dont know if it is prescribed during TTC?
Avatar n tn Also would look for causes of malabsorption -- such as gluten sensitivity (celiac sprue). Diet wise, minimize higher fiber and soy with the synthroid, but if taken 30min before the meal should not be a major problem. The key is consistency and not missing a dose.
Avatar f tn I continued to have blood tests fasting and non fasting and the prolactin levels were still high. I was referred to a Endocrinologist and she found a nodule on my thyroid and now I am getting a ultra-sound on my thyroid. I often wake up with nigh sweats and feel tired but I always though from working odd hours and my job. Any advice would help.. I feel like i am getting to the point of not knowing whats wrong or if triple the amount of prolactin in males is dangerous.. thanks .
Avatar m tn About a year ago, while going through some thyroid med changes due to Armour not being available, I had switched to Synthroid and Cytomel. During the transition and tweaking of my meds, I got back into being hypo again. Testing showed that my Free T3 had gone down to 2.8 (range of 2.3 - 4.2 0. I started having the worst acid reflux imaginable.
Avatar n tn I am taking Cytomel and Synthroid and will soon have a TSH and T4 bloodtest. Does it matter if I take my pills in the morning before the blood test? I saw the response when it just involved Synthroid, and I wondered if taking Cytomel affected your opinion. Thx.
168348 tn?1379360675 Having had blood tests fasting and others non-fasting, I can safely say that my levels go up in the fasting ones. It can look a bit scary to see a higher than usual TSH! I wouldn't put too much emphasise on it. The next test you get done will more than likely show a lowered TSH. Cheers!
Avatar f tn What was your original RX on JUST Synthroid when you were taking it alone? What is your Synthroid dose now and what dosage are you taking in Armour?
Avatar f tn The doctor gave me vitd125mg three time a week and 50 synthroid and skelaxin and aspirin a day. I stopped synthyroid five days ago and now I am coughing my head off with a dry cough. Doctor doing more blood work again will see me next week.
Avatar m tn I started at 24 and am 34 now and up to 200 mcg synthroid. When my tsh levels are above a 3 I get symptoms, weight gain,exaustion, muscle aches, depression, skin and hair changes, freezing all the time. All I can say is give it a try- it wont regulate itself. 25mcg is a tiny dose you might need more eventually..but you might be surprised.
Avatar f tn 25 and the Levothyroxine still had me so jittery and dizzy I was vomiting and he put me on Synthroid and told me to take .25 after 2 hrs of taking it I was falling asleep in my office so I called him immediately and told him I was fighting just to stay awake so he said I needed to go and take another half because the dosage wasn't enough so I took another half and within 30 minutes I was awake and able to finish my day at work.
Avatar f tn She gave me Synthroid to take for a month and come back in to retest for blood. I noticed over the weekend my feet were swelling and they make a imprint if you press long enough. My feet are not that swollen that you would notice but enough to make a small sock imprint. My leg muscles hurt like I worked out too much and my joints in my fingers ache. I am 40 years old. I walk everyday for an hour and I eat healthy now and for the past 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn I was so scared, that call my endo doc and he told me to stop synthroid. I have gone to GP and he refer me to a neurologist. I had a normal head ct, and pending MRI OF BRAIN. I am confuse after taking the synthroid I feel much worse. I have been feeling lightheaded, and difficulty concentrating. I am going for a second opinion. I just want to feel and think with a clear head. Thanks !
Avatar n tn Roughly - and this is just roughly - 90mgs conversion would be about a .112 Synthroid with a .5 Cytomel. Keep in mind that switching over - especially at the beginning could put you at a higher T4 level but should deplete and convert as time goes by IF you are NOT having any problems. Are you switching because of your weight? Looking at your TSH (2.73) - most patients on either Synthroid or Armour would not be well - and gaining weight will be an issue regardless.
Avatar f tn I have been given the all-clear for now as no thyroid cells at all lit up on the scan. My doctor put me back on my synthroid 100mcg and I felt great until about a week ago. I started feeling very weak, shaky and lethargic with rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. This resolved after I ate a candy bar, but it's been happening everyday since. I eat every 3-4 hours. My TSH is -0.1, which my doctor says is ok because he wants me to be a little hyper (I feel better hyper also).
1947387 tn?1325644930 Hello, I have hypothyroid and have tested positive for some antibodies as well as had very high reverse T3 when taking synthroid-only. I have been taking 25 mcg of synthroid and 25 mcg of cytomel daily for a little less than a year, and things have been significantly improved. I also take wellbutrin, and recently discontinued Loestrin birth control and Lamictal. My blood tests on this prescription have been normal TSH and free T3, with free T4 on the low end.
1891163 tn?1321122646 He put me on Synthroid because he said my numbers were low. My last results, after fasting 12 hours and being on Synthroid: TSH: 1.117 T4 Free: 1.1 Cholestrol = 207 HDL = 74 LDL = 124 Triglyceride = 47 Fasting blood glucose = 74 Sodium = 131 Potassium = 4.4 Calcium = 8.3 Total protein = 6.7 Not sure what they are now that I have stopped taking it.
246012 tn?1189759430 If you normally take 100mcg Synthroid per day then if you take your medication as directed, 30 to 60 minutes before food then your body is getting a true benefit from between 40 and 80mcg. **** IF**** you don't take Synthroid on an empty stomach then you could be getting less than 40mcg per day. WHOA - that's not much!!!
599170 tn?1300977493 I went to endrocrinologist for reg appointment and my blood work indicates I am on proper amt synthroid, endo took my pulse by hand and then with pulse ox, abd my heart rate was 120 which is still high, Imthinking of posting this in ask a dr. ifcat Im going to Id like another drs opinion, Id hate to screw up my heart, we can live without the thyroid gland.
Avatar m tn I take my Synthroid at night. I enjoy sleeping in on occasion, so I figured my timing would be more consistent at night. I have not had any trouble sleeping due to taking it at night, which was a concern. It's been about 2 months (2 different doses), and so far so good! My endo told me the same as your pharmacist - the most important thing is to be consistent. I don't eat anything for 2 hours before taking it, and it seems to be working out fine.
Avatar f tn I have been on synthroid (100micrograms) for over 2 years. I recently had a fasting Rmr test done and the results came back that my metabolism is 48% under active- I burn 922 calories/day at rest. Needless to say this was heartbreaking. I have been eating healthy (1200 calories/day, no junk food, working out) for 3 momths and haven't lost a single pound, now I know why. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing such a low metabolism?
Avatar n tn Within about six months of being on Synthroid and without changing my diet or exercise, I began to put on weight. I gained about 15-20 pounds in six or so months. While I was mentioning this to my endocrinologist, he kept saying it wasn't the medication. I had fasting glucose, glucose tolerance, cortisol, etc., testing but all is normal. My weight gain now is about five pounds a year---doesn't sound like much but now that I'm 43, it really is.
Avatar f tn My diet consists of salads with reduced fat dressings, salmon, chicken, tuna, occasional steak, green vegetables, occasional sweet potato, nuts, cottage cheese, greek yogurt and Atkins bars. I recently had a blood test and my fasting blood sugar went from 87 to 96, and my A1C rose from 5.8 to 5.9. I was shocked because my diet has not included simple carbs for the past 6 months.
Avatar n tn Consistancy is the key and yes...fasting and not fasting can give an inconsistant result. So always fast before labs.
Avatar m tn How many hours has it been since you've eaten? The best times to check are fasting blood glucose and 1 and 2 hrs post-prandial; those are really the only ones that count much... A blood sugar level of 80 is not hypoglycemic by any means - most of wish we could keep it that low.
Avatar f tn I take my thyroid medications first thing when I get up, then get ready for the day and by the time that's done, at least 30 minutes has gone by and I can go ahead and take the rest of my meds, have coffee and either eat breakfast, if I'm going to or leave for my morning walk. If you did the something similar, you'd be able to take your Meformin with breakfast within a hour of when you take your thyroid medication.
Avatar f tn 2) Now, this morning at work we had some biometic screenings (for insurance purposes) and all my tests (BP, lipids, etc)came back great except blood glucose was a whopping 127! Typically its around 76 to 86 non fasting! And I eat a very low carb diet. question, could I be overmidicated on Synthroid? I'm scheduled for my next blood test to check levels next week---is this a symptom of HYPERthyroidism.
899635 tn?1241972456 10 319 And today I was given my results from 8 weeks on 150 mcgs of synthroid and tested May 7th TSH .54 uIU/mL FREE T4 (L) 1.04 ng/dL T3, FREE 13:49 324 Okay, any questions? My fasting sugar level was 101 so, I want to know want everyone thinks of my results. I will also post this on my prevoius question posted for those who are following it.
Avatar n tn Iron can decrease the absorption and efficacy of levothyroxine. It is recommended that levothyroxine and iron doses be separated by at least two hours. Calcium may decrease the actions of levothyroxinelevothyroxine by preventing proper absorption. Take 4 to 6 hours after levothyroxine. Fiber decreases absorption of levothyroxine Fasting increases absorption of levothyroxine. Take as far away as possible from levothyroxine. Supplements should be taken hours away from levothyroxine.